Top 12 Organic foods to buy at Costco

Published on March 24, 2014 By Lauren

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  • I love the selection of organic items that Costco carries. I don’t buy much from there as it can really add up, but there are a few pantry staples that are really worth it if you have a Costco nearby. Here are some organic staples that I get from Costco:

    1.) Kerrigold Butter

    This super food is a must have and Costco’s price is phenomenal. I buy quite a few packages and freeze what I’m not going to use immediately. Butter freezes very well.

    2.) Cheese

    Costco carries Kerrigold cheese or my preferred cheese, which is Tillamook. Tillamook is not organic, but it is all-natural and from cows not given growth hormones (it fits in our budget too )

    3.) Organic Sugar

    4.) Organic Maple Syrup and Raw Honey

    5.) Sprouted Bread

    I don’t do this all the time because we normally have fresh sourdough at our house, but if I need to stock up I buy this bread and freeze it. They also carry a few different brands of gluten free breads.

    6.) Frozen Vegetables and Fruit

     I frequently keep their organic frozen broccoli on hand as well as frozen fruit for smoothies.

    7.) Natural Chicken Sausage

     This is not organic; however, it does not contain additives, and it’s very healthy. I usually throw this together with pasta and broccoli for a super simple weeknight meal.

    8.) Pasta

     Costco has a great selection of organic pastas and sauces if you don’t make your own.

    9.) Whole Chickens

     You can get 2 whole organic chickens for around $25.

    10.) Organic Beef

     If you don’t have a farm where you can buy beef, this is a good option.

    11.) Peanut Butter

     Their Kirkland brand organic peanut butter comes in a two pack and is very economical.

    12.) Organic Tortilla Chips

     This is a FAMILY sized bag, but the price is so good compared to what I can get at my grocery store

    These are the staples that I utilize from Costco. They may have other items that you can’t live without, but this is how I get the most bang for my buck. I don’t typically buy produce there because it doesn’t seem to last well, but that may just be because of where I live.

    Do you have any other organic foods that you buy at Costco?


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