My Girls Bedroom Re-design – How I made all their dreams come true with Disney, Pink, and Sparkles!

Published on July 1, 2013 By Lauren

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  • I re-designed my daughter’s bedroom this past weekend and I shared my July Ditto diy Project with you late last night – about how I made my framed art work above my daughters’ beds using old windows.  Today I will show you a couple more details about how I re-decorated their bedroom for under $200.00 and most of the items from Walmart!

    If you missed out on my recent re-design of my bedroom you can check out how I re-designed my bedroom for under $100.00 here.

    Before we get started I MUST share with you the before picture :(.  We have lived in this house for 3 years and it just seems like re-decorating the bedrooms were last on our list. We haven’t even touched the girls bedroom since we moved into this house, and ever since we re-designed our bedroom my 4 year old has been begging me to paint her bedroom sparkly pink (every single day – no joking).

    I saw that Disney came out with a new Disney Paint collection where you can get a sparkly glaze to put over your Disney colored paints, and I knew this was the answer to her question.   It is sold exclusively at Walmart, so we hurried on over there and I let her pick out her color. She chose Blushing Princess as her color of choice, and also the All that Glitters Top Coat.

    There are so many colors and themes to choose from – so it was difficult for me to narrow down the color.  She, of course, picked a princess color and she has been eagerly awaiting the finished room!

    There are so many different finishes – including glow in the dark and chalkboard!  How cool would that be!

    I was a little intimidated to apply a top finish because I had never done it, but it was very easy!  After I painted the walls and let them dry, I stirred the glaze and got ready to apply it.

    It has a milky consistency so it was easy to tell where you put the glaze on and where you still had to apply.  You can see on the right where I had applied it and on the left I still had to.

    Once it is dry, you can see the sparkles appear – my 4 year old was so excited she went over and stuck her nose right on the wall so she could be ‘up close’ to the sparkles!

    Here is a part of the wall after it was dry – you can see the pink sparkles!  Her dream come true!

    My girls are loving their new pink Sparkly Disney paint bedroom!  I have more details coming up as to how I created the wall flowers and canopy with items from Walmart.  You don’t want to miss how I created two canopies and 2 walls of flower decor for under $30.00!!

    You can find out which Walmart stores in your area carry this special line of Disney Paints here – there are so many great selections on how to make your childs bedroom dreams come true!

    Here are a few more pictures of their bedroom – stay tuned for more tutorials over the next week!

    See how I made:

    Disclosure: I was provided a $100 Walmart gift card to help in the design of this bedroom.  I was over the moon excited to get started, the design elements and opinions are all my own.



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