24 best things to buy at the dollar store

Published on May 20, 2015 By Lauren

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  • 24 best things to buy at the dollar store

    There are two ways of thinking about the dollar store – either it is inexpensive junk or bargains galore. Depending on the type of shopper you are, you may avoid it because you think everything in there is poorly made or miniature size. Or you may it and buy everything you normally have on your shopping list assuming you are getting the best deal.

    While there are most definitely items in the dollar stores that will break very quickly, there are also items that could be found cheaper elsewhere. I have pulled together the 24 best things to buy at the dollar store to stretch your budget and save you money.

    Best things to buy at the Dollar Store:

    24 best things to buy at the dollar store


    1. Cleaning supplies – Large containers of Comet, bottles of spray cleaner, and many others are a great buy.
    2. Rubber gloves – While you are cleaning, you might need gloves to protect your hands. These sell for $3 at the grocery store.
    3. Flower Pots – These normally sell for $5 or more at hardware stores.
    4. Kitchen Gadgets – You have to be careful of what you buy but I’ve been using the same set of funnels that I purchased for at a dollar store over 2 years ago. I saw name brand items that are sure to work without feeling flimsy.
    5. Organizational Items – You can find baskets, plastic shoe boxes and many other organizers to get the job done. Teachers will love these, too!
    6. Mailing Supplies – Manilla envelopes, padded envelopes and shipping labels!

    24 best things to buy at the dollar store


    1. Frozen Fruit and Vegetables – The packages of these in my dollar store looked an awful lot like some name brands I know. I’m betting that $1 that they are the same thing but with a name change.
    2. Spices – You can’t beat $1 for a bottle of spices, especially if it’s one you use only at Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie spice. This way, when you toss it before the next holiday because it’s old, there is no guilt for the money spent.
    3. Foil Pans – Taking food for a potluck or to someone’s house? Buy your foil pans at the dollar store to save money and eliminate the need for returning containers.

    24 best things to buy at the dollar store


    1. Hair Ties – These get lost so easily. Why spend $3 – 4 on a pack when you can get them for $1?
    2. Socks – Socks go missing frequently, buying them at the dollar store means you won’t be upset when they disappear next week.
    3. Pregnancy Tests – If you are trying for a baby and taking pregnancy tests often, you can go through a small fortune waiting for that positive result. It might seem odd but a dollar store is the best place to buy them.
    4. School Supplies – There are definitely items to avoid (pencils, glue sticks, crayons) but there are great deals to be had here, too. Binders (name brand), posterboard, trifold boards for science fair projects (I was so shocked to see that!), and notecards are just a few great buys.
    5. Craft Items – Kids love doing crafts. Stock up on beads, feathers, glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers, foam shapes and even complete craft kits that will keep the kids entertained for hours.
    6. Pets – Pet dishes for dogs and cats as well as some name brand food and treats can be found at the dollar store. There are also leashes, collars and toys as well! Skip the pet store and save yourself money.

    24 best things to buy at the dollar store


    1. Road Trip Snacks – Buy snacks for the ride. The dollar store is the best place to find those movie theater sized boxes of candy. Buy them before going to the theater as well!
    2. Coloring & Puzzle Books – Keep the kids (and yourself) occupied while you are traveling with coloring books, crossword puzzles, sudoku and more for just $1.
    3. Beach Toys -Cheaper than when you arrive in a beach town and you won’t feel bad when one gets left behind.

    24 best things to buy at the dollar store

    Special Occasions/Seasonal:

    1. Holiday/Seasonal Decorations – Each season the store is stocked full of decorations and other items that can help you celebrate.
    2. Partyware – Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, decorations and so much more, whether it’s a birthday party or a graduation party, they’ll have plenty for you to decorate with.
    3. Weddings – If you are planning centerpieces, check out a dollar store. They have the exact items a friend of mine used on her tables- glass cylinders, glass beads, floating candles..
    4. Gift wrapping – Never spend more than $1 on a gift bag again! The same goes for bows, wrapping paper and even name brand tape.
    5. Greeting cards – Why spend $3 or more on a card that is usually thrown away?
    6. Balloons – Helium filled mylar balloons!


    The next time you are shopping, make a trip to the dollar store. Take this list along with you so you are sure to score some great deals!

    Is there anything on this list that you didn’t know you could find at dollar stores? Are there items that I overlooked? What have you found to be great deals at the dollar stores?



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