5 Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites *PLUS Natural Camping Spray Recipe*

Published on June 24, 2015 By Lauren

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  • how to avoid mosquito bites

    Summertime is almost synonymous with outdoor fun.  If you spend any time outside, then you’ll know that mosquitoes love summer, too.  Here are some quick tips for how to avoid bug bites this summer.

    1.) Remove Standing Water

    Mosquitoes live and breed around bodies of water.  Get rid of their habitats by dumping any water out of kiddie pools and emptying extra water from potted plants.  You should also check any low-lying areas of your yard or campsite where water could collect.  Finally, check any drains or gutters to make sure you’re not creating a breeding ground of undrained rainwater.

    2.) Avoid the Outdoors from Dusk to Dawn

    Mosquitoes are more active from sunset to sunrise.  Limiting your time outdoors during these hours will cut your risk of becoming a meal for hungry mosquitoes.  Plan your summer activities to avoid these hours and you’ll notice less mosquito activity.

    3.) Wear Long, Loose-Fitting Clothing

    If you choose to go outside during “mealtime,” covering your skin will minimize the feasting area of hungry mosquitoes.  Wear long sleeves and longer pants if you know you’ll be out during dark.  Also, by covering up with loose-fitting clothing you will prevent insects from easily piercing through your clothes to your skin directly underneath.  These clothes don’t have to be heavy.  There are many options for lightweight clothing sold at most outdoor stores that will help you stay cool and unhindered by bug bites.

    4.) Turn on a Fan

    The breeze from a fan at ground level will dissipate the human odors that attract mosquitoes.  If they can’t smell you then they won’t be able to find you as easily.  Also, since mosquitoes are weak flyers.  The breeze from a fan could prevent them from making it your direction.

    how to avoid mosquito bites

    5.) Apply Natural Insect Deterrent

    Try a natural insect deterrent to keep the pests away.  Use this easy camping spray recipe to keep mosquitoes from ruining your summer fun.


    Natural Camping Spray

    • 10 drops Purification Essential Oil
    • 3 ounces water
    • 1 ounce witch hazel

    Mix all ingredients together in a dark, glass spray bottle.  Apply generously to all exposed areas.  Make sure to test on small corner of clothing before spraying all over.


    how to avoid mosquito bites

    The reason this camping spray works is because of the citronella essential oil that is in the Purification blend.  Citronella is popularly used as an insect deterrent.  (See below for how to buy this blend at wholesale pricing.)

    So remember this quick checklist to have a safe and bug-free summer:

    1. Remove standing water so mosquitoes don’t have a home.
    2. Limit your time outdoors after the sun goes down.
    3. Cover your skin with loose-fitting clothing so the mosquitoes can’t reach you.
    4. Keep the air moving with a fan in your outdoor area.
    5. Use a natural camping spray to deter mosquitoes.

    how to avoid mosquito bites

    Here are the easy steps to buy quality essential oils at wholesale prices.

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    how to avoid mosquito bites


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