Ways to Make Extra Cash with Inbox Dollars

Published on August 2, 2022 by Lauren

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  • Extra cash seems almost like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? If nothing else, it definitely seems too good to be true! I allocated my money to bills or simply running my household for most of my life. We lived paycheck to paycheck on a good week. During bad weeks, there were credit cards that quickly resulted in debt. So you can imagine how excited I was when I learned the secret to ways to make extra cash with Inbox Dollars.

    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    Ways To Make Extra Cash With Inbox Dollars:

    There is no better time to start saving for Christmas than right after Christmas and all throughout the year!  I love making extra cash online since I spend so much time there anyway.  Today I want to tell you about another sweet website called InboxDollars.

    Inbox Dollars was one way I earned extra money for date nights when we were getting out of debt. I would rely on reading emails and searching through InboxDollars to earn money for a date!  It didn’t make me rich BUT it did provide me with something that wasn’t in our budget! I share some other sites similar to this in my post about the best survey sites and another about making money online with surveys here.


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    How to Sign Up

    As you can see, InboxDollars is a website that pays you to do a lot of what you already do online!  It’s really easy to get started, just visit inboxdollars.com and click “Join Today.”


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    Next, you’ll create an account with all the standard information.  You get a $5 bonus simply for signing up today, and then you can continue to earn cash by taking surveys, watching video ads, redeeming coupons, playing online games, searching the web, and shopping online.


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    Once you create your account, this guide screen will pop up to help you get started.  It has four slides that show you ways you can earn, how to view your earnings, look at your account, and then a prompt to check your email and confirm your account.


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    Be sure to confirm your account in your email so you get your first $5.  You’ll want to check all of your folders, as it could go to the promotions tab if you use Gmail.


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    Once you confirm your account, you will be directed back to the website, and you can see where it confirms that I got my $5 bonus!  There is also a to-do list I can work through to earn another bonus, as well as earning money for doing those tasks!  This is a neat list because it helps you to understand all that you can do at InboxDollars to earn money.


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    One of the first things to do is fill out a quick survey about where they can send your money, and your general information like the highest degree of education you have, how many members in your household, homeownership, etc.  They ask these questions so they know which surveys, ads, and coupons are best suited for you and how to measure their responses for their clients.

    This is quick and easy, and I earned 50 cents! Cha-ching!


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    You can see that the last item on the to-do list is to confirm my first paid email.  This leads me to one of the best features of InboxDollars, checking my email.

    How easy is that!


    make extra cash with inbox dollars


    You can expect to get between 2-4 emails each day with the opportunity to get paid simply by confirming that you got the email!  In addition, the emails may contain further offers you can complete to earn even more money.  You can take surveys, watch videos, and play games.  If you refer your friends to try InboxDollars, too, you can earn credit for your referrals!

    A helpful hint I share with my readers: Set up a special folder in your inbox for survey sites like this one. All of your emails from InboxDollars can get filtered here. When you have time at breakfast or while watching tv or in the pick-up line at school, you can quickly access it and make some money, er, complete some surveys. 


    make extra cash with inbox dollars

    What You Need to Know

    As far as the fine print details go, you have to earn a minimum of $30 to qualify for a payout.  Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward.  Each time you complete a special offer, check any terms and conditions. You know, the fine print that reminds you that you have to cancel after a free trial before you are charged, and stuff like that.  As you can see, there are TONS of offers to choose from that you can use to earn money.

    Check out the “more” tab for additional ways to make extra cash with Inbox Dollars. I love the “radio” feature that lets me earn while listening to music.  If you reset often, you can earn more!


    make extra cash with inbox dollars

    Ways I Earn Extra Cash With Inbox Dollars

    Since you are already searching for things on the internet, you can use the search feature within InboxDollars to earn for your searches.  Searching online becomes even easier when you install their toolbar.  Plus, you become eligible to earn 1 cent for every 2 qualifying searches up to 15 cents per day.  AND a bonus for using the search bar for so many days in a row.  I mean, if you are already shopping online, you can earn extra by earning cashback on purchases from certain stores!

    Overall, there are LOTS of ways to make extra cash with Inbox Dollars. In fact, so many options can feel a tiny bit overwhelming at first.  However, as you try out each way, you’ll find that it’s both simple and fast.  If you work on earning money with InboxDollars all year, you’ll have a nice little sum to add to your Christmas shopping budget, emergency fund, or money for a rainy day!

    So go ahead – sign up for InboxDollars.com and get started!


    make extra cash with inbox dollars



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