How to Make Wall Flowers for Under $10.00!

Published on February 21, 2014 By Lauren

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  • You may have wondered where I got the wall art that I had up on the walls in my girls bedroom re-design. I actually MADE them with scrapbook paper, dollar store flowers, and doilies! The total cost of the project was right around $15.00. I was able to make all of the wall decorations for so little and they look fabulous!

    I found this post on how to create the flowers – which inspired me to make my own with a Scrapbook Pack that I got at Walmart for only $5.00.  In order to make all these flowers, I needed to purchase (2) of these packages of paper.  There are only 3 like sheets per color in each pack, and you need 2 sheets per flower so I needed 2 packs.

    You will also need flowers from the Dollar Store which you can take apart to use for their flower petals.  I purchased (2) flower bundles for $1.00 each.

    You can take apart the flowers by snapping out the center and removing all the petals. Each flower usually had 3-4 petals so I was able to get dozens of flower petals to create the centers to put on top of the card stock flowers. I also picked up two packages of paper doilies from the dollar store to help with the center designs too.

    This is what the completed flowers look like when you hot glue them together – you can just design your own flowers to your liking. I then had some old crystal beads laying around, which I hot glued to the center to cover up that hole that you see.

    You first want to start off with 2 sheets of card stock 12″ x 12″ for the large flowers, I also cut the 12″ paper into fourths to make the smaller flowers. You will want to fold them in a fan, and then in half.

    Then you hot glue two of the sides together – this will make half of the flower.

    Take the other piece of the paper and hot glue it like this.

    Then you pull the other sides together to make a complete circle – which will make your flower.

    Attach your doily and flowers to the center of the cardstock flower and there you have it!  You can use any type of colors or decor for the centers. Be creative! I attached them to the wall using sticky tack from the dollar store. That way they can easily be moved without damaging the walls.

    Here are a few more pictures of the finished project:

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