These 4 websites will pay you to search the Internet

Published on December 4, 2015 by Lauren

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  • websites will pay you to search the Internet

    Are you ever on the computer using Google to search for something? Why use Google when you can use these 4 websites that will PAY you to search the internet?

    I am a HUGE fan of getting paid for doing something I am already doing.

    Here are my top 4 websites that will pay you to search on the internet.

    1.) Swagbucks 

    Simply sign up at and use it as your search engine.When you search you can get awarded bonus points that you can turn in for gift cards.  If you download Swagbacks to be your default search engine you have a better chance of earning more points!

    Not only can you use Swagbucks as a search engine, you can earn points by watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games.

    To find more ways on how to earn using Swagbucks, check out my post on How to make the most money with Swagbacks.

    Reader Heidi Shared – “I’m all about Swagbucks.. Earned $182 in maybe 3 months… I love getting gift cards for doing super easy work.. My friends poo poo it but they spend money like no tomorrow! Lol. But I don’t often do surveys, I do other stuff.”

    websites will pay you to search the Internet

    2.) Microsoft Rewardswebsites will pay you to search the Internet

    Earn rewards just for searching the web. Join Microsoft Rewards by signing in using a Microsoft account only (hotmail, outlook, or Live).  I always recommend to set up an separate email for these types of programs anyways, so setting up a hotmail account to use this program would be valuable.

    What makes this so awesome is that it requires nothing more than for you to sign up. After that use search as you normally would and you earn points to trade in for gift cards!

    For every 2 searches you do you earn 1 credit, you can earn up to 15 credits per day on your desktop and 10 credits per day on your mobile.

    websites will pay you to search the Internet

    Microsoft Rewards also allows you to earn money from searching on your phone, and they have a referral program where you can get points for each friend that signs up and uses the program.


    3.) InboxDollars 

    Inbox Dollars offers you points for searching the internet, earn $0.01 for each of your first five qualified searches and $0.01 for every two after that. They also are one of the only companies that pay you for opening and reading emails they send you, paying you $0.02 per email you open.  A few other things that they do is they pay you to take surveys, do tasks, and much more!

    If you refer friends, you can get 10% of all your referrals earnings.

    Inbox Dollars sends you a physical check every month, which can be better because it is actual cash to put towards something you need.

    websites will pay you to search the Internet

    4.) Qmee

    Qmee is awesome because not only does it pay you to search on google, it also pays you to search on Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. All you need to do is search normally on these search engines. Qmee will not change the results you see. They’ll show their results on a sidebar when searching!

    First you join Qmee, which you can do here, and install the browser application.   Search like you normally would and when Qmee brings up results it will show the website information and the amount you will receive for clicking on the ad. Once you click on the ad you will be taken to the ad page and your Qmee account will be credited.

    There is also no limit to the amount you can earn per day.

    websites will pay you to search the Internet


    So – which one are you using?  I love all 4 of them and you can actually use them all!  Why settle on just 1 reward program when you can do 4!

    websites will pay you to search the Internet

    Interested in making money online?  Check out my post on 10 of my favorite survey sites to make money from home.




  • I’ll love to join this and I’m in love to research some news and sport cos reading it what I need……..I’m a basketball payer

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