5 Ways to get Free Toiletries Every Day of the week

Published on January 20, 2016 By Lauren

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  • One of the best ways to create some wiggle room in a budget is to cut something out entirely or to figure out how to get something for less or for free! One item people consistently pay too much for is toiletries, when you could be getting them for cheap or even for free.

    Here’s the one thing though, if you are brand loyal about toiletries, this may not be as easy for you. You still might be able to find your brand a bit cheaper, in a sample size, or with a coupon, but you are probably not looking at getting it for free all the time, it just depends. If you are ready to get some free and cheap toiletries, here are 5 things that might work for you!

    1. Embrace the tiny ones!

    Do not overlook sample sized toiletries, you can get them when you stay in hotels, you might receive them in the mail, and you can even request them. While these bottles are clearly not full sized, they can certainly add up over time. If it helps you to visualize that, start a pile or basket where you collect them and then don’t use them until that is full. Then see how long you can go using only those little bottles!

    You can even sign up to receive free sample sizes. This involves a little bit of effort on your part, as you have to keep an eye on the bloggers who post free sample alerts and then sign up, but for a few minutes of typing, you can eventually fill your tiny bottle basket!

    2. Clearance and unconventional stores

    When you are out and about shopping, make it a habit to keep an eye on the clearance sections of your favorite stores.  I personally love to scope out the 2-3 secret endcaps at Target where all the new markdowns are hidden. 99% of the time, there are shampoos there!

    If you can pair this with a sale, some coupons, or the store loyalty card/app, then you’re golden.

    You can also do this at less conventional stores. TJ Maxx often has unusual items and a huge clearance section. You never know what you can find if you take the time to peruse; sometimes department stores have toiletries and even places like Home Depot can carry cheaper tissues, sodas, etc.

    These are not toiletries, but you see my point, think outside of the box!

    (For even more bonus points, if you make a return and have store credit, or if you have earned yourself a giftcard, then you make these purchases, boom, free!)

    3. Bulk Buy

    OK, I can hear you thinking it, who has the time to sign up for samples and linger around clearance endcaps, I hear you!

    Here’s your time saver, think about a bulk buy of toiletry items. You might be able to do this at a shoppers club or on Amazon. Then you can either rock your giant bottles in the shower or use them to refill smaller bottles and distribute through your bathrooms.

    If you budget in a way that allows you to long term/bulk buy, great. If not, think about splitting this bulk buy with some likeminded friends or family members.

    A great place to bulk buy is Amazon.com. You can find some great deals and even digital coupons for them.t

    4. Make your own

    Did you know how easy and cheaply you can make your own toiletry type products? In fact, it’s probably a lot healthier for you if you do. If you already have the ingredients around your house, this can cost you very little.

    If it’s your first time using something like coconut oil, you might have a few purchases to make, but you can swap it for the toiletry money in your budget and you will never look back!

    Check out some of my favorite homemade beauty product recipes right here.

    5. Return to your couponing roots

    A lot of our readers at IATL started out here for all the couponing lessons and matchups. We have evolved a bit and so have the readers, in that sometimes you just can’t go to several stores in a week or take the time to craft the perfect matchups, we get it!

    But isn’t it so fun to once in awhile, pull out the ads, put together your list and coupons and then go snag an amazing deal! One of the things I truly still love to coupon for is my toiletries, and, given where I live, Rite Aid is the best place for me to do that, but it might look different for you!

    Instead of going full out with a couponing week, I just glance through the Rite Aid ad each week and I don’t do anything about it unless it’s completely worth it!

    I hope this has given you some great ideas for how you can work on getting your toiletries for a lot less. Then you’ll have more money to move around in your budget and do whatever is best for you with those extra funds!



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