I am doing something CRAZY!

Published on March 3, 2014 By Lauren

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    Abby is almost 7 months now (can you believe it) and I have been struggling…struggling to lose the baby weight I gained with her.

    I gained around 40 lbs with her and lost 20 of it after I had, so I have around 20 lbs left to lose. I have never had trouble losing weight before and I know 20 lbs isn’t that much to many of you.  My short 5′ 2″ frame is having a hard time though. I just feel so tired, unenergetic and flabby!  Yes, I’ve had 4 children (3 of them in the last 4 yrs) so my body has been through a lot.

    I ‘ve always heard of Advocare and it’s 24 day challenge so I am giving it a go! I am VERY nervous about it but I feel like my metabolism needs some help getting started again.  We are joining the YMCA tomorrow and I start the challenge next Monday.  It basically is a clean eating challenge where you do a cleanse, take probiotics, supplements and jump start your body.  I am super excited to get started. I will be blogging through my 24 day journey so hopefully it works! I almost didn’t do it because of the price (the entire program is $188) but after talking with Mark, we agreed we could spend the money because I have just been feeling so YUCKY!

    I was a college athlete and have been in great shape my whole life; I was in great shape after all of my other pregnancies but this fourth child just DID.MY.BODY.IN.  She is worth it though 🙂

    So starting on Monday I plan to exercise more regularly, stop drinking so much coffee, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water!  I will be posting pictures of my 24 day challenge (which scares me more than anything!!!)

    Has anyone done this challenge before? What did you think?





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