20 Freezer Meals for $150 {Gluten-Free Adaptable}

Published on March 31, 2015 By Lauren

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  • Aldi Meal Plan

    We are thrilled to bring you our this ALDI Meal plan! The first freezer cooking plan was so popular that we decided to bring you another one!

    We listened to your feedback and made the following improvements:

    • Many said that the last one took longer than the 3 hours, so we made sure that this one can be done by one person in 3 hours. Using the gluten-free modifications, it took me 2 and half hours with NO help from Mark (and he’s the one familiar with all the recipes).
    • Many of you wanted more beef – so we have more beef in this one!
    • Instructions are SUPER detailed and should help you make quick work of these 20 meals.
    • Gluten-free adaptable!
    • Shorter shopping list – you can be in and out of the store in no time! In fact there are 2 shopping lists – a standard one, and a gluten-free one.
    • You do NOT need to go out and buy a new freezer to do this! In our standard side-by-side freezer, these meals took up less than half of the space (see the pic at the bottom of the post).
    • We have a physical book available!

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    All of the meals in this plan will be easily assembled and placed into freezer bags (with the exception of the chicken enchiladas).  Then when the day is ready for it to be cooked, you will defrost in the morning or the night before, then either put in the slow cooker or sauté on your stove top.

    I had one problem with the last freezer cooking one – I could only eat half of the meals because I eat gluten-free.  I made this plan easier to adapt to gluten-free, so I provided an asterisk next to eat item containing gluten – and they are VERY easy to substitute. ALDI has an amazing liveGFree gluten-free line, so we took that into account when we were designing this new plan. There are only four ingredients that you will need to swap out for the ALDI gluten-free version. The price will be a little more if you adapt it to be gluten-free, but it will be well worth it!

    These recipes will feed 4 – 6 people. We have 4 small children and all of these meals feed us just fine.

    Aldi Meal Plan

    Here are the meals that are included in this plan:

    To make this super easy on you, I’ve put together another printable pack that includes:

    [shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”lauren-greutman-shop.myshopify.com” product_handle=”meal-plan-1-20-slow-cooker-freezer-meals” show=”all”]
    • Detailed instructions on how to make all of these in just a few hours all at once! Trust me – this will be VERY helpful!

    Aldi Meal Plan

    • Detailed shopping list organized by store section
    • All recipes
    • List of pantry items


  • We just finished preparing this and I’m hopeful the meals taste good. The prep took me 4+ hours. I would love it if you made the prep sheet like one of your other aldi dump meal plans where you only touch each ingredient once. This method caused some of my meat to sit out for a very long time. Also had me going back and forth around the kitchen a lot. Thanks for the recipes. Hopeful for a good turnout!

  • Hi Lauren, We got your free 10 meal plan first from FB and absolutely LOVED IT! Then we bought one of your other 20 meal plans and LOVED IT TOO! Since my husband and I are both disabled and on a fixed income (and old lol) these plans really helped us to be able to eat better and easier! The only problem is that it took us 7 hrs to make the 20 meals, of course we had to take a lot of ‘breaks’ because I can’t stand up for long periods of time, but it all well worth it!! We are just blown away at how delicious all the meals are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these meal plans! Now, I’m able to make very good meals (like I used to) that are good for you too! Plus it saved us loads of money! You are lovely!!!
    Debbie and Tommy Y

    • Debra – THANK YOU! I am so happy that you are loving the plans. Seven hours seems long, but when I do it in 3 hours I am busting my butt the entire time, so I understand wtih breaks it can take longer! Keep on enjoying them!

  • I recently bought the Comfort Food Meal Plan and had a blast preparing it with my teenage daughter (whom I can’t seem to get much quality time with!) It was worth it just for that. She is an athlete who trains 20 hours a week. We get home at 8:00 pm weeknights. This is going to be a lifesaver. I read there was a video and I was wondering how to access it. Thank you!

  • Are these recipes in a physical book that will be shipped, or only in printable form?
    Kendra McCoy

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