8 Foods you can easily flash freeze!

Published on October 24, 2013 By Lauren

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  • There are so many times that I get a great deal on something, but I can’t fit it in my refrigerator.  There are also times where I have a lot of fresh herbs and spices but can’t use them quickly enough, so here are 7 ways to flash freeze food that you eat on a regular basis.

    Hopefully this can help you save money all year round!

    Baby Food –

    Make your own baby food – then place it in silicone baby food ice cube trays. These easily pop out and can be placed in the microwave for a quick meal for your child.  You can usually keep the cost down by making in bulk.

    Fresh Herbs-

    If you have too many fresh herbs and can’t use them fast enough, you can put them in ice cub trays with broth and freeze them for stocks, soups, or other delicious meals.

    Coffee Creamer –

    I freeze my coffee creamer right inside the container it comes in.  This way if I find a good sale on it, I don’t have to miss out .  To defrost simply sit on the counter until back to it’s original form.

    Cookie Dough –

    I make cookie dough in bulk, roll it into balls and freeze it on parchment paper or in a tupperware bin. This way when I want cookies I simply take the cookie balls out of the freezer, put them on the greased cookie sheet and bake as directed.

    Milk –

    Freezing milk is my favorite!  You have to freeze it in the plastic jugs (not the paper cartons).  I actually use frozen milk jugs as the ice in my cooler, during long car trips. It keeps the rest of the items cold and is defrosted by the time I get here.

    Taco Meat –

    This makes a quick and easy dinner. Simply make Taco Meat as directed on the package, and stick it either a ziploc bag OR a freezer container. When you are ready to defrost just either microwave it or cook it on the stovetop to warm up.

    Mashed Potatoes –

    You may not believe me on this one – but it really is true!  Make your mashed potatoes as you normally do and place in freezer containers to freeze.  These make it very easy to take out of the freezer and heat up right in the microwave or stove top!

    Cheese –

    The key to freezing cheese is that you should shred it before you freeze it, this is how it keeps its consistency the best. You can freeze it in the bricks that it comes in, but it is hard to cut and shred when it is defrosted.


    What are some foods that you like to freeze?



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