20 Gluten Free Meals for Under $150.00 at Aldi

Published on August 4, 2014 By Lauren

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    I’ve been eating gluten free for three years and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think!  When I began creating Aldi Meal Plans, I knew I had to design a gluten-free version for those of us who struggle with our budgets due to food allergies.

    This meal plan does have items with gluten for those that don’t care, but I’ve taken special care to make sure that those items are very easily substituted for gluten-free version.

    When I first found out about the new Aldi Gluten Free Food line, I was SO excited!  The GF products were released and they quickly sold out. But since then, they are widely available at almost all ALDI stores.


    *PLEASE keep in mind that most of the products in this meal plan have been labeled with Aldi Gluten Free labels. Most of them say ‘Naturally Gluten Free’ or ‘Certified Gluten Free.’* One product used in this recipe was not labeled as gluten free is the cottage cheese.  I know that most cottage cheese brands are gluten-free but if you have Celiac you may want to get a guaranteed gluten-free cottage cheese like Daisy, Breakstone, or Knudsen.*

    *Also – keep in mind that to make this meal plan gluten-free, you will need to simply sub a few items. However, there are no products containing gluten in the prep stages of this meal plan.*

    gluten free aldi

    To make assembly as easy as possible, we have developed a new system to help you put these together in the shortest amount of time possible without completely messing up your kitchen. You will only have to touch each ingredient only once throughout the entire prep, and you also don’t even need to look at the actual recipes during prep. You just need 4 easy to follow pages of prep to prepare 20 meals!

    See what I mean here:  

    gluten free aldi

    Stick them in your freezer when you are done putting them together, then put in the slow cooker the morning you want to eat it. It really can’t be any easier!


    gluten free aldi

    If you don’t want the printable pack, no problem!  You can still do this! You just need to scroll down to see the breakdown of the ingredients listed for each recipe.

    Here are the recipes you will need – each is made twice:

    We have prepared an AWESOME printable pack for you that will make both your shopping trip and your preparation as easy as possible! It includes:

    • Detailed preparation instructions
    • Detailed shopping list organized by store section
    • All recipes
    • List of pantry items

    And here is the shopping list:

    • (2) Burmann’s BBQ Sauce, @$0.99 each
    • (1) Berryhill Honey, 12 oz, @$2.99 each
    • (1) Casa Mamita Salsa, 24 oz, @$1.69 each
    • *(1) Fusia Soy Sauce, 15 oz, @$1.19 each *SUB GLUTEN FREE SOY SAUCE*
    • (1) Clancy’s Tortilla Chips, 13 oz, @$1.19 each
    • (3) Happy Farms Cheddar Cheese, 8 oz, @$1.79 each
    • (1) Friendly Farms Sour Cream, 1 lb, @$1.29 each
    • (1) Carrots, 2 – 3 lb bag, @$1.29 each
    • (1) Onions, bag of 7-8, @$1.89 each
    • (1) Russet Potatoes, 10 lb bag, @$3.49 each
    • (1) Mini Sweet Peppers, 16 oz, @$2.99 each
    • (3) Kirkwood Chicken, fresh 2.5 lb pkage, @$6.98 each
    • (2) Chicken Drumsticks, 2.5 lb pkage, @$2.98 each
    • (2) Chuck Roast – 2 lb each, @$9.98 each
    • (2) Pork Loin, 4 lb each, @$9.96 each
    • (2) Top Sirloin Steak – 1.5 lb, @$8.99 each
    • (1) Ground Beef 90% Lean, 2.25 lb pkage, @$11.98 each
    • (2) Appleton farms Ribs, 2.25 lb, @$6.66 each
    • (1) Dakota Pride Black Beans, 15 oz can, @$0.59 each
    • (4) Happy Harvest Crushed Tomatoes, 28 oz, @$0.95 each
    • (1) Benita Flour Tortillas, 20 ct, @$1.49 each
    • (4) Happy Harvest Tomato Sauce, 8 oz, @$0.25 each
    • (1) White Rice, 5 lb, @$2.69 each
    • *(1) Pueblo Lindo Burrito Tortillas, 8 ct, @$1.49 each *SUB GLUTEN FREE TORTILLAS*
    • (2) Season’s Choice Frozen Corn, 16 oz, @$0.89 each
    • (1) Season’s Choice Frozen Peas, @$0.95 each
    • *(1) Reggano Spaghetti, 2 lb, @$1.49 each *SUB GLUTEN FREE PASTA*
    • *(1) L’oven Fresh Hamburger Buns, @$0.89 each *SUB GLUTEN FREE ROLLS OR BREAD*
    • *(1) Specially Selected Italian Bread, 16 oz, @$1.69 each *SUB GLUTEN FREE ROLLS OR BREAD*
    • (1) Garlic, jarred 7 oz, @$1.99 each



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