5 of the Best Things to Sell to Make Money

Published on January 13, 2017 by Lauren

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  • The phrase, “There’s a market for everything (anything), ” is really true. This is great news for many of us that are looking for things to sell to make money. We aren’t going to head down a path of ‘questionable’ items or ideas. We’re G-Rated here, folks. Besides, there are so many legitimate (albeit creative or uncommon) things you can sell to make extra money. Many of them are lying around your home or are getting thrown out.

    The old proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention” applies in this area for sure. Especially when you lose a source of income or are trying to dig yourself out of debt, or you are a stay-at-home mom (or dad) with motivation to increase your household income, or are trying to set up an emergency fund. These motivators drive us to get creative and make other sources of income for ourselves. If you have decided to walk this path, congratulations! You are now an entrepreneur!

    Things to Sell to Make Money

    Here are some great Things to sell to Make Money:

    Before we jump in with some ideas, here are some guidelines for how and where to maximize your profit and convenience.

    1.) Stuff from your Basement or Attic

    Now, I don’t want to call it junk; that stuff probably has some value to you. You just haven’t used it (or looked at it or remembered it existed) in the past 5 or 15 years. Consider selling it. Decluttering your home is a great way to make extra cash and give yourself some breathing room.

    Now, we both know you’ll find the old picture album or the high school yearbook and get distracted strolling down memory lane. This can accidentally make your declutter-to-sell initiative a very drawn-out process. So maybe make a pile of your nostalgic stuff off to the side so you can remember the good ‘ole days when you’re not in money-making mode. Remember, you’re an entrepreneur now. You’re “on the clock”.

    Depending on what you find, it could be better to sell it on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or a yard sale, but there’s actually many other online selling options out there for you to consider. Sell that old furniture, music, books, decorations you’re not using, collectibles you’re not displaying, or clothing you can’t remember why you’re keeping. If you can’t think of an excellent reason why you’re keeping it, turn it into cash.

    Things to Sell to Make Money

    2.) Electronics

    I guarantee that I could walk into almost any home in America and find an old electronics drawer or box. It would be a mass of tangled wires, old cell phones, old iPods, a computer, printer, digital camera, a stereo, a broken Nintendo, or any number of things. What if you sold it all, got some extra cash, and freed up a drawer or shelf in your house?

    Do a little research. Find the value on some of these items, and sell them while you’re sitting on the couch at night. Many of these items, people want for their components, even if they are broken. They have value! Here’s 5 great ways to sell your old electronics!

    One of the awesome things about selling electronics is that they are generally small items and easy to ship. This makes

    Things to Sell to Make Money

    3.) Thrift Store Treasure

    It’s no secret that I LOVE THRIFT STORES! Thrift stores are full of things you can sell to make money. There are tons of people that resell as a full-time job!

    It can be done. It does take some work, research, and time, but if you want it to pay like a job, then you need to treat it as a job and dive in! Designer Clothing is the hidden treasure of thrift stores! I have personally found dozens and dozens of designer pieces of clothing at thrift stores Brand New! Tags still on them!

    If you’re interested, I compiled a list of the Top Brands to look for in the thrift store that can make you A LOT of money. Many of these brands you’ve never even heard of, but they are worth a lot of money. Click here and I’ll send it right to you.

    Send me the top selling brands

    If you have a little free time, watch this video, swing by your local thrift store, and see what you find!  Here are some more small ways to make money  here on how to use thrift stores to help you save money, but you can use those same guidelines to find things to turn for a profit.

    4.) Old Toys

    Autumn is a great season to clean out that toy box! It is the season people look for good deals on used toys to put under their Christmas trees. Maybe you’ve found an awesome deal on used toys before. Well, if you haven’t cleared out your kids’ toy stash in a while, there is money to be made! Some toys are extremely collectible and you would have no idea! It wouldn’t take long to pull a toy out and do a quick eBay search to see what they’re going for. Many toys that are discontinued immediately see an increase in resale value. They don’t even need to be old! Seriously!

    Things to Sell to Make Money

    Here’s a used Ninja Turtles action figure from 2012 with no box that sold for about what you paid for it new. Maybe $8.39 isn’t much to you, but what if you have a toy box full of these things, that’s not bad money. Gosh, even if you can get back what you paid for them, you’re coming out ahead! Here are even more tips for selling old toys.

    Things to Sell to Make Money

    5.) Books

    I go through and sell books every couple years in my house. I use the Amazon seller app on my phone to quickly scan the bar codes and figure out which ones are worth my time selling. If my profit for selling the book is under $3, I’ll place it in the donate bin. But if it’s $3 or over, I’ll list it and ship it out once it sells.

    Books are great to sell for 2 reasons.

    1. They are easy to list, and there are a TON of places that you can sell them. There are the obvious choices of eBay & Amazon, but try these too:
    2. The other reason that books are great to sell is because that they are easy and cheap to ship. By using media mail at the post office, you can ship very inexpensively no matter how heavy the book is.

    There are so many other things you can sell to make money, so let these serve as inspiration for your new entrepreneurial spirit! There is money to be made!


  • This is a well written article and your website it great, but as a reader when I looked up things to sell I already thought of this. You need to list things that readers would not have thought about

    • I agree! I am looking for things for a community to make money such as a community Christmas ornament, cookbook, …. These have already been done in my area so I was looking for something more but to that quality. Not a yard sale.

  • Where is the app you spoke of called Price Blink ?
    I couldn’t find it in the App Store
    Pls help! Love to know more ways to sell stuff I have
    Antique and jewelry costume and very expensive stones and gold and silver
    Gigi is

  • I have a lot of old toys gently used toys, old computers and monitors. So much stuff. How is the best way to get them sold. I do not have s lot of money, but where would I advertise snd how would i get the stuff shipped?

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