How to Save on Electric Bill – Easy Changes for HUGE Savings!

Published on November 21, 2019 by Lauren

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  • With so many fun ways to spend your money, the last thing you want to do is waste it on an overpriced electric or gas bill. Think about it: If you could spend less on your electric bill, what would you do with that extra money? Today we are going to talk about how to save on electric bill and gas bills.

    You might think about paying down debt using this debt payoff method, maximizing your retirement contributions, or putting a little extra toward that vacation you been saving for.

    Finding ways to save on your electric bill is easy if you know where to start. Luckily, I’ve got a list of the best ways to save on utilities.

    how to save on electric bill

    How to Save on Electric Bill:

    1.) Take advantage of the sun.

    The sun is an excellent source of natural heat. To take advantage of the sun, find out which sides of your house face the sun according to the time of day and open window shades and curtains. When the sun shines through open windows, your home will absorb the natural heat and reduce your gas bill.

    2.) Wear extra layers of clothes.

    If you add an extra layer or two of clothes, you can set your thermostat lower than usual. Pull out the sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, and blankets to keep warm while enjoying the savings from keeping the temperature down in your house.

    3.) Avoid heating rooms you don’t use.

    Shut the door to rooms you’re not using and consider closing the vents in those rooms, too. You’ll cut costs because you won’t be using energy to heat empty rooms. Instead, that heat can be redistributed to the other parts of your home where you spend the most time.

    4.) Cash in on a smart thermostat.

    If you think any ol’ thermostat will do, you’d be wrong. A smart thermostat can save you tons on your heating bill – up to $180 per year. The Nest Thermostat, in particular, learns your habits and creates the perfect schedule so you don’t waste gas while you’re away from home.

    5.) Look at your ductwork.

    Leaky ductwork can make your furnace work harder than it should to keep your home warm and toasty. Take a look at your ducts to improve the efficiency of your heat and keep your house warm for less money.

    You should also consider getting your ducts cleaned by a company like Sears. It will only cost you a couple hundred dollars and your furnace will run so much more efficiently!

    6.) Save by switching to clean energy.

    Believe it or not, renewable energy can cut down on your home heating costs. You’ll save money and the environment at the same time when you switch to clean energy with Arcadia Power. With Arcadia’s free plan, you get 50% of your energy from renewable sources.

    7.) Use less water.

    The typical household spends most of its energy heating water. In addition to lowering the thermostat on your gas hot water system, opt to take showers over baths because they use less water. Also, save on doing laundry by only doing full loads, and using economy mode when using your dishwasher to use less water.

    8.) Buy energy-efficient appliances.

    It’s not every day that you buy a new appliance. But if you’re in the market for a new one, invest in an energy-efficient or Energy-Star model. Not only will newer models use less gas, but you can also find tax exemptions to save you even more.

    9.) Air dry your clothes.

    The dryer is truly a great invention. But have you thought about how much gas you could save by skipping it altogether? Air drying your clothes isn’t as awful as it sounds. In the summer, hang your clothes outside to give them a fresh scent. Hang them in the house on a drying rack to help you keep costs down during the winter months.

    10.) Reduce drafts with weatherstrips.

    Install weatherstrips around doors to stop the cold air from coming in and the hot air from going out. Invest in insulation pads to use with your electrical outlets to keep the cold air out, too. For drafty windows, consider covering them with plastic to insulate your rooms and reduce your heating costs.

    11.) Use a ceiling fan.

    Everyone knows that hot air rises, which is why a ceiling fan can help slash your gas bill. This is a trick that works in the summer, too. Turn your ceiling fans on to circulate air throughout your home for more even heating.

    12.) Check the temperature on your fridge and freezer.

    Lowering the temperature on your refrigerator and freezer can still keep your food fresh while using less energy. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the perfect temperature for your fridge is at or below 40 degrees while your freezer should be set at 0 degrees.

    13.) Use dryer balls to decrease drying time.

    If you have a gas dryer, cutting down on the drying time can add up to big savings. Wool balls are an inexpensive way to decrease the amount of time it takes for your clothes to dry. They also soften your clothes, which means you can save even more by skipping fabric softener.

    You might not think twice about paying your gas bill, especially if you use the autopay feature. But making a few changes can significantly reduce your gas bill. And the less you spend on that, the more money you’ll have for the fun things in life.




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