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It’s typical when someone gives up one addiction to turn to another one. In this episode of the Hard Money Talks Show, I talk to Linda Parmar a Certified Money Coach© who helps women who are ready to repair their relationship with money. Linda is a recovering alcoholic and in this episode, she talks about how when she gave up...

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Today, OnlyFans has more than 50 million registered users and more than 1 million content creators. OnlyFans creators can post different kinds of content that appeal to whom they’re targeting.   In this episode of the show – I interviewed Felicia Rose, who makes a living posting content on OnlyFans. Once a full-time executive in corporate America, she now makes...

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I’m a sucker for new (and easy!) ways to earn extra cash. One of my favorite ways is with apps that let you upload receipts to make money. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the Fetch Rewards app! Several apps allow you to make money by scanning receipts. Most of them require you to shop at a specific...

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  In this episode of the Hard Money Talks show, Lauren talks with Wesley LeFebvre about how he claimed Bankruptcy and lost it all. He talks about the raw feelings of how hard it was and the steps he has taken to climb back to an 830+ pt credit score!   Links talked about in this episode: Find Wesley at...

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In this episode of the Hard Money Talks show, we talk to Jason Brown from Power Trades University. Jason is a millionaire who focuses on teaching others how to invest in the stock market. He wasn’t always a millionaire though, as a child he slept on the floor in an apartment in inner-city Detroit. In today’s show, we unpack the...

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