20 Meals for $150 at Aldi – Freezer Cooking Edition

Published on January 25, 2015 By Lauren

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  • This might be the best freezer cooking meal plan on the planet – you are in for a treat! Dare I say that this is the BEST one yet? Maybe I always say that, but this one is designed specifically for freezer cooking! You can spend just a few hours on a weekend afternoon cooking, and make all 20 meals. That is stinkin awesome if you ask me… whether you plan on making all of these meals to simply supplement your regular cooking (for those days when you simply can’t get dinner on the table) or if you plan to eat these exclusively for 21 days – this will work for you!

    And these freezer meals are all designed for the slow cooker, and trust me – you will be blown away at what your slow cooker is capable of. These meals are incredible.

    We planned this out, did the shopping, AND assembled all of the recipes to make sure that this worked flawlessly!  The good news is that it does – the great news is that we have not cooked dinner in almost three weeks!  Having all of the meals in the freezer has truly been a life saver for us!

    Here are the meals that you will be making (all of which are double recipes and need to be divided):

    • Here are the recipes (each made twice):
      • Thai Peanut Chicken
      • Spaghetti and Meatballs
      • Korean Beef Tacos
      • Asian-BBQ Fusion Chicken
      • Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Chicken
      • White Chicken Chili
      • BBQ Paprika Chicken
      • Pork Carnitas
      • Cilantro Lime Chicken
      • Pork Loin with Basil Cream Sauce

    Just add 20 freezer bags and you’re ready to get started.

    These recipes will feed 6 people. We have 4 small children and all of these meals feed us just fine.

    To make this super easy on you, I’ve put together a printable pack that includes:

    • Detailed instructions on how to make all of these in just a 2-3 hours all at once! Trust me – this will be VERY helpful!

    • Detailed recipe cards
    • Printable menu planner
    • Shopping list
    • You can get it all for only $5.97!  Yes – I know the price went up on this one, but this one took a LOT more time to put together and we think you will LOVE it!

    Our total came to $164.56, and we have a few things left over. We are thrilled with the results of this meal plan!

    You can BUY the printable pack below for instant delivery for only $5.97 right above!



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