30 Day Money Saving Challenge

Published on May 6, 2021 by Lauren

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  • Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s necessary to come up with money quickly, especially when you vow not to accumulate new debt on credit cards. Enter: the 30 Day Challenge to Save Money! I love this because it’s a quick way to get $500 in cash within 30 days that REALLY WORKS! 


    30 Day Money Saving Challenge


    30-Day Money Saving Challenge:


    Maybe you need to start your emergency fund in a hurry, get current on some bills before they hit collections, finance a car repair, or something else unexpected, we’ve all been there.  This is NOT the time to be making cash to buy that new pair of Jimmy Choos you saw in the window the other day – we aren’t about that anymore, remember? I’m sharing some of my best tips for creating real savings in a quick amount of time without pulling out the plastic. 


    What is the 30-day money challenge?


    I have to admit when I Googled this, I had no idea there would be so many ideas around money challenges! Everything from all homemade meals (that’s zero eating out!), meal planning all 30 days, participating in only free activities for 30 days, selling one thing a day. 


    One of my favorites was saving about $20 a day. Which, I guess when you add up some of these other ideas like no eating out or spending on activities, could total $15 to $20 a day! So there you have it! 


    How can I save $500 in 30 days?


    1.) Sell Stuff Online 

    You’d be surprised if you look around your home and start decluttering. You probably have several things in good condition you can sell on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or apps like eBay or Mercari. If you have on-trend, excellent condition clothing, I suggest Poshmark where you can get better pricing. 

    2.) Search The Internet

    I love sites like InboxDollars that pay actual cash just for searching the internet, watching videos, and reading emails – things I am normally doing anyway. It’s been around for over 20 years and has paid users over $59 million dollars. 

    3.) Take Online Surveys

    Online surveys can be a fun and easy way to boost your bank account in a hurry. Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, National Consumer Panel (NCP), and Valued Opinions are my favorite survey sites to use. When you’re watching tv, waiting in the parent pick-up line, or have that random downtime during the day just hop online fill out a survey, or browse online through one of the apps and earn some money. It’s just that easy. Some even have bonuses just for signing up! 

    4.) Become an Instacart Shopper

    According to NerdWallet, the need for Instacart Shoppers has skyrocketed as more people are opting for the convenience of shopping online and choosing grocery delivery options. It appears they make an average of $17 per hour plus tips and jobs are available in over 5,500 cities with shoppers having the option to cash out daily! 


    How can I save $500 in 3 months?


    If you have more time to save $500 and want to spread out the savings over three months instead of 30 days, you have additional options. 


    1.) Start a Side Hustle

    While some side hustles can be quite lucrative, I put them in the 3-month category because they may take more than a couple weeks to get going, especially when you need to start telling people about your business and getting traffic to your website or your door depending on what type of business you decide to do. But the options are endless if you have the skills. Anything from dog sitting, baking, catering, crafting, teaching online through a site like VIP Kid or Outschool, landscaping, event setup, you name it there is probably a side hustle you can start and earn some cash doing something you love!

    2.) Meal Plan

    Once I started looking at my grocery budget I realized I was spending close to $1000 a month on food, and so much of it was convenience food that we really didn’t need. I was able to make meals with fresher and healthier ingredients for MUCH less. It took a little time to transition because I needed to figure out what we would eat, what we had, what we needed, and make up some meal plans (you benefit because I have done all this prework for you and you can download them right here), but you can feed a family really delicious meals on a budget and put the rest in savings! 

    3.) Budget

    Budgeting is one of my favorite ways to find and save money within a household. You may realize you already have money once you start writing down your income and your expenses on paper.  Perhaps seeing everything clearly written out you notice you are paying for subscriptions you aren’t using and might be able to cancel, or you find places you can trim your budget and save on fees or excess to save money and make other adjustments. It may take time and some tweaking which is why I put it here in the 90 day category.

    4.) Use Cash Envelopes 

    I am a firm believer that your money needs a job to do each month. I have designated envelopes for money that needs to go to bills, entertainment, vacation fund, retirement, and savings and each one has that specific responsibility, If you are saving $500 in three months, that’s only about $42 a week or less than $6 a day (basically your daily coffee and bagel).  


    Regardless of the method you choose – whether you are saving $500 in 30 days or 90 days, you will want to keep track of your savings and your expenses in a personal finance planner. Seeing your goals and your progress written down is a perfect way to stay motivated and track your commitment. Plus it will help guide your decision-making in all things. 

    And if you are really ready to take massive action in your life, you’ll want to join my community of like-minded women inside my course where I teach you my step-by-step strategy to get $1000 in your savings account in just 30 days


    • Consider a 30-day money-saving challenge to add $500 to your account fast!
    • The money can be used for your emergency fund, or a vacation, or unexpected bills.
    • A 30-day plan may include something quick like reselling things within your home on a marketplace app or using a survey site for cash rewards.  You may consider being an Instacart shopper if you are eligible too.
    • If you have 90-days to accumulate your cash, you might start a side hustle from home or consider tweaking your budget or meal planning. These long-term adjustments can have lasting effects on your budget.
    • Interested in learning my step-by-step methods in my course to save $1,000 in just four weeks? You can join here.


    30 Day Money Saving Challenge


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