How to Make Money at Home

Published on November 17, 2016 by Lauren

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  • Have you been wondering how to make money at home? Times have changed. The internet has brought the marketplace right into your own house. There are so many avenues available to us to make extra cash, or start a second career right from home! Believe me, I’ve got some awesome tips, and with so many options, at least one will be right up your alley. Not all of these will play to your strengths, but some will. Find what works for you and go for it!

    how to make money at home

    How to Make Money at Home

    1. Become a Survey Site Guru

    Several years ago when I needed to know how to make money at home, this is where I got started. And I still LOVE survey sites. There’s a reason for that – IT’S FREE MONEY. Most people can spare a few minutes while they’re watching TV at the end of the night. Why not multitask and make some money during commercials?!

    how to make money at home

    Some of these survey sites will work better for your lifestyle and schedule than others, so look at a few of them (or all of them) and make some money!

    My favorite ones?

    • Opinion Outpost – easy to get approved for surveys, signing up is a snap.
    • Swagbucks – not only do they have surveys, but there are games, a search engine, and you can use it as a portal to shop through and get discounts plus points towards gift cards!
    • NCP – get paid to grocery shop!

    how to make money at home

    2. Reselling – others’ trash is your treasure

    I’ve spent time doing reselling myself, and I’ve talk to the experts about reselling. This can be a very lucrative career, or just a side job to bring in a little extra for your family. If you don’t know, reselling is simply buying items at a discount from thrift stores, yard sales, clearance racks, or other places, and selling them at a profit. You’d be surprised how much some things are worth!

    You’d also be surprised how much brand-new stuff you can find at thrift stores – with the tags still on it! eBay and Amazon are great options for reselling, but don’t forget about local options like Craigslist and Facebook. For larger items, or for quick turnaround (with no fees) these could be awesome options as you learn how to make money at home.

    3. eCommerce – think globally

    Many people can feel like moving out of reselling and into full-on eCommerce though things like Amazon FBA is like going to the next level. This can be the case, but it really comes down to what works for you. Sourcing products from overseas in large quantities or large up-front initial investment isn’t for everyone.

    Sometimes finances are tight, sometimes it is just flat out overwhelming. For many, though, it is a great opportunity and an awesome option. If this area intrigues you, I spent some time talking with an eCommerce veteran, Steve Chou of He can really shed light on some of the mystery behind eCommerce ventures.

    how to make money at home

    4. Become a Freelance Writer

    Do you have any writing skills? Maybe a college degree that you haven’t been able to put to use recently (or at all)? There are so many opportunities to do a little writing on the side. Some people have built whole careers around it. But don’t let that scare you off. If you don’t have that much time, you can just treat it like a side hustle.

    Everyone starts somewhere, so start small. See what you can handle, and then build it if your capacity grows. My friend, Holly (who makes over $200,000 a year writing), gives some awesome tips on how to get going and make money writing.

    In fact, she has an online course where she teaches everything she knows. I’m personally taking it and have secured several paid writing gigs! If you need to know how to make money at home AND you love to write, this can be a GREAT option.

    how to make money at home

    5. Sell handmade crafts

    When you want to make money at home, why not make something to sell? has made it possible for so many people to sell cute and beautiful handmade items that you can find nowhere else! I know so many stay at home moms that make money by putting their cute and creative ideas to good use. Think about it, even if you can make enough just to cover Christmas gifts for the year, would that not be a huge win?! Or try to get involved in a local craft show.

    Amazon has also recently started a handmade section on their website. You have to apply and be accepted to become a handmade at Amazon seller. And their fee structure is quite different than But who knows. The payoff could be that much more.

    how to make money at home

    6. Cash in with your Receipts

    If you have a smartphone, there are tons of ways to cash in on items you were already buying. There are about 7 apps that are my favorites because they are easy to use and have decent rewards. Some of them you really just take a picture of your receipts and you get points you can redeem for gift cards, entries into their sweepstakes, or other stuff. Jus from taking pics of your store receipts. It doesn’t get much easier than that folks. Check out my favorite apps here if you’re in the mood for free money.

    7. Think outside the box – Other creative Side hustles

    You would be astounded at how many side hustles you can do that actually make money. Stuff you would have never thought of. Digging for worms, becoming a mystery shopper, a product demonstrator, delivering coffee, making resources for teachers. The list goes on and on. Get your gears turning!

    If you want to know how make money at home, you can do it! Give it a shot!


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  • So true! Thinking outside the box, I love it! Great opportunities are created. Thanks for sharing Lauren, and providing real value!

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