Slow Cooker Cheesesteak Sandwiches (Instant Pot too)

Published on April 2, 2017 by Lauren

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  • I LOVE me some Philly Cheesesteak! And while I admit that I haven’t been to either Pat’s or Gino’s in Philadelphia, this slow cooker Cheese Steak Recipe is pretty incredible. And it’s basically a dump recipe, which is my favorite kind. Just throw everything in the slow cooker. I wasn’t actually able to make them for my family for dinner. I didn’t have time, so it had to be done on a Sunday afternoon. They were done at about 3 pm, and then I photographed them.

    My 11-year-old son had 2 friends over, though. They came in from playing outside and immediately said, “What is that smell??? I want that!” As soon as I finished taking photos, all 3 of the boys devoured the sandwiches, saying things like “oh my gosh this is so good.” So yeah… they’re good.

    cheese steak recipe

    Honestly, I think the slow cooker is the ideal way to make these (or the Instant Pot – that’s what I use now). You don’t want to use an expensive piece of meat for cheesesteaks. Use something cheap like a top round roast, or a London broil. While those cuts of beef are tough by themselves, they will be melt-in-your-mouth tender after they’re done cooking. And there are 2 reasons for this.

    cheese steak recipe

    First, when you slice the meat, you will want to cut it against the grain. This eliminates any ‘stringiness’ in the meat and will make it much more tender when you chew it.

    Secondly, the slow cooker will just do its thing – braise the meat.

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    cheese steak recipe

    Honestly, this slow cooker cheese steak recipe is REALLY easy.

    Once the meat and vegetables are cut, you just put them all in the slow cooker or Instant Pot and turn it on. I add the Italian dressing packet because it really gives these a nice tangy flavor.

    After they’re done, scoop the meat into your rolls, top them with cheese, and then place them under the broiler for a few minutes. And then devour them!

    But there’s one more thing I should mention. I just couldn’t help myself – you’ve got leftover liquid left… so I just had to dip my sandwich in it (French dip style). I highly recommend doing that. So good.

    cheese steak recipe

    cheese steak recipe

    Cheesesteak Sandwiches - Instant Pot

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    Prep Time: 15 minutes
    Cook Time: 55 minutes
    Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
    Servings: 6
    Author: Lauren Cobello


    • 2 green peppers sliced
    • 1 onion sliced
    • 2 cloves garlic minced or pressed
    • 2 - 2 1/2 lbs. thinly sliced steak I used top round
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1/2 tsp black pepper
    • 1 envelope dry Italian dressing mix
    • 1 cup water
    • 1 beef bouillon cube
    • 6 slices of provolone cheese
    • 6 hoagie rolls


    • Place all the ingredients in the Instant Pot or Slow Cooker (except for the cheese and rolls).
    • Using pressure cooker setting, seal and cook for 20 minutes. Or cook for 4-8 hours in the slow cooker on low.
    • Let in naturally depressurize for 10 minutes (Instant Pot only).
    • Release the steam and open the Instant Pot (Instant Pot only).
    • Scoop out the meat/veggies into the rolls.
    • Place the rolls on a cookie sheet and top with a slice of cheese per sandwich (cut in half)
    • Broil for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is nice and bubbly.
    • Enjoy! And feel free to dip the sandwiches in the leftover juice.

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    cheese steak recipe

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  • Do you thinly slice the meat before placing it in the crockpot or after it’s cooked? If so, how do you slice it?

    • A different recipe I found shows 10 minutes on high pressure, then natural release for 10. I’m going to try that. After 40 minutes, the peppers and onions would be obliterated.

    • 40 mins is accurate if you want this to be a smoothie. At 30 min the meat was crumbly and dry, the onions and peppers were mush. I *knew* I should have tried 10 min first!

      • 20 minutes is what I did today and the meat was tender. I wondering about 15 minutes to still have the veggies soft, but not as cooked.

      • I did 20 with 10NPR. Meat and sandwiches were amazing but the peppers were a bit mushy and the onions were disintegrated.

      • 40 mins is way to much, great flavor but peppers and onions were gone, and the meat had good flavor but fell apart. 10 mins next time, and maybe a half cup of water.

  • Just started prepping this for the slow cooker and realized the times listed are for the Instant Pot. I hope someone sees this quickly–how long in a crock pot??

  • I’m thinking you could substitute beef broth for the 1 cup water and bullion cube? Does that sound right? Also, if you are cooking this for longer times in the crockpot – like 8+ hours while you are at work. I would suggest putting the whole roast in there or cutting into LARGE sections….the smaller the slices the more it will fall apart – we’ve found this out the hard way lol. Also you could cut onions and peppers up the night before and store in a bowl so all you have to do is throw it all in before work.

    • Were the peppers and onions mushy? I’m thinking slow cooker low for 4 hours and then add the peppers and onions for a couple more hours. I always use beef broth and zesty Italian packet, but usually add a packet of au jus as well. (Delicious dipping) Or else I’ll just quick sauté the veggies on the stove. Since I have to add mushrooms . Somehow I can’t have a philly without them.

  • For the IP use 20 minutes on manual with a 10 minutes NR. Turned out fine that way. 40 minutes is too long.

  • At my grocery store I can buy VERY thinly sliced beef at the meat counter. I use this, in a frozen state; season the meat with garlic and onion powder, Accent, and pepper, put the veggies on top and then use a packet of au jus mixed with two cups of hot water (rather than the 3 called for on the packet) to which I have added minced garlic and a few dashes of Tabasco Sauce, pour over all and set the Crockpot for 4 hrs. on high. Break up the meat after it has cooked for a bit.

  • He there, this is my first time using an Instapot I’m currently in the process of cutting everything up for cooking. What pressure do you use the instapot on? Low-high? Thanks

  • I followed the recipe extactly (using the pressure cooker) and the meat ended up more like pot roast and the pepers were mush. 40 minutes is way too long. There was also a lot of liquid left over.

    • I made this last night and mine turned out exactly as you described, Darcy. If I wanted pot roast, I would have made one. Even though I used a slotted spoon, with all of the juice, the bread was a soggy mess even after broiling.

  • Omigoodness these are incredible!! These are a keeper! I can’t figure out why everyone is complaining about the 40 minute cook time. I think only one of them actually tried it. These melt in your mouth at 40 minutes. And no, the peppers and onions are not obliterated as someone suggested. I haven’t felt like raving about a recipe this much in awhile and I’m the type that follows food blogs and makes 3-5 new recipes a week, every week. This recipe is wow. For real people!

      • I used high pressure. I’ll note I didn’t have steak meat so I used cube stewing beef. Perhaps that made a slight difference!

    • Tara,
      Did you use a slow cooker/crockpot? Did you use high setting for 40min.? Im about to try this recipe but i was confused with the times and settings for an actual slow cooker.

    • Sorry – but my onions and green peppers were like mush after 40 minutes! I didn’t make them that small either to start. Flavor was fantastic of this recipe however and I used London Broil as my meat so it was delicious!

  • My instant pot only has one setting for pressure cooking on manual. I cooked it for 20 minutes with 10 minutes natural release. Meat was very tender and veggies were pretty mushy. Hope it helps anyone else thinking about making this.

  • I made these last night. The very first time I used my instant pot. Homerun! They tasted great and turned out great. There was a good bit of liquid but we just dipped our sandwiches in it. Our sandwiches were not soggy at all. Followed the recipe exactly.

  • So I’m making this now and I didn’t realize that I have no dry Italian. Do you think reg Italian dressing would work the same?

  • My husband said this is the BEST Philly Cheesesteak he has ever had in his life. I must admit, it is pretty perfect!! You all must try it. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe sweetie!!

    • I’ve made this twice and did 40 minutes. Though I used cubed stewing beef, so that is thicker cuz I didn’t thinly slice it. If I had read the comments first I would have used less out of fear, but I used 40 minutes on high pressure and the meat melted in my mouth (as desired) and my veggies were fine. Soft yes, but I thought they should be soft. They were by no means obliterated as many suggested would happen.

  • My husband and I made this tonight using 10 minutes on high pressure and 10 minutes NPR. It’s really good, and the meat has a slight bite to it still. If you want something more “Melt in your mouth” I’d suggest cooking it for a little longer. At this, the onions were basically disintegrated, but the flavor is there, and the peppers are definitely a little mushy, but still really good!

  • I made this tonight as the first thing I’ve made in the instant pot and did the 40 min and loved the melt in your mouth tenderness of the meat — the onions were pretty much gone but flavor was definitely there and peppers were a little mushy but not bad at all. Next time I may reduce to 30 min and see how that goes— I want the meat tender for sure but this was oh so good!!

    • I would think so, I wouldn’t increase liquid as many comments said there was plenty of juice left after cooking, but you might add another bullion cube or switch to equal amount of canned beef broth. I’m planning to add only half the onion/peppers with beef for flavor and then after it has finished cooking remove all from pot and add small amount of oil or butter and add addl onion and pepper to add right texture

      • I’d love to know how this turned out. I thought about as well. I want the onions and peppers to have some texture.

  • I was excited to see this recipe and try it out. But as I’m doing my prepping it was saying for the crockpot it takes 4-8 hours on low. At the top of the recipe it says total time: 1 hour and 10 minutes. I thought that was too easy and too short but I went with it. Now I have the crockpot on high but not sure how that will work out. Hopefully good. I will have to come up with something else for dinner for tonight. I’m sure this recipe will taste good but just not tonight.

    • 4-8 hours is a large window of time… I wqs wondering is it 4 on high and 8 on low (typical)…?

      Gonna give this a whirl for football this weekend.

  • Made this tonight. While the meat and veggies were not over cooked at 40 mins the flavor just was not there. I also think there was WAY too much liquid. Plan to try again and tweak.

  • So I just bought my instant pot today and wanted something easy to start with. I mixed all the ingredients and set the ip to the recommended settings. After a bit I started reading the comments and panicked about the time setting. It had been cooking for 18 minuets already. I turned the ip off and let it depressurize for 10 minuets. I’m glad I stopped it. Had it gone for the full 40 minuets the peppers and onion would have been non existent. Otherwise all is wonderful! I like my veggies more intact so I would do 10 minuets next time.

    • Omg I am litterally sitting here doing this exact thing … I too bought mine today and wanted an easy recipe … Mine has been cooking for 11 minutes now and I am contemplating when to hit the cancel button…. As much as I wanted one pressure cookers still scare the CRAP out of me … Seen the old ones blow up a few times

  • I made this last night and I bought London Broil as my meat…flavor was fantastic. Only thing I didn’t like; I wouldn’t have put the onions and green peppers in for the whole 40 minutes. They were way too mushy in my opinion! I have looked at some of the comments on this other places and some only put the peppers/onions in for the last 20 minutes. I tend to agree…I think I will try that next time.

  • I am unfamiliar with what an Italian seasoning package might be. Can anyone describe what size, brand? I am not sure this exists in Canada!

  • I made this last night with flank steak, cooked for 30 min. It was AMAZING! I think next time I’d do 25 minutes. The meat was tender and falling apart. Veggies were def cooked and soft but isn’t that how you’d want it on this type of sandwich? I added a couple pepperoncinis and a splash of the liquid from the jar which added a little kick.

    This was so so so so so good.

  • Born and raised in S. Philly, this recipe looks good it just isnt a Philly cheesesteak. I have never, ever had peppers or Provolone on a cheesesteak. I believe its more like an italian beef sandwich Chicago style. Looks very good though.

  • First try with an instapot. This was excellent! Asked the butcher to thin slice top round for me, made the recipe as written except cooked for 20 minutes. The onions were pretty much gone, and the peppers were very soft. The meat was incredibly tender and the taste was fantastic! This is a keeper, though next time I may do the vegetables separately, but put some onions in for flavor in the liquid.

  • Followed the recipe and it’s definitely too long. The peppers and onions were mushy and tasted way overcooked. The recommended cut of meat was more like a roast. Will try again with a different cut of meat and reduced cook time.

  • Is the 40 minutes count from when you turn on (cause it takes about 20 minutes to get to pressure) or count from after you reach pressure? Making now it took about 20 minutes to get to pressure and then started counting the 40. Because of comments I will turn off at 20 minutes. Wish me luck!

  • Made these tonight in the crock pot for myself and my boyfriend. These were hands down the best steak and cheese subs we’ve ever had! So flavorful and the steak was so tender.

    The only thing I changed: After the steak was cooked, I cut it up very fine, and then put it on a cookie sheet in the oven on a low broil till the meat was browned a bit more. Came out perfect!

  • Made it tonight. My twins (17) had varying opinions. My daughter thought it was bland and dry, she added mayo to the bun. My son thought it was good, but try another cooking method. Had the butcher cut against the grain, cut in in thin slices “across” vs against the grain. Was skeptical. I will cut next time.
    I couldn’t put a time for the the pressure cooker option, so tried the DIY choice for 10 minutes. Didn’t work. Veggies good, but meat not tender yet, close. Went to pressure cooker for another 10 minutes, used a timer then opened steam vent manually.
    Veggies were mush. Meat falling apart.
    Problem may have been how the meat was cut. Will try again. Almost seems like more work than necessary. But that may be due to using an insta pot vs crock pot.

  • It was a good hot sandwich, it just didnt taste like a philly to me
    I used a crockpot ( 7.5 hrs) and the meat ( round steak) tasted to much like a roast in my opinion.
    I would make it again, I would just probably use stew meat ( cheaper and already prepared).
    Also we topped it with jalapenos and left over queso ( valveta & rotel) which we all really liked!

  • I made this recipe with a few adjustments, based on comments, and it was good. I used a bottom round sliced thin for stir fry. Since it was presliced, it was perfect. I also had just over a pound of meat, so I halved the green pepper, onion, and Italian dressing. I cooked it 10 minutes. If the meat would have been thicker, it probs wouldn’t have been cooked all the way. I think I will try 15 min. next time. I used tongs to get the meat and veggies out of the pot and drained them on a paper towel. Also, the meat did have a roast texture and the pepper and onion, a bit limp. I believe that’s because of the pressure cooker. You can’t expect it to taste like it has been cooked on a grill if it hasn’t. My family enjoyed it, but we would definitely double the cheese next time. Cheesier is always better.

  • I should have know 40 min was way too long, when it takes 8 min for shredded chicken. Mine turned to mush and the bread got burnt. Broil might have been a little high, it turned black after 2 min.

  • This is a keeper! I had my butcher cut 2 pounds of top round for me. I agree that I will reduce the time to 30 minutes next time. One person commented that they would add some onion at the beginning for flavor, then add more onion and peppers later. I’m wondering if you’re cooking it for 30 minutes, when would you add the additional onions and peppers. Any thoughts?

  • The cook time was way too long in an Insta-pot. The vegetables were mush and the meat was more like a stew. There was too much moisture in the pot – made the rolls soggy. I will try this again with the modifications others mentioned.

  • Hi everyone, I used this recipe in the slow cooker on high for two hours and it turned out awesome.

  • I tried this tonight with 10 minute cook time and 10 minute NPR. I replaced the water with 1/2 cup of beef broth and added some mushrooms. It was really good!!

  • So after reading the comments and the varying results I followed the recipe as stated. I used an 8 Qt. IP. I only had 1/2 a large onion, so we added a few more yellow/red peppers. Things came out very good with 40 minutes. I would consider next time backing off to 30-35. The 40 minute time was fine, but if 5-10 minutes less might keep the meat together a little more, making a bit more accessible to grab out with a tongs. Otherwise, a definite thumbs up!

  • If you want pot roast, make this. If you want a Philly, do not. The flavors are OK but the texture is no where near a Philly. I went with eight minutes at high pressure and twelve minutes of natural release and that is still way too much. At forty minutes, the protein is probably mush and the veggies have disappeared. I knew better and still tried to make it happen. Will make mashed potatoes and salvage this poor recipe.

  • I should have read all the comments first. This recipe ruined the steak by dissentgrating it! There was only enough mush for 2 sandwiches and I’m not exaggerating when I say MUSH! Going to go for 10 min next time! Please update this recipe!!!!

  • Just made this tonight. Unfortunately I waited until it was too late to read the other comments. Here’s how I would fix this recipe… first off I wont add the peppers and onions in with the meat. After I realized that 40 minutes was way too long I stopped the pressure cooker with 15 minutes left to go and the meat was falling apart and the peppers mush. I think this is a great start but would sautee the veggies and onions separately, add more seasoning to the liquid for the meat, and cut cooking time in half at least. Then I would add butter to the hoagie rolls and toast in a pan before adding meat, veggies, and cheese under the broiler.

  • Made this today in the crockpot and it was yummy! Used beef broth rather than bouillon cube/water and threw in a few dashes of McCormick® Grill Mates® Worcestershire Pub Burger Seasoning to give it a bit more depth of flavor. Will be making this one again!

  • I wanted to know if I double the recipe do I have to cook it longer in the instant pot and what cheese would work best if I don’t have provolone cheese I have gouda and sharp cheddar or mozzarella cheese, I need to know now because I’m cooking it as we speak. Thank you

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