Make Money Selling T-shirts with No Risk

Published on February 15, 2016 By Lauren

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  • There are so many unique little ways to make some side money these days, but none of them can be as easy as Teespring. Teespring is a website which allows users to create and sell t-shirts. There is no risk involved and there is so much potential to be as creative as you want!

    You start by visiting and clicking “Get Started” in top right corner. This will bring you to a page where you can start designing.

    You will be presented with the most basic white t-shirt to start with, but using the menu on the right, you can choose from a huge variety of t-shirt types and colors.  You will see the base cost of that style of t-shirt at the bottom of the menu.

    Then you add your text or artwork to the front and/or back of the shirt.  If you need help thinking about what you might do as your design, Teespring has lots of info on their website about how to come up with your own original and marketable design!

    The best tip that they offer is to keep it simple and relatable: what’s a catchy saying that people know and love?  T-shirts with the “Keep calm and …” have done very well, as other slogans that are on trend.  Be sure to read the suggestions and stories about what has sold very well here.

    Once you are satisfied (hopefully delighted!) with your design, you click next and begin to set your goal for sales, however many you hope to sell. You can set any goal you want, and it does not affect whether or not your shirts get printed. This will also show you how much you can earn per shirt, and if you meet your goal, how much you can earn overall.

    Then you give your “campaign” a title and a description. Campaign is the word teespring uses to describe your t-shirt, goal, and timeline that you have just created! You can add tags or allow teespring to do that for you.  Here is where you will set how long you want your shirts to be on sale for, using the options that teespring gives you.

    This page will also give you the link you can use to direct your friends or buyers to where they can buy a shirt!  It also lets you look at a few other options.  Then, when you click “launch,” your shirts will be only one step away from being on sale.

    You will have to create a new account using your email and creating a password. Then your campaign will launch and your shirt will be for sale!

    You will be able to login to your account to check on your progress, sales, and profits!  If you spend some time visiting and reading through the website, you will see that some people have real success stories from designing their own shirts.  I have friends who were able to use a teespring campaign to raise the money they needed to fund their adoption.  Have fun creating!


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