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A credit score is the new “in” thing. Everywhere you look, companies are giving away free credit scores. If you have good credit, you probably don’t think about it too much. But more than a third of Americans have a “fair” or “very poor” credit rating. If you are included in the third of Americans, you probably want to know...

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Tax season is here which means that you may get an Income Tax Refund! If you’re one of the 100.4 million Americans that received a tax refund last year, you probably expect to get that extra bit this year as well.  This is exciting! Who doesn’t love extra cash? But what do you do with it once it’s deposited? I’m going...

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It may feel like the same argument on repeat. Every night, somewhere between walking through the door and turning in, you find that you and your spouse are having the same exact fight. Maybe it’s about how to prioritize and pay down debt. Perhaps you can’t agree on how much to keep in an emergency fund. Maybe you want to...

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Is your home overwhelmed with kid-clutter? With four kids, you can bet I’ve spent my fair share of time tripping over kids’ toys and finding legos in my furniture. There have been times I have wanted to toss it all, but what if there was a better way? I’m sharing my best tips for how to sell used toys online...

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I don’t remember learning much about budgets in school. So it wasn’t until my mid-20’s that I started to try and make sense of it on my own. By that time I was already in lots of debt. Lots of the financial advice I was reading talked about how I needed to budget my money. It didn’t make a lot...

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