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In today’s episode of the Hard Money Talks show, I talk about why you are being held back financially. Why do you continue to struggle with your finances? I dig deep into the reasons why you can’t stick to a budget and what to do about it. I brought on Financial Therapist Steven Hughes to talk about Financial Behaviors and...

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Research shows money stress can make people up to 20 times more likely to make a suicide attempt. We saw this issue come to light recently with the popular TV show ‘Squid Games’. Financial hardship is a common problem. The average American is $52,930 in debt. This includes money owed for mortgages and leases as well as student loans; it...

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Do you have a young adult who just can’t seem to get their financial act together? Is he or she unemployed and still living at home? Do you have a teenager who refuses to get a job? This podcast is for parents of teenagers and young adults who want the best for their kids but are beginning to realize their...

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The Financial Damages of Narcissistic Abuse can be HUGE! Discovering that you’ve been a victim of narcissistic abuse can shatter your self-esteem and everything you’ve believed in. Your self-worth and finances may be at an all-time low and you just want to hide under the covers and hibernate. In this week’s episode of the Hard Money Talks Show, I bring...

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This seems to be one of the age-old questions, doesn’t it? Especially when it comes to tax-return season, this one floods my inbox! “Lauren, is it better to pay off debt or build an emergency fund?” The easy answer: it depends. As with most things, everyone’s situation is different. You’ll want to assess your financial health and forecast and make...

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