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Shopping online has to be one of the best ways to snag a good deal! It makes comparison shopping a snap, there are no lines, and it gives you more selection than most local stores. Add to that perks like free shipping, percent-off coupons, and online-only sales. It just might result in breaking your budget and leaving your bank account...

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This week we are talking about Money Mindset and how your money mindset could be harming the way you handle your finances.⁠ .⁠ We talked about the hard stuff, the life stuff, the reasons why we settle, the reasons why we give up…It is SO powerful!!!⁠ Today I talked with Caleb Guilliams about this very topic and let me tell...

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Paying off debt can be a bit of a drag, especially if you are reducing your spending on the fun stuff — eating out, shopping, or entertainment — to become debt-free. Mystery shopping is a great way to add back the fun stuff in your life without any impact on your budget or debt pay-off plan. Side hustles are also...

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Americans Likely Owe Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Total Medical Debt. A new KFF analysis of government data estimates that nearly 1 in 10 adults (9%) – or roughly 23 million people – owe medical debt. Today I brought on Marshall Allen who is an author and educator who helps you to protect yourself from egregious health care costs. He has...

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Are you worried about talking to your aging parents about their money? Are you worried that something will happen to them and they won’t’ be able to communicate with you about their estate? In this week’s episode of the Hard Money Talks Show, we talk with Cameron Huddleston about how her father passed away without a will, and she had...

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