5 secret ways to save EVEN more money at ALDI?

Published on December 11, 2015 By Lauren

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  • secret ways to save EVEN more money at aldi

    You all know I love ALDI grocery stores!  I am actually kind of obsessed with them, but did you know that there are secret ways to save EVEN more money at ALDI?  After all, I’ve created entire Aldi meal plans surround their products.

    Did you know you can save even more money at Aldi using 5 super secret ways?  I am so excited to share these, because not only can you save BIG at Aldi by just shopping there, you can now save even more money using these apps:

    1.) Download Checkout51 App

    First, you will want to download the Checkout51 App. First, make sure you browse their offers and buy products at any store. Then, upload your receipt using Checkout 51. They’ll confirm your purchase and credit your account. When your account balance reaches $20, you can cash out and they’ll mail you a check.

    As an example – if one of their offers is $0.50 off eggs, you can purchase eggs at Aldi, and get $0.50 into your Checkout51 account.

    2.) Download the Ibotta App

    One of the most recognized apps for earning cashback is Ibotta. Before you go to the store, browse the app to add offers to your account. After you shop, scan your receipt and Ibotta will transfer the money to your account. You can also link a store loyalty card to automate the process.

    Ibotta will also work with ALDI even though they don’t have many name brand items in stock. You can find $0.25 back on any brand milk offers, or $0.50 back with any receipt purchase type of offers.

    3.) Download the ReceiptPal App

    Turn everyday shopping into cash when you scan receipts with ReceiptPal. The app also lets you connect your email and Amazon account to earn additional points on things you buy. Your rewards are good for gift cards and cash prizes.

    secret ways to save EVEN more money at aldi

    4.) Download the Fetch Rewards App

    With Fetch Rewards, making money is as easy as scanning your receipts, racking up points, and redeeming them for rewards. Your points are good for gift cards from Ulta Beauty, Fitbit, Best Buy, Old Navy, and hundreds of others.

    Sign up for Fetch Rewards in the iOS App Store here or you can sign up for Android here.

    5.) CoinOut

    Earn real cash for your receipts from CoinOut. Featured on Shark Tank in 2018, this app tracks your purchases whether you shop in-store or online. Your rewards can be sent to PayPal, Amazon, or your bank. Take your ALDI receipt and scan it into the CoinOut app and get FREE gift cards!


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    secret ways to save EVEN more money at aldi

    I hope these 5 ways to save at ALDI can help you save even more money while shopping there! It may take a few more minutes when you get home, but for a few extra dollars per week, I think it’s well worth the time!

    secret ways to save EVEN more money at aldi




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