5 Ways to Make Money from your Closet Cleanout

Published on October 29, 2015 By Lauren

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  • In the last month I shared with you about how to clean out your closet and how to decide what to keep! Now let’s talk about all those clothes you have decided you can or must part with!  Ideally, you should put them to work for you so you have little more money to invest in new pieces or just to add back into your budgeting.

    Here are 5 ways you can make the most of the clothes you’re done with:

    1. Sell them using an app or website like Poshmark

    There are all kinds of forums available through the internet to sell the clothing you are done with. While there are tons to choose from, one that is relatively user friendly is called Poshmark. You can download the app to your smartphone and put your items for sale right from there. You simply take a picture of what you’re selling, fill out a description, price, information, etc. and then list it.  

    The app gives you lots of ideas about how to make the most of your postings with tips for taking good pictures, adding your listing to groups or parties, and making suggestions for you daily.  They take a small fee out of the price you sell your item for and provide you with a shipping label that covers the shipping.  Then you just have to package the item, attach the label, and pop it in the mail!

    You can also send clothing into ThredUp to earn money towards your next purchases.  Right now they are offering you a FREE $20 just by signing up!

    2. Sell locally with Craigslist, eBay, or a garage sale

    This puts you in full control of prices and local deliveries, but may require more of you personally.  You won’t get tips to help you sell it and you will have to find time to meet up with someone.

    However, you might find someone who likes all your stuff and wants more, or maybe you can haggle your way to prices you like!  You will be subject to haggling from buyers and will be at the mercy of the market and finding like-minded fashionistas.

    You do all of the work here but you also get to keep all of the rewards!

    3. Sell them back to a physical store who will then resell your items

    You’ve probably heard of places like Clothes Mentor, Uptown Cheapskate, or Plato’s Closet.  These are physical stores instead of virtual marketplaces.  You can bring in all of the clothing you are done with, and they will buy it from you and then sell it in the store.

    Each of these stores have some requirements that can be strict, but if you can meet them, it’s a nice pay-out without you having to do more work than just drop off your pile!  Sometimes resell shops even bump up your payout if you take it as store credit instead of cash.

    I just got the above flyer in the mail which reminded me to make a trip there!

    4. Host a swap event with like-minded friends

    You know the saying – “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Just because a piece of clothing no longer has a home in your closet doesn’t mean that someone you know won’t love it!

    If you don’t care to do the work of trying to sell the clothes or you have a friend who is also cleaning out (and you love her style), you might host a ladies’ night where you can all bring your items and have a swap!

    You can set some guidelines. Perhaps a rule could be that you leave with as many items as you came with, or you can just call it a free-for-all and have fun! If there are leftover items, then you can try one of the other ideas on this list!

    5. Donate them for a tax write-off

    This requires the least amount of work. With your clothing donation, you will get you a small tax write-off and really help others.  Sometimes the reward of doing good at the same time as simplifying your own life is enough.  In this case, there should be several locations where you can drop off your clothes and grab a donation receipt. I can take clothes to my local grocery store and go to the Rescue Mission Trailer right next door.  Most of us can find a few of those mailbox looking drop off locations around town.

    After you clean out your closet, you can certainly find a new purpose for those old threads!  Explore your options and see which level of work and pay-off are right for you.  Enjoy your clean out, you’ll be delighted with your new space and simplicity.  If you missed the first two posts in this series then be sure to check out 4 Rules to Clean Out Your Closet The RIGHT WAY and Essential Questions to a Spotless Closet.


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