Free Cleaning Printables {daily cleaning list, checklist, and job chart}

Published on February 4, 2014 By Lauren

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    I have been in MAJOR declutter and cleaning mode lately, but what I find is that I go crazy one day and then am too tired the next day to clean again.  I decided that I need to pace myself, so I created a cleaning list and schedule for our family.  This way we can all pitch in and know our responsibilities, and we can pace ourselves throughout the week so the house stays relatively clean.

    I have come up with 3 free house cleaning printables for you to help you do the same!  My goal is to do 1 big cleaning task per day and spread them out throughout the week.  This way I am not so overwhelmed with cleaning and we can keep up with it.  Mark is a great help around the house but often doesn’t notice that some things need to be cleaned until they have gotten really dirty.  This way I can help him and the kids be more aware of the tasks that need to be completed every week.

    For instance – Monday and Thursday are laundry days.  Tuesday, I mop the kitchen floor.  I vacuum downstairs every day and clean the bathrooms on Wednesday and Saturday.

    There are links to download each of the free printables below, I used my Swingline Laminator to laminate them, then stuck them with magnets to the front of my refrigerator.  I then can reuse them every week by using color coded fine tipped dry erase markers for each person and their jobs.

    I am not typically this organized {remember my Pinterest depression post here}, but in order for me to get my house in order I decided I needed something pretty to motivate me!

    Here are the free printable lists for you, they are in pdf format so you can easily download to your computer to print off again and again (or laminate them to save some money!)

    You can print off your free weekly cleaning schedule here.  I schedule which cleaning tasks I do every day.  You can also schedule your family different tasks, like who is responsible for dishes that night.  This is set up for a week, not the month.  Put one job in each of the boxes for that day.

    You can print off your free cleaning checklist here.  This is a customizable list for you to add the items that you need to include.  This is a basic list that I put together for myself, I don’t do all of these every week, but if I deep clean a room these are my go to lists.


    You can print off your free Cleaning Duties list here.  You put the name of everyone in your family on a line, then list the jobs for that week that they are responsible for.  Then you can transfer these jobs using their colored marker, to the larger weekly calendar.

    I hope you enjoy these printables, make sure to share with your friends!

    Check out all of my homemade cleaning recipes here, that should help you save even more time and money!



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