My Designer Bedroom Makeover for Under $100!

Published on October 18, 2020 by Lauren

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  • I don’t know about you, but I can get caught up in watching the decorator shows on HGTV.  But, let’s be honest, an honest to goodness makeover of my master bedroom could easily run a few thousand dollars. And since Erin Napier wasn’t going to show up at my door any time soon, I needed to find a way to re-do my bedroom on a budget.

      bedroom on a budget


    Bedroom on a Budget

    Not only did I stick to a budget when redesigning my master bedroom, I did it for less than $100! What?!?

    We bought our current house in 2012 and had never touched our master bedroom. As you can imagine, we focused on the main living areas and the kids’ rooms first (you can see the work we did on the girls’ room here). The master bedroom just kept getting pushed down on the list.

    But in 2015 I decided it was finally time. I set aside two weekends just for me.

    The Before

    First – let me show you the before picture (even though it’s a little embarrassing).

    bedroom on a budget

    There were a few major flaws in this bedroom, so let me go over them first.

    bedroom on a budget

    #1 – This UGLY light was the top on my list.  It was stuck right in the middle of the wall over our bed.  Sure, I loved the convenience of being able to turn the light on and off so quickly. However, it drove me nuts that it was just SO ugly and in a strange place.

    I needed to find a design that would help me hide this eyesore.  We ended up taking it out completely and covering it up with a white outlet cover. But then, I still had to figure out how to hide the sight of a weird outlet cover in the middle of my wall.

    bedroom on a budget

    #2 – Plain dirty white shelving. I found a fun bright yellow spray paint to paint these – for a nice pop of color in the room.  I already had the furniture – so the cost of this re-design was only $5.00 (for the cost of the spray paint).

    The After

    After addressing the major ‘issues’ with the room, I went to work trying to find inspiration.  I saw this PIN on Pinterest and immediately knew I’d found my dream bedroom!

    I was able to pull off this design for under $100 – the entire room design, paint, and accessories.

    bedroom on a budget

    Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy 🙂

    bedroom on a budget

    bedroom on a budget

    bedroom on a budget

    bedroom on a budget

    I am SO thrilled with the results! I was able to fix both of the issues with the bedroom, and also choose my DREAM paint color.  What’s better for a great night’s sleep than a pleasing environment?

    bedroom on a budget

    I was able to hide the covered up light under the curtain canopy drapes, so you can’t see it unless you look closely. Love this look? I share my how-to on making your own canopy here.

    bedroom on a budget

    The end tables were painted bright yellow to add a pop of color. I added the teal bins (from Thirty One) for some hidden storage options.

    bedroom on a budget

    bedroom on a budget

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  • The look is Amazing! I love the painted color walls & especially the canopy drapes…I’m just a little confused…was that two pair of long curtains or one…did the top overflow to the bottom?

  • Love this! Very creative. I’m curious if you have a vaulted ceiling in your bedroom? It’s hard to tell in the picture if you do or if it’s just letting the drape drop a little bit!

  • Such a simple update on the classic canopy! Love it ~ Would you mind sharing what Brand and color is on your walls now? Looks like a ‘robin’s egg blue…..So pretty.

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