Success Stories

Lauren has helped me save over $200 a month on my grocery shopping. What I love the most is we can still eat healthy and also save on our household items! I am blessed to have met Lauren! Thank you for all you do!!!Nina S. 


I have saved hundreds with Laurens help!Kristin C.


Thanks to Lauren, I learned better shopping strategies and how to cut my food bill each month. Couponing can be overwhelming to start but having someone lead you as Lauren did helps tremendously!!Tiffany C.


Lauren has helped my family save big! Everything from groceries to budget friendly gifts! This extra money has enabled us to make additional payments on our student loans. They have also helped us find a way to help others as well!Alyssa S.


I love Lauren!! She has helped our family save tons of money not only through coupons but through recipes, tips and tricks, and home decorating.Kathy C.


The number one item Lauren has shown people over the years is the saying “you can do anything you put your mind to” is a true statement and not just an old adage. They have actually experienced what many people go through and have made it their mission to truly help others dig themselves out and stay out of debt. Lauren has helped me get out of many money situations and saved me hundreds of dollars; I will be forever indebted to her. – Christina B.


Lauren’s knowledge is more than just saving money, it is money management. From finding the best deal (not necessarily the lowest price) on goods and services, to teaching both my husband and me how to enjoy our lives without incurring debt,  Lauren has helped us better manage our household finances. – Jill F.




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