The Best Things to Buy at IKEA

Published on July 27, 2015 By Lauren

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  • If your decorating budget is tight, chances are you know all about Ikea. The Swedish superstore is known for its budget-friendly, stylish furniture. However, sometimes the quality of the items, while attractive, is not always the greatest. Due to the softer wood that is used to manufacture them, they may only hold up for a few years, especially if you have children in your home. However, there are definitely great deals to be found.

    The best things to buy at Ikea just might not be the furniture, so here are some of my favorite items to buy at Ikea:

    1.) Frames

    Pictures and art work don’t need to hang from the most expensive, custom-made frame out there. Ikea has a great selection of simple frames for keeping your kid’s artwork on the wall as well as high-end-looking frames with affordable prices. I always seem to walk out with a few more frames for our home when I visit.

    2.) Art work

    Maybe you need something to put in those frames besides family snapshots.  Ikea has loads of artwork for you to decorate your home. You’ll find cityscapes, abstract prints, still life, landscapes and much more. The sizes vary from small to large posters and often times you’ll find them in frames already for you.

    3.) Lamps

    Lamps are a household item that don’t normally withstand a beating and therefore can last for years. Every lamp I have ever purchased at Ikea has lasted me longer than my particular decorating tastes have. The styles vary from contemporary to classic to quirky. There’s something reasonably priced for every decorating challenge you may have.

    5.) Candles

    Planning a wedding and need candles? Or maybe you simply like having candles in your home? Ikea is definitely the place for you to go. Whether you are buying votives, pillars, or tealights, you’ll find great deals at Ikea. In fact, for just $4 you can get 100 tealights!

    6.) Curtains

    There is a large selection of affordable draperies for your home at Ikea. For just a few dollars, you’ll be able to cover windows in every room of your home.

    7.) Kitchen Tools

    Ikea is the place to go if you are just starting out with your own place, are a college student trying to add things to your dorm, or are working with a tight budget. The kitchen section is full of options for you that won’t bust that budget. Dishes, gadgets, measuring spoons and cups, wine glasses, glass jars, and much more can be found at Ikea. If you need something for your kitchen, Ikea is going to have it.

    8.) Bedding

    Bedspreads, sheets, pillows, duvets, and blankets can be found in the textile section at Ikea. This is a great place to find lightweight bed coverings. You won’t find high thread count sheets, but you’ll find something that should work for your budget. All of the accent pillows in my home have come from Ikea so look for those, too.

    And of course, always buy the frozen yogurt in the cafe on your way out the door. It’s delicious!

    Ikea isn’t just for furniture, of course it’s mostly about that, but there are great buys in this amazing superstore as well. Stop by the next time you are in a town with an Ikea. I promise, you’ll leave with great things for your home that won’t break the bank.

    What are some things that you just have to buy at IKEA?


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