Join us – 30 days to a Debt Free Christmas Challenge

Published on October 22, 2020 by Lauren

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  • Think about January – are you stressed because you went overboard for Christmas?  You may now be surrounded by Christmas credit card bills, and feeling flat out defeated.  Are you ready to have a debt-free Christmas this year?


    debt free christmas

    How to Have a Debt-Free Christmas:

    For years, I would have a Christmas hangover in January.  Do you know that feeling of regret because you spent too much money?  I would see the toys that I was still paying for, laying in the bottom of our toy box, unplayed with, unloved.  I remember year after year of feeling that sting of regret, and that I had put us into more debt paying for Christmas presents. This post shares some of my best tips for dealing with the Holiday Hangover.

    But don’t wait till after the fact – this year, start BEFORE the holiday!

    When you don’t have any extra money and you are already dead broke,  how do you pay for Christmas? This was the question I asked myself every year, and the answer was always – TO CHARGE IT.  I didn’t see any other option at that time.

    I decided several years ago to stop the crazy cycle of debt, charge more on my cards to pay for Christmas, regret and learn how to have a debt-free Christmas.  It took some failure and many uncomfortable changes, but I can say that for the past six years we’ve had a debt-free Christmas and it feels INCREDIBLE!


    debt free christmas


    How The Debt-Free Christmas Challenge Works:

    That is just what we are going to do this month of November, in our 30 DAYS TO A DEBT FREE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE.  For the next 30 days, I will have posts about how to spend within your means, how to make extra cash, and how to have a debt-free Christmas.

    Each day you will get a challenge in your email, so be sure to sign up for my email list below and get a free budget pack to help.

    I will also post it in our private 30 Days to a Debt-Free Christmas Facebook group, where you all can talk about your challenges, encourage one another, and be a cheerleader for others when the world around us seems rooted in overspending.

    I have run this challenge in the past, and each year it just gets better! I am SO excited about this, and my team and I have been planning it for months. We add in new tips from prior years along with momentum from those who love to repeat the challenge. I really hope and pray that this challenge will help you this holiday season!

    Here is the schedule of what is coming up this month:

    November 2nd – How to Set a Realistic Christmas Budget
    November 3rd – Setting a Realistic Budget
    November 4th – The No-Spend Challenge
    November 5th – How to Save on Groceries and refocus those savings to your Christmas budget
    November 6th – How to Negotiate Savings on Your Phone Bills
    November 7th – How to Save on Cable and Internet Service PLUS a Giveaway Winner
    November 8th – Learn the Ins and Outs of Couponing to Save Money
    November 9th – Earn Some Extra Cash This Holiday Signing Up for Surveys
    November 10th- Be an Instacart Shopper to Earn Some Extra Cash
    November 11th – Resell Thrifted Clothing and Add to Your Christmas Fund
    November 12th – Cull Through Your Children’s Toys and Earn Extra Money
    November 13th – Other Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra Cash this Season
    November 14th – Earn as a Driver with Uber or Lyft
    November 15th – Using Apps to Find the Best Deals for Your Gift Shopping
    November 16th – Earn Cash Back with Your Phone Using These Apps
    November 17th – Which Browsers to Use When Shopping Online for The Best Savings
    November 18th – All About Amazon Wish-Lists and How They Save Your Money
    November 19th – Couponing at Dollar Stores and Drug Stores for Toys on Your List
    November 20th – How to Host a Cooking Sharing Party
    November 21st – Free Gift Ideas
    November 22nd – Family Traditions that Actually Save You Money
    November 23rd – How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts
    November 24th – Homemade Gift Ideas
    November 25th -Have Fun and Save Money with a Freezer Meal Planning Party
    November 26th -Stocking Stuffer Ideas
    November 27th – The 3 Gift Rule and Why We Love It
    November 28th – How Black Friday is Going to Be Different in 2020
    November 29th – Give Back with Operation Christmas Child
    November 30th – Wrap up and Challenge finished! We can’t wait to hear your wins!

    So – let me know.  ARE YOU IN?


    debt free christmas

    You’ll then get the link to the Facebook group to introduce yourself.  Tell us what you are looking forward to in this Debt-Free Christmas Challenge, and encourage others!

    I am SO excited to see what this month brings!



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  • I am not getting any of the emails. I got the one about creating a realistic budget, but that’s it. I checked my junk box too and nothing was there. 🙁

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