7 Ways To Make Money by Helping with Holiday Services

Published on November 7, 2015 By Lauren

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  • This is Day 7 of the 30 Days to a Debt Free Christmas Challenge

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    Check out today’s installment – 7 Ways To Make Money by Helping with Holiday Services

    A lot of people look for ways to earn some extra money during the holiday season. Why? Well there plenty of opportunities, some of which are overlooked!

    A lot of people turn to making crafts and trying to sell gifts to earn some money. That’s a great idea. But, what do you do if you’re not crafty? Some of us do not have the time or skills to create homemade items to sell, but there are other ways to earn money this holiday season.

    1. Gift Wrapper

    Say what? It seems like a simple thing, wrapping gifts. However a lot of people don’t like wrapping gifts; it can be annoying, tedious, and time consuming. Go ahead and fill the void. Offer to wrap people’s gifts for them, you might be surprised at the amount of interest you get. Also, consider inquiring at the gift wrapping stations in local malls. You could always work with one of those companies in lieu of doing it independently.

    2. Personal Shopper

    What is a personal shopper? They can take a few different forms and it can depend on what it is you would like to do exactly. Some personal shoppers assist in figuring out good gift ideas and suggestions for their customers. Some personal shoppers will actually do the shopping for their customers, scoping out the best deals, and making the appropriate purchases. This is a great option for people who are not local, don’t have reliable transportation, or might be unable to get to a store for health reasons.

    3. Reselling

    This is a controversial one. But please keep an open mind. I am not condoning purchasing mass quantities of an item and jacking the price up astronomically online. I’m talking about purchasing an extra doll or toy set when there are plenty on the shelf and selling it online for a reasonable price, or on a local Facebook group for people who were not able to get to the store in time. Remember, for store-exclusive items, there are often people across the country who do not have access to the stores in general. You can earn a little extra cash without taking advantage of people.

    You can read more about how I’ve sold on Ebay for years here.

    4. Personal Assistant

    Usually we see this in relation to business people or offices. But Personal Assistants could also help during the holiday season in ways you might not consider. They can assist with writing and mailing Christmas cards. They can mail packages, organize gifts, keep track of what gifts still need to be purchased, keep an eye on budgets, etc. It may sound silly but some busy professionals, the elderly, or people who travel frequently for work may find these services extremely useful.

    5. Childcare

    While trying to navigate busy stores and get ready for the holidays, many people find themselves in need of a couple of days of childcare. Sometimes these families have stay-at-home mom’s who don’t typically have need for childcare so they may not know where to look. Babysitting for a few days so parents can get their children’s gifts, or do their grocery shopping uninterrupted might be very appreciated.

    6. Housekeeping/Cooking

    As a rule, maybe you don’t go out of your way to volunteer to cook or clean for people. However, with the stress and time crunch during the Christmas season lots of people look for help around their house. Everything from helping with baking pies and cookies, to cleaning the house in preparation for guests, to helping serve food at a holiday party. These small short term jobs could earn you some extra money, assuming you have time with your own baking and cleaning!

    7. Transportation

    This one might seem a bit strange, but you could get two things accomplished at once. A lot of people don’t have transportation to the malls and stores. Some people don’t have vehicles large enough to transport the gifts or groceries they need to get. By offering this service you’d be doing them a huge favor. Plus, if you combine your own shopping at the time you can get multiple things accomplished.

    Those are just seven unique and easy ways you might be able to earn some extra money this holiday season.

    What do you do to earn extra money during the holiday season?


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