How to Make Money as an Instacart Shopper

Published on October 17, 2019 by Lauren

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    I love shopping as much as the next person but too much spending can derail your budget pretty quickly. Ever since I started paying off debt and learning how to budget, I haven’t spent nearly as much time shopping as I used to. That’s when I got to thinking: What if you could make money by turning your love for shopping into a couple side hustles? What about becoming an Instacart shopper? Maybe you are wondering how to make money as an instacart shopper.

    Getting paid to shop is like a dream come true for some people, and Instacart can make it happen. Instacart shoppers earn money by purchasing groceries for other households and delivering them to their door. Whether it’s a busy family who doesn’t have time to shop or someone who has trouble getting out of the house on their own, Instacart pays you to do their supermarket runs.

    It can be a full-time gig if you wanted it to be. But the schedule is flexible, so doing it on the side in your spare time is an option, too.

    Want to know more? For the inside scoop, I talked to Valencia Morton. She’s a financial coach and the CEO of Millionairess Mama who also makes money with Instacart on the side.

    Keep reading to find out if Instacart could be a great side hustle for you!

    How to Make Money as an Instacart Shopper

    Instacart is a grocery delivery service that makes it easy for people to get fresh food in their house even if they can’t make it to the store. The company hires shoppers to buy groceries for customers and pays them to shop and deliver the orders to the customers.

    Cashing in while shopping sounds like a sweet deal. As a full-service shopper, you have the flexibility to choose your own schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want – as long as someone wants their groceries shopped for and delivered, Instacart will pay you to do it.

    Valencia works from home managing her business and providing financial coaching. As a single mom, she takes full advantage of the freedom to work when it fits her schedule.

    She says, “I got debt free through side hustles. I started Instacart because I enjoy doing new side hustles and enjoy grocery shopping.”

    How to make Money as an Instacart Shopper

    Q: What do you have to do to get started? 

    A: Instacart hires shoppers that are 18 years or older and eligible to work in the U.S. You should be comfortable lifting heavier items that you might find in a grocery store, such as a case of water or bag of dog food. Because you deliver the groceries after you shop for them, you also need to have access to a vehicle.

    When Valencia applied, she had to fill out a few forms with her contact information and consent to a background check. If you’re worried about making a good impression on the hiring manager, you can relax. “There is no formal interview process,” said Valencia. “You go to orientation, pick up a shirt and lanyard, and get to work.”

    How to make Money as an Instacart Shopper

    Q: Are there any start-up costs?

    A: Luckily, there’s not much to worry about because Instacart is one of the cheapest side hustles to start making extra money on the side.

    Valencia says, “You will need to purchase insulated bags to keep customer food cold while you shop but they aren’t too costly.” 

    Instacart has insulated bags on their website that shoppers can buy but you don’t have to get it from them. Cooler bags are available at most any supermarket. 

    Q: How much does an Instacart shopper make? 

    A: Instacart shoppers can earn money right away. “On average, shoppers can make an extra $200 to $500 per week,” said Valencia. Although, herValencia’s experience has shown that the amount you make depends on the size of the order, time of day, day of the week, and the area. 

    It makes sense. Most people do their grocery shopping on the weekend so you could get more orders and more opportunities to earn cash during peak times. 

    She also says, “The bigger the batch, the more the money you make.” 

    Bonus pay is also an option but only if the customer gives you the highest rating. Every time a customer leaves you a 5-star review, you earn an extra $3.

    Instacart sends you a paycheck every week on Wednesday. There is an option to get paid instantly, but you have to pay an early cash-out fee which, Valencia said, “only costs a few cents.”

    Q: What does a typical shop look like?

    A: “Honestly, there is no typical shop. They are ALL different,” said Valencia. “You can do a delivery-only order where someone else does the shopping and you pop into the store and grab the bags. Or you can do the full-shopper experience which is doing the shopping PLUS delivery.”

    How to make Money as an Instacart Shopper

    Q: What tips would you give someone looking to start a side hustle with Instacart?

    A: Valencia has been shopping with Instacart for a few months. Her advice to you is, “Don’t get overwhelmed! It might seem like a lot of work but by job number two you will be like an old pro.”

    She also recommends having reliable childcare so you don’t worry about your children while you’re shopping and delivering your orders.

    Valencia enjoys working for Instacart and says, “You can make as much money as you want plus pick your own hours. It’s a great hustle!”

    Like any other side hustle your income with vary per week, but if you keep consistent you can earn a lot of extra cash! You can sign up to be an Instacart Shopper here.


  • Zero chance she has done this recently. Tips are low to nonexistent, per batch pay is garbage since they lowered shopper pay. Most batches are $7-9, usually about 12ish miles total and for around 25-30 items (if you above average in speed, it’s a minute per item). Tips average about zero to $3. It’s a trash hustle.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. A friend of mine just made $30 at a single shop, it really does depend on a lot of factors. I have a couple friends that do very well with it.

      • Been at it 3 years. It’s complete garbage now. 90% of the orders pay below minimum wage when you account the time, gas and taxes. There are big orders but way way way less than there used to be because of awful hiring practices. They don’t vet employees, train or give them a heads up on needing a cart. So because of the massive over hiring to cut cost and make people desperate for any orders the quality of service plummeted.

      • Yes, there are different factors that play into payment, but Instacart is still ripping off their shoppers. Two years ago, shoppers were making 3x what I make. They are screwing shoppers and customers alike. The customer doesn’t even realize the markup on products and they are made to believe the service fee goes to the shoppers, which it DOES NOT!

      • To get an order that pays well, chances are few…’s pure luck to get something worth taking. I don’t know who you are or where you are from, or even how long you have been shopping, But boasting about working with IC is truly an embarrassment these days. There is nothing to be proud of. And sending people to IC so you can get a referral credit is the lamest thing you can do – its already oversaturated. If you have been a shopper for more than 6months to a year – you would know all the hell it has become. Ask the people who have been sticking it out over the years – not some blinded newbie.

      • Thank You for keeping It [email protected] .Instacart is ripping off the shopper and customers. You sitting idle for hours with no batch and when you get one $5-$7 for items21 or more and no tips .It’s even worse when you working in the country driving 15 to 19 miles to dropped off. Yes I live in Houston, TX.. Don’t said you can make a lot money in instacart. Even the liquor batch are not paying off. Buying $100 to$ 300 orders and $2. tips. That’s Suck. .If you get a $30-40 batch it’s for a less 3 orders and someone’s is not tips on the orders. Sam and Costco are worst orders because they are bulking orders and very low pay with no tips.

      • i agree I’ve been doing it for a month now and after gas and taxes my net is about 11-12$ per hour It’s a lot of wear and tear on your car and very frustrating when you’ve been shopping for a large order you get up to the checkout and your card doesn’t work. I’ve had to put other people food and liquor on my personal cc 3 times and have yet to be reimbursed. hope I don’t have to take them to court. If I didn’t pay for them myself I would have driven to the store and worked for 90 minutes for free. I’ve always liked shopping but this is not fun, it’s work and there’s no one from instacart that you can call to help you if you get in a bind. Apparantly I had a customer trying to get their delivery for free as they contacted instacart and said it never got delivered. Instacart took the customers side immediately and threatened to fire me. I said tell me which delivery it was and in 15 seconds I will tell you what they looked like and what their house and porch looked like. I had 1/2 killed myself and did 8 orders that day in 9 hours and made $152.00. very aggravating. Only doing this until everything opens up and I can go back to my real job. Ha instacart will make you appreciate other jobs. I hate it but need to make ends meet so have no choice during this quaratneen as I’ve been furloughed for 10 weeks now and my savings is gone n my ex wont pay child support until he’s back to work ugh

    • I agree! I shopped for INSTACART for about 4 years. I barely make enough to pay for my gas. It’s nice if you need a couple extra bucks, just don’t expect it to be an answer to money problems. In fact I have to deliver for UBEREats just to recoup my losses.

      • Yes keeping it Real!!! Instacart is not what it’s used be.They over hired and dropped the price on the batch..Doubled charge the Customers.

      • HOLD UP…..I did LOVE this job…I was even a Mentor for shopers…..if you LOVE this job, you must be fairly new, under 6 months…..I can show you over 10K that loved what they do, but no longer love the job.

      • They are upset because they were making money with it and now they aren’t. I totally understand that the company needs to fix these problems. They shouldn’t have to get another job. That is the problem. Companies like this get people excited and they like their job and then they take the goodness from it. That isn’t cool.

    • Instacart is not looking out for thier shoppers or customers. They have shady practices, no transparency and since the market is so oversaturated, you will be lucky to make what instacart says you will. Every market is different. In my market I used to bring in good money, but since summer it has been $7 no tip batch offers. I would say look somewhere else if you are looking to make money consistently.

    • Not sure what area you are shopping in. This past weekend I had 2 separate orders and each tipped me $26. That is on the high side. My average tips are $6-$12. You don’t have to accept a job that has no tip and you can pick and choose how far you are willing to drive.

      • Thank you for your comment. I’m looking to get back to work after this pandemic and was really hoping for something like Instacart to be my saving grace. I’m not sure if this thread is mainly people who are just negative or had negative experiences. But to see a positive post and newly dated makes me feel a tiny bit more optimistic. It’s either this or something like Grub Hub!

      • So you know what your tip will be before you accept the order? And what happens if your card doesn’t work at check out? I can’t put it on my credit card and not get reimbursed that would be awful

  • Each shop is an hour or more…if your willing to do this full time you maymake the kind of money your talking.

    • You blogged about how easy and great it is, but you left out reality. The company expects its shoppers, who are independent contractors, to act like employees. They are being sued all over the US for doing this. After the expenses the shopper has to pay out of their own pocket, many hours are paid less than state minimum wage. They’ve been caught stealing shoppers’ tips multiple times and they always blame it on a glitch. Finally, they’ve overhired so many markets, many shoppers find themselves unable to get any scheduled hours; and when they do, they find themselves sitting idle for hours, only to be offered a shop for $7 that will easily take an hour to shop and deliver.

  • Instacart is what you make it just like anything else. You get back what you put into it. I work Instacart like a full time job. I schedule my hours around taking my kids to school and picking them up. I work an average of 40 to 50 hours a week depending on what I have to do and just last week, working 43 hours made $1300.00. I do get a few $7 to $9 dollar batches. Some little to no tip but it comes with the territory. I love Instacarting but that’s just me.

      • It’s not about race, it’s about the effort you put into it just like anything else. I’m a black female over the age of 50 and I do very well on Instacart every week. Seriously. Treat it like a full time job or full time hustle and get your money.

  • Apparently someone forgot to mention you are a 1099 so during taxes season you might be paying double the amount even if you track all your miles and other expenses that come before ‘net income’

  • Brian is exactly right. I’ve been with Instacart for 2 years now. After sitting in a dark red zone for 20 minutes, I noticed shoppers going in, and coming out with bags(Deliver only orders). I called customer service, and finally got a American that I can understand. I told him my concerns, and he asked me how long I’ve been doing Instacart.I told him, he said we give new shoppers more batches in order for them to get used to how things go.
    What happens to the vets???? He was like oh well….

    • The likely reason that you didn’t get more orders were because of all the complaints you recieved about your body order adhering to the customers food.

      Keith Richard’s for President

  • Check out my tweets about what it’s REALLY like shopping for Instacart.


    This toxic hustle culture is a scam.

  • It is a fun side hustle. I love grocery shopping so it was a good fit for me. I’m pulling 300-375 working a few days a week. Not every order is worth taking for sure but there are enough decent orders that I’m averaging 20-22 an hour. Not bad for a bit on the side.

    • I was in the transportation business for 12 years and let me tell you that even if your taking in .58 cents a mile plus $12 dollars an hour then after taxes you are only making minimum wage. The government does not give you 58 cents a mile as a tax write off for nothing. You have to ask yourself if this is so lucrative why doesn’t instacart pay you 58 cents a mile plus a living wage of at least $12 an hour? So if they cant make money that way how are you supposed to. Taxes eat up at least 20% of what you make.

      • Henry, I’m thinking of joining IC to be a shopper. You replied in March 2020. It’s now July 2020. Is it worth my time to supplement my income. I’m retired

  • I have been doing gig work for over a year, I haven’t made over $200 in a week in 6 months. So that is totally not true at all! Instacart has gotten absolutely horrible over the past year. Stealing tips, lowering pay and over hiring all zones, and things like this do not help us at all! Telling people “how great it is!” Its not great. Check out the Instacart National Facebook page, or the Pay Up Campaign and Working Washimgton. Instacart is a trash company. Please do some research and just because a few people tell you other wise doesnt make it true. Too many shoppers dont even understand how to take into account taxes and expenses when figuring out exactly how much they make. I really dont enjoy seeing articles like this, because there is so much left unsaid. Maybe next time share how Instacart steals and undermines shoppers. How they use them to deliver batches for $7 and 10 miles. How they treat us as employees yet say we are independent contractors so they can get around a bunch of laws and not pay taxes. Instacart is disgusting and anyone who doesnt see that truly needs to take a deeper look.

  • Unfortunately someone that has only been shopping “for a few months” can’t really give a true evaluation of Instacart. The pay on most orders, not including the tip, is generally less than minimum wage and it continues to decrease weekly. The company is also known to skim the tips and the shopper help line has been outsourced to an overseas company that does not train their call center employees very well. What was once a wonderful side gig has turned into a very sad affair.

  • Instacart used to be great! Now the pay sucks and the tips are cut. Instacart is yet another greedy company that’s taking advantage of people while they make millions

  • I used to make $300-500 a week just working 2-3 days a week for about 4 hrs a day. Now I have to be on duty all day for 6 days to make that much. Good paying batches are far and few between now! I would encourage you to look up the “Pay up Campaign” on FB. It’s not just IC that is lowering pay…most gig companies are. After taking into consideration taxes, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs most of us are making less than minimum wage.

  • We are going on strike November 3-5 because of low pay and the low default tips Instacart sets when people order. They also lable us as drivers when we shop and deliver. Our markets are overrated with shoppers. They hook new folks in that accept $7.00 to complete batches that take an hour. Stop writing articles based on lies. We’re being taken advantage of and you are part of the problem.

  • Your source is an individual who has been shopping part time for maybe a couple of months. Perhaps it would behoove you to speak with someone with more experience. The truth of the matter is that most shoppers are earning less than minimum wage. It is extremely irresponsible to promote this gig without doing adequate due diligence. For instance, are you aware Instacart is being sued in multiple court’s for its poor treatment of shoppers?

  • Hey Lauren! I’m actually one of your subscribers. I’m also an Instacart shopper. The money is not anywhere near as good as you’re promoting. Are you just posting this because Instacart is paying you? There’s actually a strike planned because IC workers are getting ripped off.

    • Deanna, I actually have a few friends that shop for Instacart and they love it. I honestly thought it would be a great article to write for people that need a little extra cash. Interviewing a current shopper was another person. I still believe that it is a great company that can provide you extra money and was not paid for writing this.

  • people who are complaining are best to look for other work. there are people who enjoy this type of job and who see this as a positive way to help others. I’m happy when i see the customer is happy and satisfied.

  • People starting IC these days are delusional. It is NOT what it used to be, and never will be. $7 orders run rampant no matter if it’s 5 items or 50. You are no longer paid fairly for the work you do. I used to LOVE doing this job, still love the concept. However, I know my worth and will not lower myself to what it has become.

  • I work for Instacart in a big city. I do it weekends only to supplement my other job. Weekends are always busy shopping time. I agree with the people that say tips are lousy. I hate apartment orders. They order a lot of stuff and they don’t tip at all after you have gone up multiple flights of stairs with their cases of water and multiple bags. I will put up to 50 to 70 miles on my vehicle with deliveries and only make 30 to 40 dollars but I only do it for 2 hours a day if I can even get the hours.

  • I have been IC shopper since 7/2018. I am working twice as many hours to shop the approximately amount of batches and I am make less than I was making a year ago. The pay has been decreased dramatically and the zones are flooded with too many shoppers. I am in the Chicago suburban area where we are busy, but the zones are over saturated with shoppers taking $7 orders changing the algorithm to keep paying low amounts.

      • Lauren-
        That’s because your friend has only been working a few months. Wait until shes been doing this a while then interview her again. Newbies get priority orders. In a few more months she will tell you she’s been sitting for hours without an order. I’ve gotten nothing on my shift before and then on demand orders are there when my shift ends…why wasn’t I sent those? I feel like you won’t take down this article because you put a lot of effort and time into it, and that’s okay, but I do suggest editing it with important information, such as the company is being sued in multiple states and that after figuring in expenses and taxes you may not be making minimum wage.

  • Forgot to mention that they steal tips (and have admitted doing so 2-3 times) and when the get caught they blame it on a “glitch”

  • Lauren,
    I shopped for IC from Aug 2018- March 2019, I started when they were paying in my zone 7-12 dollars per batch plus a 40 cents per item commission. I would regularly make 25 dollars an hour when I got orders. In Dec 2018 they changed the pay structure, took away the commission and started paying based on some black magic formula. I kept shopping, but saw My pay decrease to closer to 16 dollars an hour.

    Then in March they once again changed the pay structure. Guaranteed at least 7 dollars for a batch, but part of the guarantee is mileage. So that 7 bucks is misleading. It’s 5 miles to the customer you get 3.00 for that, and the remaining 4 is to shop for the items. So yeah 7 bucks plus tip (if you get one). But you’re going to spend 45 minutes to earn that 4 bucks.

    Sorry my time is worth a lot more than that. IC is not transparent, no idea how they calculate what each batch is worth, if we knew that it might become something that makes sense. Customers think shoppers get far more than we do, and IC wants it that way, since ic is pocketing most of that cash.

  • Well, I was debating about beginning to work with instacart, but after reading these reviews I’m really confused. Pretty much all of these reviews are older except one and they’re about all negative. Does anyone have experience working for instacart recently? I had thought it would be a great job to make some extra money, but now I’m thinking it will be a waste of time. I’m unable to pay for groceries up front, with my own money, since that’s why I need this job. Will I be expected to pay with my own money!

    • I have of mine who works for instacart an loves it. I think that people were upset with Instacart and many of the people who were shoppers were staging a strike because of their unhappiness. I have a couple friends who picked this up once they lost their jobs this month and it has been a life saver to them! Don’t trust all the negative out there. My neighbor made $40 in one shop yesterday!

    • Hi Melanie. I was wondering the same exact thing. All of these comments were from October and when they first started each of them liked InstaCart. I am wondering what happened at that time. Did you ever sign up for it??? I really want something I can do with my kids so I don’t have to pay a daycare more than I make while I work. I am in a medium sized town that is fairly spaced out. We are mostly still in lock-down and I know a lot of people are trying not to go out at all right now.

      • It’s my understanding you can NOT have passengers in the car with you. Because I considered it thinking I could bring my daughter along, and found out that is NOT allowed.

  • Hello Lauren, I have MULTIPLE friends that are doing awesome with Instacart. They are making more than their regular job!

    Maybe this all negativity is for you not to tell so many people or like me that I was searching on starting to do it and found your blog. So now I guess I hate it too… LOL

    I’m going based on the experiences of my closes friends that are doing great!

    • Gena – thank you for the comment 🙂 I guess there are shoppers that started at the beginning that were angry, but I have so many friends who are making great money!

      • Hi, I am a Insta-Cart user! Sorry I had to reply. I read a ton of your answers, and Others Replies. I will tell you my experiences. I tip what Insta-Cart recommends on my orders, However it gives us the Option to increase the tip at the end of the entire process. If my shopper interacts with me, ask about replacements, and makes suggestions, based on what the store has instock, and has a nice disposition, I always increase the tip, as I have been told by shoppers, and people that have brought groceries to my vehicle at the store, that they are not allowed to accept tips. When I have had groceries delivered to my home approx 3 miles from the grocery store, I attemped to tip as well and was told that my tip was included in the fee. So Im asking this, when I increase the suggested tip does my shopper, and delivery person reccieve the increased tip, Oh and I always rate the shopper and delivery which is most of the time the same person in my case! So the most important is how the person doing my shop and delivery acts about the shop. I say this as sometimes my experience is horrible and many things are refunded so that I get about 1 third of the order I originally placed, which is upsetting to me. So its what the shopper puts into it, that determines what they make. If you act like you care, you get a nice tip from me atleast that is how I feel about the whole thing with using Insta-Cart! So Lauren Thank You, for sounding so enthused about completing the Shops and Deliveries, I am sure that you do very well. You sound like a person that loves what they do, and reap the rewards of going out of your way for the people you shop for. Just a little about me. I am an older disabled person that actually has to use something like Insta-Cart, due to a tragic live changing accident beyond my control, I am unable to do many things I was once capable of doing myself. I love getting a shopper like you, rather than one that is very unhappy with what they do and it shows in the entire experience! You get back what you put into it. I also realize that some people rely on tips and should be rewarded if they earn it, atitude counts!! Thanks, I hope this comment helps everyone understand the other side of the experience! Sometimes it all depends on the person you shop for as well I guess. I try to make it as easy on my shopper, It is hard shopping for others, a little kindness, and compliment from us goes a long way as well. It makes your experienc/service worth while, on both sides!

  • HI there,
    Someone asked above if you pay for the groceries with your own money and then get reimbursed? That’s not the case is it?

  • I have a girl shopping right now for me… I had 34 items. first message from her came at 2 18 pm, it is now 4 25 and she still isn’t done and I do not understand that at all, Plus apples from one side of store go into cart, then eggs from the other side, then two of my ice creams and none of the other frozen food, back over to the deli side… I just don’t understand, If I could go, 73 and quarantined ugh, I was always in and out with that basic list in a half hour… so how is she making any money??? Plus it’s driving me nuts.

    • replying to my own above remark. She just finished. 4:40 pm. I live 8 mins from the grocery store. I don’t understand not getting all the frozen food at the end, instead of back and forth, and like my ice cream, fourth and fifth things into my cart. Last was bread.. Do they shop for more than one person at a time? That would explain the two plus hours, but to sit and go through the messaging of approve or refund, etc.. . I don’t know… just a very long time.. Now to wait for delivery and then disinfect all items etc.. LOL guess I’m just a cranky old lady., stuck in the house…. haha but not haha

      • I’ve had more good experiences than bad when ordering my groceries….it especially improved after I stopped letting the shopper “Replace” a product that is out of stock, because I found shoppers would Lie, saying that a product was out of stock when it wasn’t just so they could choose the More Expensive item, which adds to their ‘tip’. Ex: I ordered butter for 2.39 and a replacement for 3.99…..she texted me that Both were out of stock and wanted to replace it with butter that cost 6. 59, when I said No Thank you….she Magically found the 3.99 one. Now I check the “Do Not Replace” on Every item I order. Also Check Your Credit Card Statement, because IC’s charges are all shown separately and Many times the charges have added up to More than the overall ending amount including the ‘extra’ tip I add. I would like to ask…..Would shoppers prefer a cash tip at the door or the tip added on during the ‘review’? How can I, as a customer, make my shoppers experience better or easier?

  • I’ve been ordering groceries using Instacart since Mar and deliveries have been prompt & accurate. I’m upset hearing that the company steals the tips because I always make sure to give a good one, 20-25%. My way to help at this terrible time when so many have lost their jobs. I’m going to send them an email about this. Any Instacart shoppers reading this now? Do they steal or cut your tips?? I gave her $20 today when I ordered online. Sure hope she got it!!

    • Peggy,

      Keep on leaving those great tips, we really appreciate it!!! Despite much of the negativity in the comments here, InstaCart shopping can be quite lucrative for those who treat it like a full time job and put in the effort. I’m able to make an average of $200 – $250 per 10 hour day (gross), which isn’t bad for a side gig!


  • I just started Instacart and it is hit or miss, my first order on a Thursday morning paid 17.00 and than had a 28.00 tip. I did an order today that paid 8.99 and no tip, 20 minutes after I delivered the order, the customer updated the tip to reflect a 20.00 tip. You never know what you are in for but it seems ok for a side gig. I work retail and in a school and started this since schools closed for the year where I live. I couldn’t see this working as an only source of income.

  • Well, with all the negative responses I am still going to do it and with all the complaining…. Where is the loyalty to your employer?!!! That’s a damned shame…

    • We must remember that employees are human beings and expect loyalty and respect as well. When an employee works, an employer is suppose to pay them.
      Shouldn’t the employer display loyalty towards his workers as well? If not, then you’re right– it is a damned shame. Peace.

  • I was seriously thinking about trying IC as shopper and deliverer. However, after reading all of the feedback, I’m no longer interested. So many negative comments and everyone says the (exact) same negative things about IC. They all can’t be lying! If so, then I wonder why? Those of you that are satisfied with IC’s performance, I suggest you stay. Those that are dissatisfied, I suggest you leave. As for me, NAH!

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