Weddings – how to save on your Flowers

Published on June 6, 2013 By Lauren

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  • Your dream day has arrived, he proposed and you accepted and the special day is here….Your Wedding Day.  Weddings – how to save on your flowers is a very important topic to most. Why? Because wedding flowers can take up thousands of dollars of your budget, so here are some simple ways on how to save on your Wedding Flowers.

    1.) Have your bridesmaids carry something else down the aisle instead of a floral bouquet. I’ve seen people carry down small lanterns, candles, single flowers, baskets of rose petals, amd more!  All of these options will help keep that floral budget to a minimum.

    2.) If you do decide to have everyone carry a bouquet, consider not providing flowers at the reception hall.  When I got married, we set up the Bridal party table with clear tall vases from the Dollar Store. They were already filled with water so when we arrived at the reception, we all put our bouquets in the vases and we had automatic centerpieces for FREE.

    3.) Purchase flowers at discount shops in bulk, then assemble your own floral arrangements.  With the availability of You Tube and Pinterest these days, I feel like you can do almost anything yourself.  Delegate this task to a family member and have them be responsible for creating the floral arrangements and getting them to the wedding.  This will save you a HUGE amount of money.  My cousin did this for me at my wedding and they were beautiful!  Many stores like Sams Club and Bj’s have great floral arrangements for great prices!  A great website to check out is – this is a website where you can order flowers in bulk.

    4.) When booking an outdoor wedding you may not need the extra flowers because they may be provided in the landscaping.  We held our reception in my parents backyard which was wonderfully landscaped already, because of this we didn’t need to provide many flowers for the reception.

    I would love to know – what are your ways to save on wedding flowers? Leave them in the comments below.

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