30 Must buy items at Aldi

Published on January 17, 2015 By Lauren

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  • 30 must buy items at Aldi

    If you are a first time Aldi shopper – you may be wondering what tastes good and what to buy there.  I decided to put together a list of 30 must buy items at Aldi that we purchase every single month, to help you know some things to look for.

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    Here are my 30 must buy items at Aldi:

    1.) Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips – I cannot have just 1 of these chips. I usually eat the entire bag.

    2.) Organic Spring Mix – for only $2.49, this beats the price of its competitor by almost $1.50!

    3.) Almond Butter – this is 1/2 the price of the Almond Butter found in my health-food stores!

    30 must buy items at Aldi

    4.) Veggie Straws – perfect snack for the kiddos. These are located in the chip aisle and my kids love them!

    5.) Happy Farms Mozzarella Sticks – these always go in my kids lunches

    6.) Aldi Natural Peanut Butter – the kids love it!

    7.) Oven Roasted Almonds – cheapest almonds in town for only $5.49 per bag.

    8.) Eggs – best prices around in town.

    9.) Milk – always competitive prices.

    10.) Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – for only $2.49 per 64 oz, it is the best price you will find.

    30 must buy items at Aldi

    11.) Diaper Wipes – only $0.89 per package and just as good at Pampers.

    12.) Avocados – always $1.00 each or less.

    13.) Canned Black Beans – we make our Black Beans and Rice from these a few times per month.

    14.) Simply Nature Frozen Organic Strawberries and Blueberries – perfect for smoothies!

    30 must buy items at Aldi

    15.) Simply Nature Organic Salsa – this is something we buy weekly.

    16.) Simply Nature Organic Corn Chips – we LOVE these and they are a staple in our house.

    17.) Spices – you can find them for $0.99. Best price around!

    18.) Canned Pumpkin – normally a seasonal item but I buy a case or two every year when it comes out around Thanksgiving time.

    19.) Baking supplies – Flour, Sugar, Olive Oil etc. – They always have the best prices!

    20.) Live gfree gluten-free tortillas – I buy these every week and use them to make quesadillas or sandwich wraps.

    30 must buy items at Aldi

    21.) Unrefined Coconut Oil – for only $4.99, you can’t beat this price anywhere!

    22.) Organic Mini Carrots – always priced at $0.99!

    23.) Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – for around $3.99 every day.

    24.) Green Peppers – our store has peppers for around 1/2 price of what other stores charge.

    25.) Bananas – only $0.29 per lb in my store!

    26.) Hummus – fresh hummus in many different flavors!

    27.) Brown Rice Pasta – one of their gluten free products, and for only $1.19 you can’t beat the price!

    30 must buy items at Aldi

    28.) Simply Nature Deli Turkey – no nitrates and delicious!

    29.) Specialty Cheese selection – Around Christmas time, Aldi has many amazing specialty cheeses.  We typically do a cheese and meat platter for Christmas dinner and save 50% of more by making it with Aldi cheeses.

    30.) Condiments – the condiments are SO cheap and are actually very good.  BBQ Sauce, Mustard, Ketchup etc.

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    30 must buy items at Aldi

    There are so many ways to save money at Aldi – what are some of your favorites?



    • I am a weekly advertising client as I always praise about the store to anyone around me. I realy missed shopping in my regular store when they were remodeling. It was worth the waiting time… I just love this store and rarely find something wrong. I also buy their weekly house items which are always an excellent price and offered at a timely moment. Great management! Keep,the good work! Annie

      • I am there at least once a week and love this store. I find the quality outstanding for the prices. Favorite items include: 100% grass fed ground beef; boneless, skinless chicken breasts; part skim mozzarella string cheese; avocados; grape tomatoes; mangoes; honey crisp apples; Irish butter; bananas; Greek yogurt; and so many other foods. Walked out last week with a large bagful of fresh produce and fruits for $11.00!

    • Aldi regularly has individually vacuum-packed 4 ounce Ahi Tuna Steaks, “Wild Caught” and “Sushi quality”, three to a package, for $5.69. I thaw these and eat them raw with soy sauce, Sashimi! The quality is excellent. I now buy several packages whenever I’m there, and they sit in my freezer ready to eat, just toss a package in a bowl of water to thaw for about fifteen minutes. Eat slowly and savor!

    • I love their almond milk because it’s the one I’ve found to be more like a milk consistency. Which helps my brain so I can’t “tell the difference”.

  • Around Christmas time, look for the Dark Chocolate Drizzled Kettle Corn – it is incredible! And its like $1 per bag.
    Also the Cinnamon Twists that are usually in the same isle, are just like Taco Bell’s Cinnamon Twists but you get a huge bad for a buck!

  • Growing up in France, my mom always shopped there. I was so excited when the stores finally came to the US. I only shop there and have yet to find something my family does not like ! I spent less rhan $ 400 a month on groceries! The money I save pays for the lease of my car. Absolutely love Aldi’s!

  • Used to shop Aldi when my children were small. Now retired and still love the savings. The store always surprises us with seasonal food. We love it.

  • If and when you are on fixed income doing most if not all of you’re grocery shopping at ALDI’s you are wasting your money quality and prices can not be beat even by walmart

  • We love Aldi, though sadly all the ones ‘near’ us are 45+ minutes away, so I try to do one big shop there once a month. We love many items on the list, but we also love the honey (far cheaper than other places), the various granola bars (often $1-2 cheaper a box, depending on the type), and the fruit ‘straws’ (think fruit roll-ups, but in twists with far less junk in them. Oh, and the fruit squeeze pouches! The frozen salmon deserves a nod, too. Haha, can you tell I love that place?

  • Ever since Aldi opened at Bakersfield, we are most regular there. We found our requirements fresh and with reasonable price tag. Staff is very helpful and cooperative.

  • The first tie I shopped at Aldi’s I left there feeling like I had stole something. It does literally cut your grocery bill in half. Their fruits and vegetables are always really fresh and last longer than other stores. The crackers they have that are like triscuit are $1.69 a box and are excellent instead of $3.99.

  • Hot fudge sauce and carmel sauce is great but a seasonal item, so get it now before summer seasonal items are gone until next year, stock up. Block cheese is great and cheap, woven wheat crackers like triskets are lots cheaper, this week wavy potato chips are great and just $1.09 a bag! so many more items. and Rib Eye steaks taste great! and 1-$3 less per pound.

  • First time In shopped at Aldi’s was in Costa del Sol in Spain. Loved it then and love that it’s here now in the US. We found the best Rioja wine at Aldi’s in Spain.
    (Would love to know which companies make their products.)

  • Love shopping at Aldi’s everything is such a bargain. Except I hate it when they keep moving stuff around.

  • Really notice the price savings at Aldis. My problem is that they can’t
    keep the store stocked especially on sale items. We have a huge population of snow birds and that makes it worse. 14748

  • I eat cereal every day. $1.79-1.99 per box as opposed to name brand at big name markets, some $4.99. I love their Simply Nature popcorn and multi-grain and blue tortilla chips $1.79. No kidding! I’ve bought eggs for as low as 43 cents a dozen, never over $1. Crazy to shop anywhere else!

  • My sister told me about Aldi’s when she learned I was moving to a city that has several. We are seniors on a very tight income, so Aldi’s has been a life-savior. I recently used a coupon to buy a discounted membership in one of the big warehouse stores. One walk through and I asked for my money back. That walk-through made me realize how lucky I am to be able to shop at Aldi’s.

  • Thanks for the info.
    …Not sure about the Almond Butter as it contains: palm oil, cane sugar.
    Why do you need that to something that should be just almonds?

    For some reason the Aldi near me is full of processed junk.
    I can probably find a few things in the produce section that would be considered food.

    Sad but true 🙁

  • I always feel like I’m getting away with something at Aldi. Buy a bunch of fresh groceries, a couple packs of diapers, bathroom/kitchen supplies and it comes to like $70. Their Bran cereal is a buck and change and is awesome. Highly recommended. And their frozen salmon fillets. And their queso dip. So many of their items I prefer over name brand, and they don’t use fake colors! If it wasn’t a private company, I would purchase stock in it immediately.

  • We love the beef for carne asada. It is just thinly sliced beef roast that I use for all kinds of things (slice it the other way into strips for fajitas, beef rouladen, stuffed steak.) Also the frozen sea scallops for ten bucks is a huge blessing! We always get that to cook for my mom who loves seafood. So many good things!

  • love their old fashioned oats which is way less than brand names. Also love their pricing on raisins, bagged spinach, Belmont low fat ice-cream (sea salt caramel), baked beans and albacore tuna. I go weekly!!

  • I love Aldi is the best supermarket , The veggies are the best prize ever. The coconut oil too. THANK YOU FOR FOR BEING IN NEW YORK

  • I love Aldi, but wish that they would consider their noise level in the store. 1:65 children have autism, my son is included in that number. To an autistic child, the five senses (sights, sounds, tastes, touch, smells) are way more intense than the typical persons. When someone goes through the check out line, every item that they scan is a loud “bloop” sound. When they pay with their debit or credit card, approval is signified by a doorbell sound. When you have two or three check out lines operating, the noise level in the store, is off the charts for an autistic child. We could be having the best day out with my husband and son, lunch or dinner out then shop till you drop. We are all happy and loving our time together. When we walk into Aldi, my son begins to verbally stimulate (he makes loud odd sounds) and physically stimulate (flaps his arms and makes odd movements) at record speed. He completely loses his focus. There have been times, that we have had to remove him from the store, especially the Saturday before a holiday. This is a child who can easily and happily shop at any other store, and sit quietly and eat mannerly and polite at an upscale restaurant.

    • Don’t blame the store. You are aware this upsets your child so you make the adjustment. One of you parents should do something else with this child.

    • Prices are kept low by having functional equipment, not upgraded equipment to reduce noise. I agree with previous reply, you know Aldi atmosphere is not compatible with your son so don’t subject him to a visit to Aldi.

  • We are HUGE Aldi fans! We love their huge selection of cheese(except their American cheese). Their produce is amazing! We love their pre-portions salad bowls, all their salad dressings, chips, crackers, breakfast bars and granola. I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Savoritz Parmesan cheese crisps but their price for those has almost doubled. We haven’t tried any of their frozen seafood yet but that’s on the list! Milk, sour cream, butter, yogurt, just to name a few and their hummus with pita is delish! Keep up the good work Aldi!

  • ALDI should look into opening a store in Pawling, New York.

    Available space located right in the Village. Good Parking also.

    The two towns north of Pawling–do not have grocery stores.!!!
    These towns come into Pawling to shop at Hannafords..only choice.
    In Patterson, NY…they have Acme Grocery Store..which is not a good choice. Contact the Village of Pawling, NY.

  • Aldi’s PLEASE come to Allardt Tennessee or Jamestown Tennessee, WE DESPERTLY need YOU…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…

  • They didn’t mention Aldie’s CHOCOLATES! They are incredibly good tasting and a fantastic deal, price-wise. Very high cacao content and absolutely first quality chocolates. Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, some with nuts, caramel. etc. I never leave an Aldie’s without stocking up on their wonderful chocolates. I give them out at Christmas to my friends and coworkers, and they always comment on how good the chocolate is. TRY IT!

  • I LOVE Aldi’s, but ours is 50 miles away, so can’t get there that often. I think we are going to make the trip in October. Best cheesecake ever also!

  • I lived in Pa.and I shopped at Aldi’s for years! I loved it! Then when my husband retired in November 2019, he wanted to move back to his home state of Virginia. So we moved…. I was really going to miss shopping at Aldi’s every week! My in-laws had never mentioned an Aldi’s store! We were getting used to shopping in the Kroger and Red Lion stores when a friend asked us to take him home. Lo and behold we bypassed….. you guessed it….an Aldi’s store!!! I am so happy to have found this store!!! I love my Aldi’s!!! The prices are right, but the best thing is the items I get there that I can’t get elsewhere!!!!

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