{DIY} Wall Canvas Artwork {Made for under $50.00}

Published on March 27, 2014 By Lauren

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  • I am almost done with my dining room re-decorating!  It has been a very large project for us, but I am happy to say that we are putting the finishing touches on it and will share it soon!

    So far we have:

    What is left to show you:

    • Showing you how we painted the rest of our furniture (including chairs and dining room table).
    • The wall paint colors we chose.
    • The curtains.
    • Revealing the complete design

    Here is what the before picture of this wall looked like.  It was such a large wall in an awkward place, so I was very puzzled what to do with it.  I posted this picture on my Facebook page and got some great tips.  One tip that I loved was making my own Wall Canvas Art, so that is what I did.  We also added a chair rail for $20.00 to the wall to break up the space a bit.

    I headed over to Joann Fabrics and found these 16 x 16 canvases for 50% off, making them only $7.50 each!  I also picked up some maroon acrylic paint to write some words on 3 of the tiles.  The paint cost me $0.69.

    Three of the canvases were painted one of our wall colors.  It took two coats of paint to get them the way that I wanted them to look.

    I then printed out the words I was using on Microsoft Word.  Then I traced the words pressing through the paper and onto the canvas.  Once I had the words on there I pained using the maroon acrylic paint.

    I used the words laugh, pray, eat.  I thought they were appropriate because it is our dining room and those are three things that I envision happening in that room.

    I took the remaining three canvases and wrapped them in fabric. This is actually our curtain fabric that I got from Target.com.  I purchased 5 curtains, 4 for the windows and 1 extra to make a table runner and wrap the canvases.

    I used a staple gun to secure the fabric onto the back of the frame.

    Here are the completed canvases wrapped in the fabric.

    Then Mark measured and centered them on the wall above the chair rail, and we were done!  So for around $50.00 I completed this project!  Much better than $20.00 a piece at Hobby Lobby!  I love finding less expensive ways to decorate!

    So what do you think?   I can’t wait to share with you the finished project!




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