24 Awesome Side Hustles you can do while working full time

Published on July 18, 2016 by Lauren

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  • Whether you are looking to boost your income, pay off debt, or increase your savings, side hustles might be exactly what you need. A side hustle is a second job that not only brings in money but also allows you the flexibility to work your full time, regular job. Any of these 24 awesome side hustles can give you the income you need while also working a full time job.

    If you are looking to add a side hustle, the first step is to evaluate your skill set. Do you have anything that you are good at? Is there a hobby that you could teach to someone? What do you know that others would like to know? Examine your life and use what you are best at to make you extra money.

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    Here are some examples of professional careers and hobbies that could be leveraged as a side hustle:

    1.) Teach Online through VIP Kid

    A teacher could offer tutoring lessons or create activities for other teachers to buy on Teachers Pay Teachers.

    side hustles

    2.) Write Online

    My friend Holly makes 6 figures writing for online websites, she also teaches people how to do the same. Check out her course on how to earn more money from writing.

    3.)  Teach Music Lessons

    If you play an instrument, you could teach lessons on the evenings and on weekends.

    4.)  Take Pictures

    A photographer can take pictures to sell as stock photos or teach a small class at the local library or community center.

    5.) Be a small business Accountant

    An accountant can offer accounting services on the side to small businesses.

    6.) Be a Coach

    Did you play college tennis, swim, or run track? Offer yourself up as a coach. You could work as an umpire, referee, or even as a personal coach.

    7.) Babysit

    Just about anyone can offer up babysitting services, but if you have experience creating fun activities for kids, you could start an after school program or a weekend or summer camp for parents to take advantage of during a time when sitters aren’t always easy to find.

    8.) Cut hair from home

    Trained cosmetologists can cut hair on the side at home or work on weekends for brides.

    9.) Bake Goodies

    Can you bake? Sell your delicious creations on the side for parties, weddings, or to restaurants in the area.

    10. ) Become a Caterer

    Love cooking? Offer your services as a caterer on the weekends. Start with small dinner parties as you get yourself comfortable with the side hustle.

    11.) Start a home or office cleaning business

    Do you find cleaning enjoyable, or at least not completely horrible? Clean offices and small businesses in the evenings and weekends. Work a couple of houses on Saturdays and your side hustle could really pay off.

    12.) Fix Others computers

    If you are exceptionally adept at all things technological, market yourself as a Tech Doctor.

    13.) Do lawn work

    Have lawn mower, will travel. Cut lawns in the evenings, offer to pull weeds, reseed grass, rake leaves and any other services you know others won’t want to do.

    14.) Start an Etsy shop

     If you can sew or make a special craft, market your services to others on a part-time basis or sell what you make on a site like Etsy. I know a woman making great side hustle money by creating American Girl doll clothes that match perfectly with real life clothes.

    15.)  Create invitations and sell them

    Can you draw, paint, or create another form of art that others would be willing to purchase? Create a Facebook or Etsy store to create works of art commissioned in your preferred medium. I know someone who draws Valentine’s cards, Christmas cards, and even birthday invitations for extra money for her family. With that money, she helped fund an international adoption. Another friend draws beautiful portraits of babies and children from pictures that are sent to her.

    side hustles

    16.) Become a Dog Walker

    If you love animals, offer your services as a pet sitter or dog walker. This is a great side hustle if you need encouragement to exercise. You’ll make some side money to reward yourself for taking a walk.

    17.) Offer your Handyman services

    Handyman services are always needed. Services for simple things like hanging curtains, putting together furniture, fixing broken garage doors, or any number of issues busy homeowners may not be able to complete could be your cash cow.

    After you have exhausted your skill set, consider what you may have to offer others. Think about what others want to have done in their life that you are willing to do. Consider all the things people pay for professionally, but would love to save money by paying you a bit less. These 5 examples are awesome in that they come from someone thinking outside the box.

    18.) Coffee delivery 

    Are there people at your full time job who come in with an expensive coffee each day? If you have a machine at home that could recreate that same beverage each day, offer your services at a reduced rate.

    I knew a woman who provided coffee for four of her coworkers every day. She bought travel mugs inexpensively and made coffees to her coworkers specifications. They were available every morning, hot and perfect for just $1 a day. This saved her coworkers $3-4 each day and made her money on the side. Plus, she was already making her own coffee, it didn’t ake much extra time in the morning to make a few more.

    19.) Kids Club Leader 

    A friend’s son was a member of the Chess Club at his elementary school. He spent one day a week after school for an hour, learning how to play chess. His parents paid $40 for 8 weeks of this club. That money went to the leader who was teaching everyone how to play chess. He paid a small rental fee to the school, but everything after that cost was profit for him. This brilliant idea could be a side hustle for you on the weekends or evenings.

    This entrepreneur offered these services to four different schools, worked just an hour a day and was able to live on the money he made while going to college. This is definitely not limited to chess and could be offered at a local rec center, a church, or the library.  

    20.) Rent-a-Truck

    If you have a truck, market yourself as a delivery driver. Haul furniture for people at a cheaper rate than stores do. Pick up mulch for homeowners. Haul away unwanted trash and deliver it to the local dump. Offer your truck and your services as a mover.

    21.) Rent-a-Friend

    If you are renting out your truck, why not yourself? RentAFriend is a website you can go to offer up your services as someone’s (platonic) friend. You could be a tour guide to a weekend traveler, a dinner companion to someone who travels for business, or a friend for someone who wants to try out new adventures in your area.

    side hustles

    22.) Drive for Uber/Lyft

    The first person to develop an Uber type business plan was brilliant. And now, if you have a car (usually newer models), you could be making a side hustle income as a driver with Uber or Lyft. You can work on your own time. Pick up someone on your way home, during our commute to work, or on the weekends as you are running errands. Uber drivers can make $9-11 an hour – for more information on how to drive for a living, check out TheRideShareGuy.com

    Further side hustles that are worth a mention (many that I have done in my life) include:

    23.) Work as a mystery shopper

    There are a lot of great companies that will pay you to go in and mystery shop.  Here is a post I wrote that outlines the top secret tips of a mystery shopper.

    24. Work as a product demonstrator 

    This job is fun and you get to meet a lot of new people.

    BONUS TIP:  Work with a multi-level marketing company selling a product you absolutely believe in. But be careful!

    The key to an awesome side hustle is to find something that you enjoy doing while still having the energy and flexibility to work your full-time job.

    Have you found an awesome side hustle that works?  Share it with us in the comments below. 



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