How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

Published on October 31, 2020 by Lauren

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  • As you start setting up your Black Friday Budget, JCPenney is a store you don’t want to miss! Even though many of their stores have been closing down across the nation, there are still thousands open.

    I have one of the rare stand alone stores (not on a shopping mall) in my home town, which I shop at every single Black Friday. If you are wondering how to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday, this post is going to be SO helpful for you! I find the best deals AND they are great quality. Let’s get into the detail on how to tackle this store like a pro on this wonderful holiday!

    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday:

    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

    1.) Get the JCPenney Black Friday ad.

    Their ad usually comes out the first week of November, but there is already an ad leak out now. You can wait to get it on the JCPenney website or you can get it on the Flipp App. I prefer to watch for it on the Flipp app because then I can add the items that I want to my digital shopping list and search the other Black Friday ads inside the app to make sure it really is a great deal.

    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

    2. Shop in store if you want a $10, $100 or $500 off mystery coupon.

    This is new this year!  If you don’t think you’ll be the first through the doors, skip shopping in store and shop online instead. The deals are the same online as they are in the store + you can shop and get cash back. The mystery coupons are good for in-store purchases only, so keep that in mind.

    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

    3. Look for deals on Cuisinart, Pyrex, cookware sets and small appliances.

    This is a good time of year to purchase that cookware or knife set that you have been looking at all year.

    I like to get my mini chopper that I use to chop the onions for my Aldi Meal Plans on Black Friday.


    4.) Grab all the Bath Towels (well not all of them, but get some!)

    JCP Home Expressions bath towels and bedding are amazing. In 2019 their bath towels were $2.99, which is a steal! Their bedding sets started at  just $19.00 and any size sherpa comforters were only $34.00! This is the time of year that I replace all of my sheets and towels if I need to!

    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

    5.) Get amazing diamond and jewelry prices 

    I usually get my daughters some sort of jewelry on Black Friday to set aside for their birthdays. New white gold hoop earrings for $25 are a steal! There are SO many great jewelry deals on Black Friday at JCPenney’s, make sure you check the jewelry counter, often times they have special jewelry only coupons and sales behind the counter.


    6.) Skip Sephora inside JCPenney Deals

    There are fewer deals available at Sephora inside JCPenney than there are through at Sephora stores and at  There are so many other ways to save money at Sephora, so make sure you check out these other Sephora Shopping Hacks.

    There tends to be even better deals on makeup when you shop at Ulta on Black Friday. To save even more at Ulta, check out my Ulta Savings Hacks.

    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

    7.) Sign up for JCPenney Rewards and the JCPenneys Credit Card

    I don’t LOVE all credit cards, but I do LOVE my JCPenney Credit Card. There are 2 main reasons: #1 is that they give you better coupons when you use your credit card. #2 is that you can pay that credit card off right at the cash register.

    This makes saving money SUPER easy! You can pay with your credit card to use the better coupon, and then turn around and use your debit card to pay it right off! It’s just that simple!

    When you sign up for JCPenney Rewards, not only do they send you a Free $10 birthday certificate, but you get awesome bonuses and coupons throughout the year! JCP cardholders earn one point per dollar spent, and non-cardholders earn one point per $2 spent. When you get 200 points, you’ll receive a $10 Reward that’s good for up to 45 days!


    8. Use in-store pickup or ship-to-store if you’re spending less than $49

    The minimum amount to score free shipping was $49 in previous Black Friday years, so hopefully this year will be the same.

    11. Do your online shopping through Rakuten to get up to 15% cash back!

    Cash back amounts vary depending on what week it is. Just make sure you check Rakuten before you shop to see the cash back amount. If Rakuten doesn’t have any cash back amounts, use the Honey Chrome Extension to find valid coupons codes and free shipping discounts.


    How to shop at JCPenney on Black Friday

    12. Pay with a discounted gift card

    There are 2 ways to save money on gift cards to shop at JcPenney. First you can grab a discounted one from Raise to save up to 3%.  You can also purchase a gift card at your local grocery store and earn points to save on your gas (if your store offers gas points).



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