8 of the Best Cleaning Products for Home Maintenance

Published on June 17, 2019 by Lauren

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  • I am constantly looks for the best cleaning products for home maintenence. Having a clean house is something that I’ve always wanted in life, but let’s face it….I have four children and it is next to impossible for me to keep a tidy house all the time!  If you know me personally, you know that my house is normally very ‘lived in’ but also looks clean.

    I try to find easy ways to clean that won’t break my budget, and where I can count on the product working. I use this daily cleaning list to keep track of my cleaning. I used to budget a housecleaner in my budget planner, but I’ve cut back on my spending so I cut out the house cleaner.

    Best Cleaning Products for Home

    When I am cleaning up after the kiddos (and they are helping me), I tend to lean towards these 8 cleaning tools.

    Here are my 8 best cleaning products for home maintenance:

    1.) Portable Rug Doctor

    The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Remover is a MY FAVORITE!  Not only can you use it on spots and stains around your house, but you can use it to clean up urine stains on mattresses. Having 4 kids to potty train means many night time accidents, so this is a HUGE help to have on hand.  You can easily clean up the urine stains in the morning, and by nighttime your mattress is dry again.

    The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is a powerful, versatile soft-surface cleaning machine perfect for cleaning up life’s little messes.   It is ideal for use on both carpet and soft surfaces including mattresses, pet beds, sofas, chairs, area rugs, vehicle seats and mats, pillows, stairs and more.

    2.) Norwex Cleaning Clothes 

    These cleaning cloths are simply amazing! My sister in law had a Norwex party last month and I ordered two of their cleaning cloths. The cloths have micro silver inside the microfiber. When you use the cloth, the micro silver in the cloth goes to work with the self purification properties against the mold, fungi and bacterial odor within 24 hours, so that is is ready to use again.

    I have a child size cloth that I keep in the upstairs bathroom. Once a day, one of the kids cleans off the top of our bathroom vanity with the cloth, and lays it out to dry.

    They are pretty pricey, so make sure that you take care of them properly.

    3.) Bar Keepers Friends

    Bar Keepers Friends can do so much to clean your house.  I use it to clean my pots and pants, my glass stove-top, my stainless steel appliances + much more!  It is normally only around $3.00 at Walmart, but often times you can find coupons for it at coupons.com and save even more!

    4.) Magic Erasers

    Having four kids is VERY messy!  We use magic erasers for taking marker and crayon marks on the walls. I also use it to remove shoe scuffs from laminate flooring.   I use it to remove stickers and residue from things I’ve purchased at the store, soap scum on my shower, and they also clean microfiber couches!

    5.) Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Spray

    I use this in my kitchen mostly, and I LOVE the Lavender scent.   It is nice to know that I can ask my kids to clean the counters, and know what they are spraying is safe for them to inhale.

    Best Cleaning Products for Home

    You can try it for free if you sign up for Grove. Sign up under this link and get 5 free piece gift set! I signed up for this and that is how I got hooked on it 🙂

    6.) Thieves Cleaner

    I use Thieves for many things, specifically cleaning my windows. One bottle of thieves can make over 100 bottles of cleaner!  It is a great investment if you are looking for a versatile product to clean. I have an article I wrote about 10 easy diy natural cleaning products, so if you like to make your own cleaners check that out.

    7.) Rug Doctor Rental

    Did you know that your carpets are the largest air filters in your home? Experts say that you need to clean your carpets at least once a year, so we try to rent a rug doctor yearly.  At only $29.99 per rental, you can find them at over 30,000 locations across the country.

    If you’ve never used a Rug Doctor before, they are super easy to use. You clean the carpet in your room and in 20 minutes the rug is dry. You can save over $200 over hiring a professional service.  Even though I don’t own one, I wish I did!

    8.) Shark Sweeper Vac

    The Shark Sweeper Vac is my BFF.  It is perfect for cleaning up those pieces of food on the ground under the kitchen table, or just doing a quick sweep cleaning around the house to pick up crumbs or direct. My kids can easily use this and I love that you don’t have to plug it in!

    Want to see a video with a few more of my favorites? Watch it below and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you are over there!

    What are some of your favorite cleaning tools? I am always looking for new ones that make my life a bit easier!


  • I recently came across a great hardwood floor cleaner/shiner that if I didn’t try it myself I wouldn’t believe it! It’s 1 cup of water, 1 cup vodka (I buy the cheapest I can find) and a few drops of Sals Suds. My floors have never been cleaner or shinier! I also have begun using this on my non-wood floors as well and it cleans up dirt beautifully!

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