11 Side Hustles from Home

Published on November 14, 2019 By Lauren

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  • On my journey to get my money under control, I’ve become slightly obsessed with side hustles. Making money from side hustles from home in your spare time is thrilling! I’m not the only one who thinks so – already in the U.S., 44 million Americans report having a side gig besides their regular job. While they are a good way to boost your income when you’re short on cash, you should be careful about deciding which one is right for you. 

    In my experience, the best side hustles are the ones that let you control your time. As a mom, I needed the flexibility to choose when I worked because you never know when something might come up. I started this website as a side hustle back in 2010 and it turned into my full time job 4 years later.

    Luckily, there are lucrative options to make money on the side without sacrificing your other commitments. No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s a side hustle that can fit perfectly into your life. 

    Side Hustles from Home

    1.) Design t-shirts

    A little creativity is all it takes to make money selling t-shirts. You might create t-shirts with inspirational and catchy quotes. Designs that feature trendy television shows, characters from popular books, and vintage band-inspired tees can be very profitable!

    Sites like Teespring can print the shirt and ship it to the buyer while you sit back and watch the money roll in.

    2.) Teach English online

    Teaching English online to children is an excellent way to earn cash at home. VIPKid is a well-known company that pays you to tutor students in China. Read my article about How to earn Money with VIPKid.

    They create lesson plans and take care of setting up appointments. All you need to do is sign up for a time that fits your schedule to earn up to $22 an hour. You can also check out TeachPartTime.com

    Side Hustles from Home

    3.) Create printables and sell them on Etsy

    Learn how to generate CONSISTENT 4-FIGURE MONTHS with little action from you once you create printables and list them on Etsy. Check out my friend Cody’s course on how to make 4 figures per month doing this here, I am a member of this course and currently working on setting up my Etsy store right now!

    4.) Get paid to help other moms

    Being a mom is the most important job on the planet. It also receives the least amount of support. As an experienced mom, you have a lot to offer other moms who might be struggling. Start a side hustle where you give advice as a “mom coach” and you could get paid to help others adjust to the demands of motherhood.

    5.) Take online surveys

    Taking online surveys is one of the quickest ways to earn extra cash on the side. Earning enough to pay for your entire Christmas or take your next family vacation is possible. Paid survey sites aren’t meant to replace your income, though they’re perfect for making money at home. 

    6.) Sell your crafts

    Crafts can earn big bucks when you get them in front of the right audience. Anything from wedding favors and personalized jewelry to vintage dishes and handmade quilts has the potential to turn a profit. An Etsy store is easy to set up and can help you promote your items online. Selling your items at local craft shows is another option to cash in on this side hustle.

    7.) Be a personal shopper 

    You know how busy life can get. As a personal shopper, you can help others when they’re short on time. The best part is you set your own schedule and only work when you want. Shipt and Instacart are always hiring shoppers. Or you could hang up flyers in your town and offer to shop or run errands for others in your community. Learn how to make money as an Instacart shopper.

    You can also be a mystery shopper. For more information on Mystery Shopping, read my article on the Top Secret Tips of a Mystery Shopper.

    8.) Walk dogs

    Do you love dogs? Walking furry friends in your spare time can turn a profit and help you get more steps at the same time. To expand your side hustle, add a pet-sitting service to watch dogs overnight. 

    I get my petsitter using Rover.com. You can see their reviews, meet them in real life before you book them, and have your pet in a friendly home environment while you are on your vacation.

    9.) Do bookkeeping

    Businesses need bookkeepers to manage their day-to-day transactions. If you’re good with numbers, bookkeeping can a profitable choice. A survey from PayScale shows an average earning potential of $17 an hour as a bookkeeper

    10.) Rent out space in your house

    If you have room to spare, use Airbnb to rent the extra space in your home. It’s a neat way to meet interesting people from all over the world while putting cash in your pocket. Don’t have a spare room? Consider renting space in your garage for someone to store their motorcycle or Christmas decorations.


    11.) Set up an eBay or Poshmark store

    Buying low and selling high is the key to making money with eBay. You could start by selling unwanted items around your home. The cash can start rolling in when you shop at thrift stores and discount outlets for things to sell online. If you can spot a deal from a mile away, setting up an eBay store might be the best side gig for you. 

    I’ve done a lot of eBay shopping in the past 16 years, here is a guide I put together on how to sell on eBay. I’ve switched to selling mostly on Poshmark now and do haul videos on my YouTube channel which you can see here.

    When it comes to side hustles, there’s no limit on what you can do. Whether you’re looking to make a little cash on the side or replace your full-time income, getting started is easy.



  • Can you give tips for reselling one Poshmark. I have had things on their for weeks that are not moving. I though pricing was reasonable. Haven’t made one sale yet. Tips on key words for description, favorite brands, anything you can think of to be successful on Poshmark.

    • Jenny – great question! the key to Poshmark is sharing your listings and everyone else’s listings that you are friends with. It is unlike eBay when your item can just sit there and sell, Poshmark is more of a social sharing site.

  • As a professional pet sitter, I hate seeing “walk dogs” as a side hustle. Rover.com is a tech company who has a terrible reputation for handling dogs, which they know nothing about. It’s more than just feeding and loving on an animal. God forbid you ever have an emergency. Support local businesses who actually have training!

    • Kelly,
      I feel the same way when they throw “bookkeeping” around as a side hustle. People without training have cost their clients millions of dollars. I have had to clean up so many messes created by people who were told “you don’t need any training to be a bookkeeper”.

  • Lauren,
    This website is wonderful and there is so much to read. I am loving reading it all!. It is getting me fired up about earning money with all these side jobs. I have a question about setting up a bank account. I have been researching bank accounts and have learned I need to set up a business acct. All the documents I read about the accounts say if I have a personal acct and the bank see money coming in like a business, they can terminate the account. Sooo. Seems like I have to file for a business to sell on Ebay or Etsy or even to collect money from surveys? If so, can I incorporate all these little side jobs into one business under one business name?

    Thank you so much,

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