How to File a Tax Extension

Published on April 4, 2019 by Lauren

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  • This post is sponsored by H&R Block. All opinions are my own.

    It is April and you still haven’t filed your tax return yet. Are you stressed? You don’t have to be because there are options.

    In my previous post I shared the differences between H&R Block online vs. Turbo Tax, which resulted in my recommendation of H&R Block. If you are nearing the deadline of April 15th, you may want to consider the ease of using H&R Block to file your taxes.

    If you need more time you can always file an extension using the tax Form 4868. If you use an H&R Block Online filing product, they’ll ask you questions that will help you complete tax Form 4868 for you.

    Here are some things that you need to know if you file an extension:

    • You have 6 months to file your return if you request an extension. This means you will have to file by October 15, 2019.

    2.)  If you file an extension and you owe money, you must pay your taxes by the tax deadline on April 15th. If you do not pay, you’ll incur penalties. The tax extension deadline only applies to filing taxes, not paying any tax due.

    3.)  If you need more time to pay your taxes, you can request to pay in installments with an IRS installment agreement. Setting up an installment agreement can help reduce further penalties.

    • If you are getting a refund, you don’t need to worry about penalties. The earlier you file, the quicker you get your refund.

    No matter what your circumstance is, H&R Block can help you with your tax needs.

    In this tax season series I’ve talked about:

    As I wrap up this 4 part series on how to file your taxes, I want to encourage you to check out H&R Block for your tax needs.




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