Walmart vs. Target – which one is cheaper?

Published on June 1, 2014 By Lauren

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  • Have you ever wondered which store was cheaper?  Walmart or Target?

    Today I am going to take your through both stores to compare the exact same products, we will see through this in depth look which store really is less expensive!  Keep in mind that prices vary per city, so this is just a general look at the price comparison between both stores.

    If you want to see how Aldi compares to Walmart prices, you can see my in depth report on Aldi vs. Walmart here.

    I will start with some staples items like eggs, milk, and butter.


    Walmart – $1.78 per dozen

    Target – $1.49 per dozen (WINNER!)


    Walmart – $2.03 per gallon (WINNER!)

    Target – $2.19 per gallon


    Walmart – $2.18 (WINNER!)

    Target –  $2.49


    Walmart – $0.94

    Target – $0.94

    It’s a TIE!

    Kitchen bags – 100 ct (This is the closest to exact I could find)

    Walmart – $11.57

    Target – $7.49 (WINNER!)


    Walmart – $1.18 (WINNER!)

    Target – $1.49 regular price (It was on sale the week I took the picture for $0.99)

    Peanut Butter:

    Walmart – $2.56 (WINNER!)

    Target – $2.64

    Green Peppers:

    Walmart – $0.58 each (WINNER!)

    Target – $0.89 each


    Walmart – $0.47 lb

    Target –  $0.24 per banana (I thought this was REALLY strange)

    Who knows who wins…Does anyone know how much 1 banana weighs?

    Glass Cleaner:

    Walmart – $0.97 (WINNER!)

    Target – $2.34

    Crest Toothpaste:

    Walmart – $2.99 (WINNER!)

    Target – $4.09 (It was on sale for $2.99 the day I was there.)

    Plastic Cups:

    Walmart – $3.00 for 50 ($0.06 per cup)

    Target – $3.89 for 60 ($0.06 per cup)

    It’s a tie!

    Paper Towels:

    Walmart – $3.29 (WINNER!)

    Target – $3.94

    Dishwasher Gel:

    Walmart – $2.98 (WINNER by only $0.01!)

    Target – $2.99

    Hormel Deli Meat:

    Walmart – $2.78 (WINNER!)

    Target – $2.79 (It was on sale for $2.65 the week I was there)

    Paper Plates:

    Walmart 70 ct. – $2.97

    Target – 100 ct. – $1.79 (WINNER!)

    Pampers Baby Wipes:

    Walmart – $1.98 (WINNER!)

    Target – $2.39

    Yoplait Yogurt (all varieties included):

    Walmart – $1.88 (WINNER!)

    Target $2.29

    Toilet Paper:

    Walmart – $6.24

    Target $3.94 (WINNER!)

    After seeing the side by side details here, we can assume that Walmart is less expensive on most items.

    But Target had a better deal on toilet paper, paper plates, kitchen bags, and eggs.

    As far as shopping goes, I prefer to shop at Target because I think it is cleaner and brighter.

    What do you think about this, were you surprised at all?


  • I know I am the odd one, but I personally prefer Walmart over Target. I could care less about lighting and what the other customers are wearing. You have to depend on Target’s sales to get a deal. Walmart has the same prices (most of the time) and I use the savings catcher app to receive the difference if I pay more than I could’ve gotten it somewhere else. Helps me save for Christmas!

      • Perhaps you should check the prices now. Walmart have increased its prices to items like Motts for Tots juice, Ramen noodles, Spam, shampoos, Tide, soaps, first aids, diapers, feminine napkins. Keep in mind these are commonly donated items to disaster areas hit by hurricanes and wildfires. Also note that many other competitors such as Kmart, Target, etc. have not increase their prices to capitalize on peoples’ misery.

    • A year later, check the prices now. Walmart have double the prices to some of its groceries during this trying times for many regions hit by hurricanes and wildfires. Also note that many other competitors (Kmart, Target, etc. ) have not increase their prices.

  • First, Great Value is in my experience at times not as quality an item as its market pantry or up and up equivalent. And you are not factoring cartwheel which will provide savings on a large portion of the target brand items. And you can add in the gift card promotions, target coupons and those weird random text for a coupon promos that Wal-Mart really doesn’t have an equivalent for.

  • Walmart is horrible to their employees, I would rather pay double anywhere else than support that company.

    • No shoppers means no jobs. You wont hurt Walmart by not shopping there …. only the employees who will be out of a job if a store closes.

      • That’s very Republican sounding of you, John.

        You absolutely should vote with your pocketbook. That’s the American way. To say Wal-Mart losing branches doesn’t hurt he Company is asinine.

      • But the money creates better job opportunities elsewhere. You forgot the other side of the equation.

  • It’s weird because we have two different Wal-Marts within 20 minutes of us. One is relatively bright and cheery, the other is dark and dingy. The dark one is in the more affluent community, and was just renovated a few years ago. Who makes the design decisions for these stores??

  • This was very helpful, so thank you for doing this! However, I must agree with some of the other commenters – Target has sales much more frequently than Walmart, as shown in a lot of your photos, and those prices are comparable if not better. That’s also not including the extra 5% you can (usually) save with Cartwheel and another 5% with the Redcard (which, if you do the debit card, you should have no problem at all to get). That automatically makes it better deals than Walmart. I definitely agree about some things – cleaning supplies, pet food, etc. – I still makes trips to Walmart for those, unless Target is having a really good sale or promotion. I also have to add I live in an area with an EXCELLENT grocery store – Harris Teeter – and they have amazing sales nearly every week – buy 2, get 3 free, BOGO free which makes each item 50% off, and they double coupons every day. So, I do most of my grocery shopping there anyways, but I definitely go to Target for some things and Walmart for others. I am actually heading to Target today because they have a sale where if you buy 3 Covergirl products, you get a free $5 gift card, and I have 3 coupons for $3 off any Covergirl product. I could take them to Walmart, and their products might be .01-.05 cents cheaper, but I’m not getting a free $5 when I go there. I used to be a diehard Walmart shopper, but I have slowly converted to Target, and only go to Walmart for what I know for a fact will be cheaper. I also enjoy that I can grab a Starbucks drink while doing my shopping at Target – I have 3 Targets – 2 super, 1 regular – within 15 minutes of me, in different directions, and every one of them has a Starbucks.

  • I have to say, most I buy from Aldis, God I love that store, but you have to go to one of these for some basics…Target is our store, I know that on some things its more expensive but to be honest, I don’t shop for groceries at Walmart so it makes no difference to me, I like Target and it’s cleaner and more friendly, Walmart in our area is nasty…and my husband will not go in there, so Target is our store, if you shop right their sales are awesome…

  • Target has more sales. Far more convenient. And far less annoying at checkout than Walmart. Walmart checkouts are always infuriating. So Target a little bit more expensive is really worth it. Walmart no matter what city it is in, is always dirty and annoying at checkout.

    • My complaint with target is, one checking lane open and six self check outs. Last time there were 8 people standing in the check out lane. I went to the service counter and checked out. this seems to be thenorm.

  • I find target to actually be a little cheaper BUT only because I put in the work to look for coupons for certain items, use the cartwheel app to save anywhere from 5% to 50% depending upon item and what there is to offer, and use my RedCard debit card for an extra 5% off. not to mention when they run promotions to get way a $5 gift card when you purchase 2 of certain branded items or $10 gift card with the purchase of 3. I save my gift cards all year for Christmas.

    • Low prices, good return policy, helpful associates. They’re the biggest … they must be doing something right that keeps their customers coming back.

  • Most of these are apples to oranges. How can you determine a winner based on sketchy generic products from both stores? Even the name brand products weren’t the same, only similar. Why not compare the price of brand name items at both stores?

  • Milk at Target in Fort Wayne, IN is $1.15 a gallon for skim milk to whole milk and eggs are $.47 a dozen. I noticed these prices for the last couple of months. Aldi’s milk is $2.49, eggs $.99 a dozen. Don’t get why.

  • I’ve been reading a few of your articles comparing prices. Great info! You mentioned in one that you’re a bit of a “diaper snob” and only like name brand. I use the Aldi brand and love it! I’ve never had a leak through, they’re hypo-allergenic, and my Aldi sells them by the box, size 4, 82 count, for $12.34. Their eggs are usually .69-.79 cents per dozen, and the milk is $1.49 a gallon compared to the $4+ at our local grocery stores (non-organic). I don’t usually buy chicken breast unless it’s on sale. Instead I buy the chicken quarters they have for .89/lb. I have noticed their fruit and some vegetables tend to be a bit pricier than Walmart, but if I don’t have to wait in Walmart lines or can make my shopping trip a one-stop, I’ll pay the few extra cents! I try to plan most of my meals around Aldi food to keep it simple.

  • This article is not dated but the date on those eggs looks like 2012…that is way too old prices to compare today 2017

  • I shopped online both and Walmart and Target and in the store on Walmart. I am in the midst of stopping any shopping at Walmart’s. CEO Scoop away 38 pounds went from 12.98 to over $18 back down to $12.98 only if you picked it up otherwise it was not quite $15. Margaret Holmes vegetables and beans is almost double online than in the store. Tell me again about free 2-day shipping? I am 66 years old never learned how to drive and its easier to have it shipped but not at those prices

  • As Susan says: Walmart is OUT. The switch and bait price tactics at Walmart and Sams Club are not for those who can do math. Not only is Target properly priced, their selection is superior and the website works smoothly. Target has recently acquired It is worth watching to see what comes of it.

  • I have never been in a Walmart (and don’t ever intend to go in one). I shop at a warehouse store (WINCO) and find their prices are always better than anyone else. Eggs: $1.47 for 18 just for a start. Local chicken, $0.99/#. I buy most of my staples from the bulk bins where they are high quality (think Bob’s Red Mill for many dry goods) and usually 10-25% cheaper than packaged goods. WINCO’s house brands are outstanding, often better than the “branded” stuff. Also, who needs to buy glass cleaner? White vinegar is easier to use, cheaper, and less harmful to the environment.

  • The vast majority of people would disagree with you when it comes to your comparison of customer service and the employees/customers between the two stores.
    I’ve heard most people say that Target employees/customers and customer service is significantly better. Obviously this is just your specific experience but I’d say in general, that’s what people think.
    Walmart has really come a long way especially in regards to their organization, store renovations, cleanliness and walmart brand quality although I do think Target quality and customer care still does have the edge. I think Target is a bit more selective in who they hire compared to Walmart and they give their employees better training as well. Target has also come a long way in ensuring their prices remain competitive with Walmart although I can understand why a few of their clothing and Target brand items are a bit more expensive due to their quality. Another difference I notice is that Target doesn’t have as wide a selection of items compared to Walmart which is in general why their store has always appeared more organized/neat but like I said, nowadays Walmarts organization is more or less on par with Target. The only think Walmart needs to work on is customer service. In order for Target to stay competitive and afloat, they need to continue to price match with other competitors, promote their exclusive, quality private label brands, offer a wider variety, update their stores and dive into the grocery business. Target needs to continue to capitalize on their customer service as well as way to continue differentiating themselves. Before walmart began updating their stores, I always preferred Target because I always perceived their stores as being more attractive and having higher quality private brand items but nowadays I really do love walmart and prefer to shop there more in general due to their newly renovated stores, low prices and wide variety.

  • Heee is What O have noticed between TTarget and Walmart. One of the things I noticed right away upon entering the two stores. Target is kept much cleaner and for that very reason Target isn’t getting getting the riff raft the shoplifters and the one group thst wants a hangout spot there no where insight. Nice job Target nice job and not harressing your customers like everyone through the door is suspect and it gets real bad with Walmart they arent very hospitable they dont have good customer contact or greeting pr helping with customer needs also Walmart employees aren’t very knowledgeable with products or store policies or dress code isn’t enforced to any standard. Target completely the opposite and that good qauility shows in the return of profit in large numbers. Therefore the ratio to store operations and profits Target all day and shrinkage also plays a large percertage in the profit. return and Walmart is getting abuse by inside and the exterior getting there hands merchandise that cause the reduction in return. Well Walmart you get what you put in and you aren’t addressing these issue very well at all!!!

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