7 Awesome Ways to Save on Gas

Published on August 19, 2015 By Lauren

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  • save on gas

    Gas prices fluctuate, but there are some things you can do in high times and low to save gas.  These seven simple ways to save on gas will save you money and even a little time.

    1. Order Your Errands Based on Driving Path

    Arrange the order of your errands based on a map and traffic schedule.  Avoid idling your engine by staying out of rush hour traffic when possible. Idling is one of the biggest ways to spend more on gas than you need to.

    Use a map to plan to visit the farthest destination first and work your way back home.  This way you’re not wasting gas driving in circles.

    save on gas

    2. Find the Best Price on Gas

    Use Gas Buddy to find the best prices near you.  There is a website to help you get a deal based on your location.  Also, you can download the free app on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

    3. Grocery Shop Once

    If you watch sales then you’ll be able to plan your shopping list to line up with the fresh produce days or special savings days at your grocery store.  This works to make sure that everything is in stock and you won’t have to make another trip.

    Also, you should always try to minimize your number of trips by getting everything you need the first time.  It helps me to keep a list on the fridge and make everyone in the family put items on there as they run out.

    save on gas

    4. Slow Down (just a little)

    Highway speeds under control will help you save gas.  Even reducing your rate by 5mph can make a difference in your fuel costs.  AAA reports that for every 5 miles per gallon you slow down (over 60mph) you save $0.24/gallon at the pump.  Read more tips from AAA here.

    save on gas

    5. Don’t Buy Premium Gas

    Did you know that high-octane premium gasoline has virtually no benefit to vast majority of cars on the road? Even if the owner’s manual to your car recommends premium gasoline, a lower octane variety won’t hurt it. The reason that premium gas is recommended is because that will make your engine run at peak performance (i.e. slightly quicker acceleration, better performance when you’re really stepping on the gas), but doesn’t have any benefit to gas mileage or the safety and longevity of your engine. Save your money and get the lower octane unleaded.

    save on gas

    6. Align and Properly Inflate your Tires

    When your tires aren’t inflated properly or they’re out of alignment, you’re making your engine work harder than normal to get from point A to point B.  Visit your local tire shop and ask them to check your tire pressure.  You can also buy a tire gauge and check it yourself based on your tires’ specs.  This easy to use tire gauge is less than $5!

    7. Check your Filters and Get a Tuneup

    Dirty air filters are sucking your gas by making your engine less efficient.  Change those air filters and oil filters on a regular basis.  Also, schedule a tuneup to optimize your other engine parts.  There’s more that can be done so that your properly-functioning engine saves gas.

    I hope this helps you save some money on gas this summer.  What’s one tip you’d like to share that has helped you save gas?

    save on gas


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