Best Survey Sites: How to EASILY make an extra Cash this month!

Published on January 22, 2020 by Lauren

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  • Are you wondering how to make money doing surveys from home? I’ve done it many times and actually completely funded our Christmas savings account using these! Would you like to earn an extra $100 this month? Earning that, shouldn’t be a problem at all for you using these best survey sites.

    You really can make money doing surveys on the internet.

    best survey sites

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    Best survey sites:

    The ones I’ve included in this post are my favorites:

    My advice? Make a new email address, and then just sign up for all of them. If you just stick with one, you might be limited in what surveys are available. But if you use a bunch of them, whenever you get some free time to complete a couple surveys, you’ll be able to find one easily.

    What’s the best strategy?

    First, like I said, sign up for all of them. But I would suggest setting up a special email address specifically for survey sites. And then, just make sure to do this in your spare time.

    While you’re watching TV in the evening or during random downtime during the day, you can hop on, complete a survey or two, browse the internet for a little while, or shop online. You might as well earn some cash or rewards, right?

    That’s how I earned over $500 two years in a row when our finances were really tight(mostly using Swagbucks) – otherwise we would have had no Christmas presents that year.

    Do I personally use these?

    Of the 5 below, I either currently use them, or I’ve used them in the past- so I can recommend them as the best survey sites I’ve tried. Get started to earn that extra $100 this month!

    1. Opinion Outpost

    One of my absolute favorites. Quick and easy surveys, good payouts, and the surveys are actually interesting. This was one of my main survey companies used for my Christmas fund.
    Sign up for Opinion Outpost

    2. Swagbucks

    I can’t even count how many Amazon gift cards I’ve redeemed from Swagbucks… I mean, you get $5 just for signing up. It is AWESOME. Not only can you make rewards and cash by taking surveys, but they have a way to earn just by searching the internet (you know, the kind of stuff you would do anyway).
    Sign up for Swagbucksand get $5 for free!

    3.) National Consumer Panel Get paid to grocery shop!

    NCP is now accepting new applicants to join their team! Basically, just grocery shop as you normally would, but using a scanner app on your phone, just scan the items you bought as you unload them.

    This isn’t for everyone, but lots of people really enjoy it. And the rewards can add up big time!
    Sign up for NCP

    best survey sites

    4. Inbox Dollars

    Get paid for reading emails (I actually never read them I just click through them to get my points). Takes seconds per day, the points don’t add up that quickly but spending literally seconds per day, you can earn gift cards quickly!
    Sign up for Inbox Dollars


    5. Valued Opinions

    This website is one that makes survey taking REALLY easy. It’s very well thought out… the developers clearly understood that your time is valuable and you don’t have time to search for surveys that you will be approved for. You can make $3 per survey and cash out whenever you want!
    Download Valued Opinions

     That’s it, it’s super easy!  The only thing you have to spend is time.  Let me know how it goes!


    • I tried doing surveys and didn’t get any where at all. Everyone I ventured into and gave my opinion and took so much of my time, at the end they wouldn’t accept it if I didn’t sign up for something else or they kept sending me another site.

    • I love swagbucks! I stopped using it for awhile but recently came back to it. I use it mostly gor shoppong and videos. i do surveys but always het disqualified. I have a hard time with surveys on general because they take too long just to say I didn’t qualify. I recently signed up for YouGov. the surveys are 5-10 minutes long and it never disaualies. 25000 points have to be earned to get a gift card but each survey is 500. I get a survey at least every other day during the week. Surveys aren’t always great but they are short and you get the points. I like Reciept Hog. all you have to do is upload your receipts and and you earn points depending on the amount you spend. It’s slow but the more receipts you load the faster it is. 1,000 points gets you a $5 Amazon gift certificate. I like this because it’s simple.
      I will try some of the surveys you suggest and see if they are bettee. I don’t mind spending time in surveys just hate when I do and it disqualifies me.

  • Most of these sites pay in “credits” for prizes, not cash or they give you a 30 minute survey for 2 points which equals basically nothing. I have tried them.That has been my experience…

  • Unfortunately it looks like these are all for US citizens. Do you know of any for Canadian citizens?

  • Wow. This is definitely how I am spending my weekend. I will sign up with a couple of sites so I can make extra bucks. I really need it. Thanks for sharing this, I always look out for your insightful posts.

  • Wow…I can’t imagine how much l could’ve earned if l have learnt about this before now. But in any case, it’s never too late.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

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