Honest Shopkick Review – Get a FREE $5 Gift Card to Amazon, ULTA, Kohl’s, Starbucks, & More!

Published on January 2, 2023 by Lauren

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  • Are you a busy mom who’s always trying to find ways to save time and money? Well, here’s the perfect solution: the Shopkick app! Let me break down my honest Shopkick Review.

    This amazing tool lets you earn rewards on your go-to purchases without ever having to leave your house. Sure, it might sound too good to be true – but trust me, it isn’t. With an easy download and no extra effort from you, you can use the Shopkick app to start collecting points that quickly add up and turn into real goodies for free.

    Whether you’re looking for easy side hustles, free gift cards, or discounts at stores like Target and Walmart, shop until drop with Shopkick!

    I wanted to tell you all about how this app works, so I tried it out, and here is my honest verdict!

    Shopkick Review

    Shopkick Review:

    What is Shopkick and how does it work?

    Shopkick is a free mobile shopping app designed to provide users with discounts and rewards while they shop. It works by tracking your purchases through your phone’s GPS location and then offering points for each purchase made.

    You can then redeem these points for gift cards, cash back, or even exclusive deals from top brands like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

    Right now you can get a FREE $5 Bonus (1,250 kicks) just by clicking on THIS link and entering the code LAUREN.

    Here’s what you’ll need to do to snag your free gift card:

    • Go HERE and download the free Shopkick app.
    • Use invite code LAUREN, which will earn you a $5 bonus for walking into a store within the first 7 days of downloading the app and earning 10 kicks.
    • Head to the store and you’ll earn 10 points (or “kicks”) for walking in and additional points for scanning certain items or uploading pictures of your receipt. (That’s right – walk into Target, Walmart, or just about any store and you just made $5!) 🎯
    • Once you have at least 500 kicks, you can redeem them for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, Target, Ulta, Kohl’s, Old Navy, etc.)

    Can you make money with Shopkick?

    Shopkick works in three simple steps:

    Step 1: Connect your credit card or debit card to the app so that it can track when you make a purchase.

    Step 2: When you shop at one of the participating stores (there are over 30 stores available), you turn on the Shopkick app before making your purchase and earn points for every dollar spent.

    Step 3: Finally, once you have enough points accumulated in your account, you can redeem them for rewards!
    The Benefits of Shopkick

    The biggest benefit of using Shopkick is that it allows users to save money while they shop without having to put in any extra effort – no coupons to clip or codes to remember!

    Plus, since the app tracks all of your purchases automatically, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of them yourself.

    And if that wasn’t enough incentive already, right now you can get a FREE $5 Bonus (1,250 kicks) just by clicking on THIS link and entering the code LAUREN.

    How many ‘kicks’ do you need to get a gift card?

    Generally speaking, it takes 250 kicks to earn $1 in gift cards, and it takes 1,250 points to redeem your cards for a $5 gift card (although some cards can be redeemed for just 500 kicks).

    Just for reading this blog post, you can get a FREE $5 Bonus (1,250 kicks) just by clicking on THIS link and entering the code LAUREN. How cool is that?!?

    Shopkick Review

    You will be well on your way to getting a Free Starbucks gift card!

    The Benefits of Using Shopkick:

    The main benefit of using Shopkick is that it provides busy moms with access to discounts and rewards without having to leave the house. That’s why I wanted to write this Shopkick Review. To show you the benefits of using this amazing app!

    With this app, there is no need to search through multiple websites or print out coupons; all you have to do is open up the app, check out what deals are available, and start shopping!

    Plus, since you’re earning points each time you shop, your rewards just keep getting bigger and bigger over time.

    How long does it take to get Shopkick reward?

    It takes about a week for you to get your Shopkicks rewards. So once you sign up using the coupon code LAUREN you will get your Free $5.00 gift card in about a week.

    What are the different ways to earn kicks?

    1. Walk-ins – Simply enable Bluetooth and walk into participating stores to earn passive kicks
    2. Scans – Use the camera on your phone to “scan” featured items in stores and get kicks
      per scan.
    3. Scanning adds a fun scavenger hunt-esque element to your shopping experience and is completely purchase-free. This is fun for the kids to do in the store!
    4. Receipt submissions – Purchase featured items and snap a photo of your receipt for elevated kicks. For example, scan an item for 25 kicks, but purchase the item for 250 kicks.
    5. Linked card – “Link” your debit/credit card securely in-app. If paying with a debit card, make sure to run as ‘credit’ during checkout. At participating retailers, use your linked card to pay for your purchase and get
      kicks for every dollar you spend.
    6. Online – When shopping at participating stores through our online tab, users will get kicks for every dollar they spend at the said retailer. This is the best way to score kicks from the comfort of your home.
    7. Discover tab – Poke around our in-house curated Discover feed to find hidden kicks in our
      pieces of content. Watch videos to earn kicks. These kicks refresh daily

    Shopkick Review Conclusion:

    If you’re a busy mom looking for ways to save time and money while shopping, then Shopkick is definitely worth checking out.

    With its easy-to-use interface and ability to track purchases automatically, it offers all of the convenience that modern shoppers crave without any extra work required on their part.

    Plus, with exclusive deals from top brands available throughout the year as well as bonus points offered regularly, it really does pay off to use this app!

    Remember that you can get a FREE $5 Bonus (1,250 kicks) just by clicking on THIS link and entering the code LAUREN.




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