How to Potty Train in a Day

Published on November 20, 2015 By Lauren

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  • How to Potty Train in a Day

    Potty training… the thing that makes you question your sanity, yet gives you so much joy! I am in the middle of potty training the youngest of my four children this week. I have no idea why I decided to do this a few weeks after daylight savings time. If I could go back in time I would slap myself across the face, and say that it was a crazy idea!

    Anyway, I knew that once I started on Monday, I couldn’t go back.  You may be wondering how do I do this  – how to Potty Train in a Day?

    Common questions I’ve heard are – “How do I know if my child is ready?” I think the bigger question is – “Are you ready?”

    Potty training, at least for me, depends on my attitude and desire to succeed more than the desire of the child. Children follow your lead, and if you start potty training scared and intimidated, most likely they will act the same way. So my biggest tip for moms who are potty training is to pump yourself up to the point where NO MATTER WHAT you will not quit training that child!  THAT, I think, is what makes a child successfully potty train.

    I wanted to take a break from my normal money saving ideas, and give you some mommy tips. Today I will walk you thought how I’ve successfully potty trained my four children.

    First, do NOT put your child in underwear or any diapers the first few days. I keep my kids undressed from the waist down for 3 days straight; we do not go anywhere or have anyone over. That is my time to focus 100% on the child that is training (or as much as I can.)  Now remember, I have 3 other kids in the house but they are off to school during the day. Things are crazy BUT I am determined to not give up!

    I also think that putting kids in diapers in between potty trips, gives them mixed messages. Do you want them to go on the potty or not? They are confused… and you probably are too.

    Just realize that your floor is going to get peed or pooped on, and be okay with that, because it is not going to be forever. I always rent a Rug Doctor the day after we are done – that way I am mentally prepared to note care about the mess.

    You can get the supplies you need to clean it up before you start potty training.

    1. Potty chair
    2. Different kinds of juice that the child can choose from.
    3. Buy some sort of candy, or treat for the child. (my youngest loved Almonds)
    4. Buy stickers and print out this Huggies Pull-Ups® Training Pants Sticker chart.  Sorry – they removed this printable 🙁
    5. A Doll to help them teach to go potty.
    6. Consider buying some Baby Legwarmers if you are potty training during the colder months. This helps keep their legs warm since they will not have pants on for a few days.
    7. Buy Huggies Pull-Ups® Training Pants with a character that they love (she is wearing Doc McStuffins right now.) They also have ones with Cool-Alert, a great feature to help them notice the urge to go to the bathroom.
    8. Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner (I use this on the mattress if they have an accident, and also on any heavy stains on the carpet)
    9. A Rug Doctor Rental (for after they are done)

    Once I have picked the day that I am going to start, I get really excited because I want my child to be excited! I usually wrap the potty chair in wrapping paper like a present, and give it to them in the morning and make a HUGE fuss about it!  I get the older kids to encourage that child too.

    Once the potty seat is unwrapped, the diaper comes off and NEVER goes back on.

    YES, it is scary.

    What if they don’t do well?

    What if I can’t get them to obey?

    What if… what if… we have all been there, and it is a scary move to say bye-bye to the diapers. I usually just tell them that they are not a baby anymore and they are now a big kid, so they don’t need them.

    For the first training day, here are a few things that you should do:

    1. Your child can have as much juice and candy as they want this day… THIS ONE DAY ONLY! When they wake up in the morning, give them juice. And then keep giving them juice. Why? Because you want for them to have plenty of opportunity to ‘practice’. This will be the day they have accidents and mistakes, which encourages them to try again.
    2. I give them a treat every time they sit on the potty (I usually use M&M’s or Chocolate chips), and they get 1 every time they pee/poop on the potty, and also a sticker on their sticker chart. This happens all day long, I usually have them watch a movie that they want to watch (while sitting on the potty chair).
    3. Our talk is centered around the potty all day, we taught her Dolly how to go, her teddy bears got a turn to learn. It was really fun!

    Eventually something will come out, and I plan on having it come out while they are sitting and just watching TV or reading a book.  I typically have the potty chair in the living room on top of towels. At nap time and nighttime they can wear their ‘Night Night underwear’ AKA – a Pull-Ups® Training Pants.  I chose the ones Nighttime ones because they seem to work the best.

    How to Potty Train in a Day

    I try to let them go a naptime with just underwear on. I have this awesome Rug Doctor Portable Spot cleaner which is a powerful, versatile soft-surface cleaning machine that will easily clean the mattress, carpets and upholstery. I cleaned up a mess from the other day, check out the before and after pictures above. The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner retails for $129.99 and is available at national retailers like Walmart, and many more retail stores. Honestly, it is my absolute favorite cleaning tool I own! Can you see that dirty water? EWWW – I am so thankful that it cleans so well!

    This day is supposed to be fun, and whenever Abby went on the potty today I FREAKED OUT!  Like totally, I hope no one is watching me, FREAK OUT! She has done so well today with 3 successful potty trips and ZERO accidents. I was jumping up and down, lifting her up and spinning in circles, singing, clapping, and dancing. I want her to feel SO proud of herself, and she has been!

    Another thing to take note – do NOT scold your child when they have an accident. It is bound to happen, so I just encourage them that it is okay and they will do better next time. This helps them keep focused on the task and still encouraged that they are doing a great job!

    How to Potty Train in a Day

    Once we are fully potty trained, I rent a Rug Doctor and clean the carpet where I put her potty chair in the living room. The Rug Doctor is a professional-grade deep cleaning machine, and the rental cost is $29.99 depending on the store. You can rent one at over 30,000 locations, so I am sure you will be able to find one in your area.

    It usually takes me about a day for them to understand the concept, and about 3-4 days until I take them out in public. I always have a change of clothes with me, and ask them often if they have to go to the bathroom.

    Remember, you are successful at potty training your child when you are not afraid of them making messes. You have to just realize it is going to happen, and plan accordingly.

    I know many of you have successfully potty trained your children, so what tips do you have for successfully potty training your children without Fear?

    How to Potty Train in a Day

    This post is a part of a Rug Doctor influencer campaign. All posts and opinions are my own.


  • I would love to know what you do at night? Are they not going to miss out an a whole night of sleep wetting themselves a bunch of times? Also, did Abby learn to wait through the night without going on the potty?

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