How to Use Decluttr to Trade in your Old Electronics

Published on November 19, 2021 by Lauren

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  • If you’re short on cash AND time this holiday season, there’s an easy way to earn a few extra dollars without picking up a full-fledged side hustle. Today I am going to break down How to Use Decluttr to Trade in your Old Electronics. It is a super-easy way to get rid of your extra electronics and make some extra cash!

    If your house looks like mine, you probably have a host of books, toys, or electronics that your kids have outgrown or no longer use. You could sell them on eBay or Craigslist, but that involves taking photos, creating listings, and coordinating with buyers. This all costs time and headspace that, let’s face it, we just don’t have much of during the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. 

    Enter Decluttr

    How to Use Decluttr to Trade in your Old Electronics

    How to Use Decluttr to Trade in your Old Electronics

    Using Decluttr, you can convert old books, electronics, movies, and more into cash without all the trouble of selling it yourself.

    What is Decluttr?

    Decluttr is a company that offers you money for your old electronics, DVDs, gaming consoles, and other stuff you have lying around your house. They accept a wide variety of items, models, and brands – even if they’re not in perfect condition. They then refurbish the things they buy and sell them on their website and in other countries.

    Is Decluttr Legit?

    With all the scams out there online, this is a fair question. Decluttr is a legitimate business, rated highly by the Better Business Bureau, Reseller Ratings, and Trustpilot. In the eight years, they’ve been in business, they’ve paid over $300 million to 6 million customers in the US and the UK.

    How Does Decluttr Work?

    Converting your old junk into cash is easy and streamlined with Decluttr. Here’s how the process works.

      1. Create an account here. Sign up with your name, email, and shipping address. 
      2. Scan or enter your item. You can use their mobile app to scan barcodes on DVDs, books, and video games, or you can enter the make and model of the item you’d like to sell into the website. Be sure to note the condition of the item, as Decluttr will inspect each one once your package arrives at their warehouse. Precise item descriptions are key to getting an accurate quote.
      3. Get an instant quote. After you list out each item you’d like to sell, Decluttr will give you a quote for how much they’ll pay you for the item. You can then choose to sell it or not based on how much you’ll make.
      4. Choose your payment method and confirm your order. Decluttr offers payment via direct deposit to your checking account and PayPal, or you can donate what you earn to charity.
      5. Get your shipping label and send off your stuff. Shipping your items to Decluttr is free. Just box up your stuff (making sure to pad anything fragile) and attach the shipping label that Decluttr emails to you. Then drop it off at a UPS shipping location, and you’re good to go.
      6. Get paid! Once your shipment arrives at the warehouse, Decluttr will inspect your items and pay you the next day.

    What Can I Sell to Decluttr? How to Use Decluttr to Trade in your Old Electronics?

    The items that tend to fetch the highest prices from Decluttr are tech items, including:

      • Cell phones
      • Tablets
      • Gaming consoles and accessories
      • Wearables (Apple watches, etc.)
      • iPods
      • Apple computers

    While you can sell tech that is in rough shape, you’ll get the most money for items that are in good working order with some life left in them. 

    Other items that you can sell to Declutter include:

      • Video games
      • DVDs
      • CDs
      • Blu-rays
      • Books
      • Legos (authentic Lego brand only)

    CDs and DVDs should be in scratch-free condition with the jewel case and artwork still intact. Decluttr buys authentic Legos by the pound (they pay $1 per pound at the time of this writing). Prices will vary widely on these items, but as a rule, the newer and better condition the thing is, the more you’ll make for it. Decluttr does not accept older technology items like cassettes or vinyl, nor does it take incomplete or pirated items. 

    What Happens if My Item Isn’t Accepted? 

    It’s worth noting that Decluttr won’t return your DVDs and CDs to you if their condition doesn’t make the cut. So make sure only to send in media that you’re okay parting with or that is in mint condition. 

    With tech items that aren’t accepted, however, you’ll have the option to have Decluttr ship the item back to you (at no cost) or to recycle it. 

    Final Thoughts on Decluttr

    There’s virtually no downside to getting rid of your unwanted media and tech items with Decluttr. You don’t have old copies of albums you don’t listen to or games you no longer play cluttering up your shelves and drawers. And your wallet will be a little fatter to help out with holiday gift-giving. 

    It is a great way to put extra money back into your budget or to save extra money to put into your emergency fund.



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