Money Saving Apps to Help You Survive Financial Difficulty

Published on May 12, 2020 by Lauren

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  • Managing your money is more important than ever when you are going through financial difficulty. If you have an emergency fund, you can rely on that to help make ends meet for a short time, but you can make that money last longer using money saving apps to put a little money back in your pocket.

    But less than 70% of people in the US have less than $1,000 in the bank. Learning how to budget at this time is crucial!

    If you’re trying to make it through a layoff, you need to cut corners everywhere you can. And apps can help you lower your costs on everything from gas and groceries to restaurants and household goods.

    Here are some of my favorite money saving apps that can help you survive a layoff.

    money saving apps

    Money Saving Apps:


    money saving apps

    1.) Honey

    Honey simplifies online shopping. It’s a browser extension that works with Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

    When you’re ready to checkout, the Honey app automatically searches for deals and coupon codes.

    You also collect points when you make a purchase, and you can trade those points in for gift cards to some of your favorite stores.


    money saving apps

    2.) Ibotta

    If you don’t yet have Ibotta, what are you waiting for? It’s a super-simple app that lets you earn money back on purchases.

    The app initially gave you cash back for buying groceries. But now you can earn cash from clothing, electronics, pet supplies, home improvement, and more.


    money saving apps

    3.) Rakuten

    Saving up to 40% or more on everything you buy is possible with Rakuten. The app is easy to use. You browse the alphabetical list of stores or search for what you’re looking for in the search bar.

    The best part is that shopping isn’t any different because Rakuten redirects you to the store’s actual website. 

    money saving apps

    4.) Swagbucks

    Clipping coupons is an excellent way to save money. When shopping online, you can count on to deliver the best in digital coupons.

    The site has everything from home appliances to electronics and software. You might save up to 70% or more off an item or find a deal for $20 to $50 off your purchase. You can also earn Swagbucks for shopping and trade those ‘bucks’ in for free gift cards!

    money saving apps

    5.) SnipSnap

    SnipSnap turns your printed offers into mobile coupons on your Apple or Android device. When you get a coupon in the mail, snap a photo with your phone, and you can redeem it the next time you’re at the store.

    The app gets better. SnipSnap has a hub of coupons to pick from inside the app and lets you use coupons snapped by other users.

    money saving apps


    The app can save you money in two ways: By using paperless coupons during checkout or by snapping a photo of your receipt and earning cash back.

    The cash back you earn is sent straight to your PayPal account. There’s no need to trade it in for a gift card – you can spend the cash however you’d like.

    money saving apps

    7.) Coupon Sherpa

    If you’re looking for a money-saving jackpot, Coupon Sherpa is it. The app has over 32,000 printable coupons, coupon codes, and grocery offers.

    You can save money on groceries, flowers, toys, clothing, and more from some of your favorite stores.

    The coupons are updated daily, so there’s always something new to find. I always search this app when I am in a store or mall shopping. I can usually find a coupon for what I am looking for!

    money saving apps

    8.) Checkout 51

    The best way to save on gas and groceries is with Checkout 51.

    The downside is you have to check the app for money-saving options before you head to the store. But after that, it’s as easy as taking a photo of your receipt.

    The cash back is automatically credited to your account. Checkout 51 sends a check to your house when you reach $20.

    money saving apps

    9.) Circle from Target

    What used to be known as Cartwheel is now Circle from Target. There are several ways to save money when you shop in-store and online. 

    If you use your RedCard, you’ll save even more – 5% off every purchase.

    And if you forget to scan the app before you shop? You can enter your receipt on the dashboard later.

    money saving apps

    10.) SavingStar

    For the ultimate in hassle-free savings, SavingStar is where it’s at. You link your store loyalty cards directly to the app.

    It connects you with rebates on some of your favorite products. The app works at more than 70,000 locations, which means you can save money wherever you shop.

    money saving apps

    11.) GasBuddy

    Most apps help you save money on groceries or household goods. But GasBuddy helps you find the best price on gas. It uses your current location to direct you to the cheapest gas prices.

    You can also use the Pay with GasBuddy card to earn cash back toward future gas purchases.

    money saving apps

    12.) Dosh

    You don’t save money upfront with Dosh, but you can rack up a decent amount of money back with the app.

    There are no receipts to keep track of or coupons to scan.

    Link your favorite credit card or debit card to your Dosh account, and the app will automatically credit your earnings to your account. 

    money saving apps

    13.) Groupon

    Groupon is a popular app for travel deals and discounts on experiences. But it can save you money on groceries, oil changes, and household goods, too.

    The best part is it matches you with deals in your local area.

    Losing your income can be financially devastating. If you lost your job or are facing a layoff, these apps can help you stretch your dollar further until you get back on your feet.

    money saving apps

    14.) Fetch Rewards

    Fetch Rewards is my new favorite app! It is so easy to earn gift cards by scanning your receipts into the app. I’ve earned hundreds of Amazon gift cards just by scanning my receipts and referring friends!

    money saving apps

    15.) Flipp App

    The Flipp App has all of your local grocery flyers uploaded digitally into the app. This is great a great app when you are trying to figure out if the price you are looking at in the store is actually a decent price. Not only can you compare prices across multiple stores, but they have an awesome grocery shopping list as part of the free app!

    If you are looking for extra ways to make money during a time of financial tragedy, check out my article on side hustles. There are SO many ways to make extra cash when dealing with a layoff.

    You can also make money by scanning receipts from your grocery purchases!

    I hope these apps help put some extra cash back in your pocket!




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