How to Save Money on Wine

Published on July 11, 2014 By Lauren

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    One of my favorite things about summer is sitting on my back deck with my husband after our kids go to bed, and enjoying a nice glass of wine. Since I hate to pay full price for anything, I’ve found many ways to save on my wine purchases.

    Here are my top tips on how to save money on your wine purchases:

    1.) Go wine tasting at as many local wineries as possible, that way you can know what you like before you make your purchases.  If you like a certain bottle, buy it by the case at the winery, most times you can get a 10 – 15 % discount by buying it in bulk.  Most liquor stores mark up the prices on local wines, so they can profit a bit from the sale.  Buying directly from the source will save money.

    2.) Join a mail order wine club.  There are many mail order wine clubs that you can join where you pay a monthly fee, and receive your wine shipped right to your doorstep every month.  The benefit of joining a wine club is that the wines you receive are already taste tested and the best of their kind.  You receive pricey bottles of wine for a lot less money, and can cancel your membership at any time.  Memberships can start as low as $20.00 per month and range up to $100 per month depending on how many bottles you have shipped to you per month.  A couple of great clubs to look at are California Wine Club and Wine Insiders.

    3.)  Search the daily deal sites for deals on wine shipped to your home.  Many times daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social will have deals where you can purchase $100 worth of wine for only $35.  I buy these and send them to my family for gifts, and also purchase them for my own holiday parties to help save on my wine purchases.

    4.) Attend local liquor or grocery stores wine tasting events. Most weekends in the summer, liquor/grocery stores host wine tasting from wineries.  This is a way to taste wine without having to drive to the winery itself,  and then know which wines you like so you don’t waste your money on something you don’t like.

    With just these 4 simple tips you can start to see your wine budget go down significantly. To save even more time and money, make sure that you download the Wine4Me App where you can compare wines and also see what types of wines to try out.



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