How to make a diaper cake {Video Tutorial}

Published on March 13, 2015 By Lauren

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    Diaper cakes are something that I love to put together for new moms, but you may be wondering how to make a diaper cake!  Why? Because they are cute and fun to make!  No – diaper cakes are not cakes that you eat.

    I wanted to share with you how I make mine and exactly how many diapers you use to make it solid!

    If you are going to make a diaper cake, I would recommend signing up for Amazon MomHow to make a Diaper cake (you don’t have to be a mom) and order your diapers through there. You can save a lot of money, and you willl need to buy a box of 128 diapers in order to make this diaper cake work.

    Here are some tips to gifting a diaper cake:

    1.) Use size 1 or 2 diapers to create it.

    If you use newborns and the baby is born at 9 lbs, they will never fit into the newborn sized diapers and there will be no way for them to return those un-used diapers.  I usually choose size 1 to make my diaper cakes.

    2.) Pick a theme.

    This helps you come up with ideas on what kind of toys or accessories to put on the diaper cake. My personal favorite is a bath time theme.  You can add a rubby ducky to the top, replace some of the diapers with rolled up washclothes, and gift a package of bath products. This makes it a practical and cute gift.

    3.) Along with the diaper cake – gift some sort of cute basket that the diapers will fit in after the cake is taken apart.

    Some people like to keep the diaper cake assembled for a long period of time, others take it apart right away.  Give the gift of a basket so that when they take it down, they have somewhere to store the diapers. I’ve been the recipient of a few diaper cakes and always wished someone had given me a storage basket with it.

    4.) Use some sort of base to hold it all together.

    My favorite base was an old charger from goodwill. It was flat, sturdy and it was the perfect size for the bottom layer of diapers.  Best part is – it cost me only $1.00!

    To learn how to make your own – you can watch my video below where I walk you through it, step by step.

    How to make a Diaper cake


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