5 Ways to sell your old electronics for cash

Published on February 3, 2016 By Lauren

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  • Technology is ever changing these days. Due to the constant updating of it, many of us cycle through electronics quickly. Whether it is to pay for a new upgrade or make some extra cash with the electronics sitting around in your home, finding a way to sell them with as little hassle as possible is important. The following 5 ways can bring you money for your electronics. We’ve given you the pros and cons of each so you can decide what works best for your situation.

    1.) Craigslist – This no-frills website allows people to buy and sell items locally. 

    Pros: Selling locally means you aren’t going to be packing up and shipping anything – this gives you more money in your pocket. You can sell anything, not just your used electronics. It’s well known so there are a lot of users seeing your ad. No fees for selling on this site.

    Cons: Meeting a stranger to sell something can feel unsafe. Be sure to meet in a public place and bring a friend.

    2.) Websites that buy them from you – There are websites like Kiiboo.com or Gazelle will pay you for cash for your phone, laptops, tablets, and even your desktop computer. They will then inspect it, certify them, and then sell them to people.

    Pros: No need to set up ads, field emails from potential buyers, or set up meetings.

    Cons: Some reviews have shown that the prices paid are lower than what can be received from other websites.

    3.) eBay – Selling on eBay has been around for many years so it’s well established in people’s minds as a source for good deals. To sell electronics on eBay, you answer a few questions about your device and eBay will tell you what bids similar devices are receiving. You can then decide whether you wish to list it or not on their site.  Wondering what else you can sell on eBay – check out my post on 25 things you didn’t know you could sell on eBay.

    Pros: Many millions of people use the site, you can be assured that sales will go smoothly, and you won’t have to ship until you have received your money.

    Cons: There are fees attached with the site as well as when you receive the funds. You’ll be packing up and shipping your device and there’s a chance the item won’t sell, costing you money in listing fees on the site.

    4.) Facebook – There are groups for selling items all over Facebook. Search for a larger city near you along with the word “sales” and you should find a place where you can sell anything, including your electronic devices.

    Pros: No seller fees. No shipping. Things usually sell quickly.

    Cons: You’ll need to meet a stranger to sell your item. You can use the popular “porch pick-up” option where you leave your item on the porch and the buyer places the money somewhere discreet for you to retrieve later. This eliminates the need to meet a stranger, but you have to give your address out and you run the risk of the item being stolen without payment.

    5.) uSell – A website that does all the work for you just might be what you need. With uSell, you use the website to determine if there is a monetary value for your electronic device. (My older Kindle has a value but the iPhone 4 with a cracked screen, does not, unfortunately.) You accept the offer for the item and uSell sends you a package for shipping it. Once the buyer has the item, you are paid via Paypal for the item.

    Pros: The website connects you to a wider audience of buyers, like companies that are going to break your item down for parts or to recycle. Even many damaged items appear to have value. The process appears to be painless and the reviews are good. You can sell much more than just phones!

    Cons: Not all devices will receive an offer (but that is expected with the older items, really).

    If you are looking to make some extra money for your savings account, purchase an upgrade or just part with unused items that are currently collecting dust, these five options will help get you paid quickly. I think it just might be time to go searching the house for all the items we have laying around. What are you going to sell?


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